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How to Choose the best Web Hosting Plans for any Website



best web hosting plans

Unable to decide which web host is right for your online business? Want to choose the best web hosting plans for your new website or blog on a reasonable plan?

Generally, it happens with most of the new bloggers and webmaster, making a decision to buy the best web hosting plan from a reputed web host.

Here I am going to share some most effective tips on how you can evaluate and pick the good web host plans that best suits your website requirements.

Well, I’m not going to cover the “top hosting company reviews” in this post but will definitely give a detailed guide very soon.

While writing on this topic to choose the best website hosting package, I have made sure to not use any jargon words because somewhere it makes difficult to better understand by a non-geeky person. Hence it would be easily readable by a non-technical knowledge user.

A hosting server and a domain name they both are the first things you need to get when going to launch a new website for establishing your foothold in the internet world.

Since your website will be the face of your business and all your customers will look through it to know more about you and your company; hosting plays an essential role.

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Actually, the beginners make mistake for the very first time they sign up for the best web host expecting that it will work smoothly for their sites.

However, most of the website hosts have some limited features in their plans. So before you waste your bucks on an online server space that may not work as per your expectations.

Here we are sharing some most effective tips that you can consider while switching to the best web hosting site to ensure the quality and stability of your site remains the best all the times.

Be Clear On Your Hosting Requirements

Whenever you think to buy server space for your new online project or an existing website. It’s become important to be clear on what your requirements are.

Following are some checklists you can ask yourself to determine your hosting needs.

  • Which be geographically distributed you using or planning to use? Is your site powered by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or any other platform?
  • What is international targeting or target audience based? Do you need a server for a certain location/country or your site will be geographically distributed internationally?
  • What type of content are you going to publish on your site? Will you post lots of videos and high-resolution HD pictures or it will be just for blogging or normally text-based site with occasional pictures/screenshots?
  • How many visitors or page views are you expecting to receive on your site on daily basis?
  • What will additional hosting solutions you need? Like email services, subdomains, addon domains, MySQL databases, managed hosting, offsite backups, etc.

This is the homework you need to do before choosing the best web hosting plans.

5 Helpful Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plans

Evaluate for the top rated web hosting sites by using our 5 most helpful tips and after the end of the story, you would be able to pick a quality hosting brand.

best web hosting plans

Tip #1: Server Reliability / Uptime

No one wants to lose even a single visitor, so there is nothing more important than having a web server that continuously operates 24/7.

You should opt for a great website host that supports a powerful server network connections up to the maximum time.

99.9% or above server uptime is the recommended score by the many hosting experts.

You can obtain a server uptime records by viewing the company reviews and user comments.

Do Google for Pro & Cons about that particular company which you wish to buy a best web hosting plans from.

Tip #2: Server Flexibility

For a beginner or in starting your online presence, you can consider starting with a normal shared web host.

Once your online business grows up, you will be needed to shift to a better hosting pack that can supports maximum visitors with more disk space.

So it will be pretty good to keep following questions in your mind while picking the best web hosting plans.

  • Does the company allow server upgrade feature, if need in the future? Can that particular package upgrade to the best plan?
  • What are the different prices or how much will it cost for upgrading to a higher plan?

Tip #3: Server Quality

Well everyone looks for an affordable brand for hosting their websites or blogs, but it is not always a good idea.

Because there are many companies available online that offer cheap hosting servers and sometimes these types of cheap plans come-up with a loss of your business or it leads to a bad impact on your site.

So if you are running a website for earning money, it’s always recommended to go for popular and reputed brands such as Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround.

Never consider an affordable or cheap web host, rather focus on the server quality.

Tip #4: Server Features / Add-ons

Do they provide cPanel, FTP accounts, Emails, Fantastico / Softaculous (script installer), MySQL and PHP with version 5+? Now-a-day these are some most common factors you should look up while choosing the best web hosting plans.

Bluehost and HostGator both of them provide the entire highlighted features above without any limits.

cPanel – Most of the bloggers and webmaster recommend cPanel as it’s pretty easy to use.

This is a control panel of the hosting server and your account & the website will manage with this panel.

Fantastico / Softaculous – It’s a free one-click scripts installer that can help you to install Blogs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & more), Forums (bbPress, phpBB & more), E-Commerce (Magento, OpenCart, & more), and many more scripts.

Tip #5: Technical Support

This is also very important to consider because if there is no reliable support, all your investment would be a waste.

Technical support really very important that you will need many times while setting up and managing your sites.

There are different supports options provided by different web hosts.

It is very from company to company but my recommended web hosts like Bluehost and HostGator provide best mediums of technical supports – email support, live chat, phone, and email support.

Using the most common support options, you can contact the technical expert urgently and fix your site or server problem on the spot.

Conclusions & Web Hosting Discount Coupons

Selecting a server is not something like the way you choose any package online and pay for that. The best web hosting and SEO tools recommendation are always preferred by the one who experienced it and would love to share genuine advice.

You need to look for every single requirement that fully supports your CMS and website templates functionality such as Server OS (Windows/Linux), PHP Version, PHP Time Limit, PHP Max Input Vars, MySQL Version, .php Configuration, Suhosin, etc.

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You can get in touch with your expected brand and ask them what the current settings are.

And, can that alter later if needed in the future. However you are paying for something, and where your money should be getting worth.

We strongly recommend using BlueHost and HostGator for all your hosting needs. Here are some best website hosting discount coupons & deals just for you.

“Click on the below promotional link to get a special discount ($3.95 monthly) on the hosting package. I have already added a discount coupon code in the link.”


I’ve hosted all of my websites on Bluehost because they are extremely out-of-the-box. You can host unlimited domains with unlimited disk space, email IDs, bandwidth, and MySQL databases on a shared hosting plan. You no need to spend extra on hosting when you’re ready for another website/blog. The company has the best web hosting reseller plans for small web designing companies. They also offer WordPress hosting, Cloud, VPS & Dedicated Servers, Reseller on Windows & Linux servers.

I highly recommend Bluehost hosting for your website & blog, and for Elkees Media readers, hosting starting at only $3.95 per month.

Bluehost Coupon Link => Sign up now at just $3.95/mo.


After Bluehost, HostGator is another most popular website host. HostGator provides a great web host package with 99.9% server uptime and 90% customer satisfaction. WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated, Cloud Server, and Linux & Windows hosting is also available if that fits in your budget and requirements.

I also recommend HostGator for start-ups and any type of online projects. Sign up now at just $3.95 per month when you subscribe for at least 36 months.

HostGator Sale Link => Sign up now at just $3.95/mo.

Hope this handy guide will be proven quite helpful to decide a best web hosting plans for your website & blog.

It would be a pleasure for me if share: How did you find these tips helpful? Is the guide is useful for you to pick the right web host?

Still having any confusion choosing the good web host for your online project? Let me know via comments below. I will do my best to clear all your hosting doubts.

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