During the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are now offering Work From Home (WFH) allowances

NEW DELHI: It’s now been six months since the start of the ‘Work from home’ (WFH) trend. Employees from all over the country have dealt with balancing work and home responsibilities, erratic internet and power supply, less than ideal work stations and so on.

With COVID-19 cases increasing day-by-day, WFH is now becoming the new normal. Companies, therefore, are now offering their employees new perks and allowances to make life easier for them.

It started with Google giving all its employees $1000 to buy office furniture and other necessary gadgets to work from home. Other companies have followed suit.

EdTech startup are now offering Rs.1000 WFH allowance

Great Learning, an EdTech startup, which has announced WFH till September, has started giving its employees an Rs.1000 ‘WFH allowance’. Additionally, they have also partnered with furniture rental apps to home-deliver their employees’ new-age ergonomic desks and chairs. Till now, about 204 of their employees from a total of 500 have taken advantage of these benefits.

Similar to this, Bangalore based cloud service provider G7 CR technologies went to the extent of shipping free desks and chairs from their office to the employees who needed them apart from paying for home inverters to those facing an erratic power supply.

Other companies like Razorpay credits a no-questions-asked allowance to all of its employees’ accounts. Salesforce India has gone even further, giving its 2,500-odd workforce to work from home for the rest of 2020 and paying them about Rs.18,500 for setting up home offices.

As with these companies, many others are following suit and helping their employees in various ways to keep them safe, secure, and comfortable working from home. No one knows how what the future holds for us. It is now time for other companies and Government offices to give a little flexibility to their employees.