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Create and Publish Blog Posts from the MS Word to Popular Blogging Platforms

See how you can use the Microsoft Office Word to create a blog and publish it directly to the most popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, BlogSpot, SharePoint blog, Telligent community, TypePad and other.



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Blogging is one of the most popular ways to write for the web. Pro bloggers always use a few best blog publishing tools that let them increase the productivity, getting targeted audience and for an easy blog post recovery if it deleted accidentally. Many blogging platforms let you create blog posts and publish it right from the web browser with some limited text formatting options.

Here, Microsoft Word offers a wide range of formatting features compatible with the web version and help with blogging in Word. Composing your blog posts in Word gives you plenty of features and more control over its appearance.

You can use any version of Microsoft Office Word to create and publish blog posts to the popular bloggers’ community. We have tested this method in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. All version has an inbuilt blog post template for blogger. Remember to note that blog publishing function is only available in Word 2007 and later for Windows. However, the function is not available in Word for Macintosh or Apple Mac office software.

Moreover, the blogger publishing template was designed to facilitate the blogger to publish content directly from the MS office. It allows bloggers to connect their blogger account with MS word for an ease online blog post publishing.

Apart from the blogger account, you can also connect other popular blogging platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot, SharePoint blog, Telligent community, TypePad and other.

How to Create and Publish Blog Posts from Microsoft Office Word to WordPress

Generally, most of the content writers, use MS Word for writing blog posts only. And, to publish their article on their blog, they copy-paste the all content into their online blogs that sometimes break the blog post design and layout.

As a blogger, we know that this is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

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Now, consider to create a blog post in Microsoft Word and check the step-by-step instruction below to directly publish it from MS Word to Blogger, WordPress, etc. It will be useful for you and can save a bit of your time. You need to connect your blogger account with the Microsoft Word and start publishing blog posts right from the Word.

For this blog tutorial, we are using Office 2010. Let’s get started –

1. Open Microsoft Office Word. Search the Blog Post template from the online templates directory if not presents in the available templates. Click on Create to import the template to your Word. Detailed navigation – File => New => Blog Post => Create (see below screenshot).

create blog posts template

2. Once you click on the Create, a popup will appear asking you to connect with your blogging platform – Register a Blog Account. Click on Register Now and select your blogger platform (ex: WordPress), then click on Next button.

register account to publish blog posts

3. Here, you need to enter your blog URL, User Name, and Password. Don’t forget to click on the Remember Password option. Doing this, you can get rid of password asking popup each time you publish a blog post. In case you want to enter your account password each time, you can avoid checking the remember password.

add logins to create blog posts

4. Once your blog account setup has finished, click on the OK button. It will show a disclaimer message, then click Yes. If everything goes right, you will get the message that Account registration successfully.

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Now your Office suite is ready to create and publish articles automatically.

writing blog posts ready

5. Finally, your blogger account has connected with your Office Word. Now, start writing your blog post and click on Publish button to make it live and available for your audience. If your blog post is not ready for online publication, you can also publish your blog post as a draft.

publish blog posts from Office Word

So, instead of using any other article writing software, now you can use Microsoft office word for hassle-free blogging. It’s much useful and time-saving tip for busy blogger.

Is the above method working fine for you to create and publish blog posts from word to blogger? Please share your feedback via comment below.

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