$200 billion: The net worth of the World’s richest person

Amazon founder becomes the first person to have crossed a net worth milestone of $200 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index and Forbes.

Bezos reached this milestone recently after Amazon’s stock increased by two percent to reach $204.6 billion.

Along with Amazon, Bezos also owns Blue Origin, an aerospace company along with the news tabloid Washington Post and other private investments. However, it is with Amazon that Bezos owns 90% of his wealth.

Amazon’s stock has shot up to 80 percent this year, the report stated. In fact, Bezos wealth was $115 billion on January 1.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is second on the list with his net worth being $116.1 billion according to Forbes, while the Bloomberg Billionaires Index pegs his net worth to be $124 billion.

India’s richest man, Reliance Group’s Chairman Mukesh Ambani is sixth on the list, with a net worth of $78.8 billion which comes from his oil refining business in addition to Reliance Jio, a widely popular 4G telecom business. What makes Reliance Jio successful is that it rose to become India’s number one 4G telecom operator within a span of a few years. It is now expanding into e-commerce and other sectors complementary to it.