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How to Embed PDF, DOCx, XLSx, PPT Document Files in Blogger Blog Posts

Learn how to add, insert or embed any MS office files like pdf, docx, doc, xlsx, ppt in the blogger post. Easy trick to add document file in blogspot.



embed pdf documents blogger blog posts

Have you ever needed to insert a Microsoft Office file like Docx, XLSx, PPT or any PDF document in blogger blog posts? There are a couple of reasons that force a blogger to embed pdf documents in the blogspot blog article like to display an infographic or show any other important document with their blog subscribers.

Therefore, in this blogger tutorials, we are giving a quick tip to learn how to embed pdf and any other documents in the blogger blog post.

Blogger is the most popular and among the best free blogging platform in the blogger’s community. Further, Google doesn’t have any subscription plan for publishing content on the BlogSpot.

Anyone with the concise blogging knowledge can start a blog on BlogSpot by getting a sub-domain based username. But, in case, you want to become a pro blogger and fully customize the blogger template for a professional looking blog, you can use a custom domain name on blogger. Using a custom domain name, you can easily move blogger to WordPress in the future with proper redirection.

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BlogSpot has some lack of features as compared to other open source blogging software including like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. That’s why blog beginners prefer to start a blog on WordPress.

Now, without any delay, let’s start the steps to embed pdf and other documents in blogger blog posts.

How to Embed PDF, Doc, XLS, PPT or any other Document in a Blog post

BlogSpot does not provide any inbuilt feature to embed the document file into the blogger blog post.

But after the end of this blog posting guide, you can easily embed your document files in the blogger posts including Adobe PDF, Spreadsheets, and Excel, Word using the Google drive, Dropbox or any other free cloud storage.

You need the online data storage to host documents so that you can embed that using the iframe. In this blog tutorial, we are using Google drive to host files.

FIRST CASE: Embed pdf in blogger blog post.

If you have hosted your documents somewhere on the web, you can embed your document file easily by using below iframe code.

1. Edit the blog post in which you want to embed PDF file and go to HTML section. Now, copy-paste the following iframe code where you want to appear or embed that particular file.

<iframe> src=”” style=”width:650px; height:550px;” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

2. Change the with your own pdf or any other file URL/link (get the link from the Google drive).

3. Change the size of the documented iframe width:650px; height:550px according to your blogger template layout.

SECOND CASE: Add PDF document in the blog posts

If you’ve not stored your file anywhere on the web, then you first need to store your file online so that you can embed that into blogger posts.

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Follow the below procedure to upload your file on Google drive. You can also use the FTP client to host files on your web hosting server if you’re not using any free online storage.

1. Go to => Log in using your Google account.

2. Now click on Upload icon to upload your files. Once the upload has finished, right-click on the uploaded file and choose Share.

embed pdf file blogger blog posts

3. Here, you will see a pop-up window, where you have to change the file permission under Who has access. To change the file permission, click on Change under Private – Only the people listed below can access.

4. As soon as you click on Change, you will see Sharing Settings. Now, click on Anyone with the link and hit the Save button.

embed pdf blog post

5. Finally, copy Link to share URL and use the link in iframe code given above and follow the First Case.

embed pdf in blogger post

Certainly, you’ve seen how you can embed PDF or any office document files in the blogger blog posts.

If you know any alternate method to embed document files in the Blogspot posts, please let us know through the comment section.

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