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TumblRipper Tool Can Help you to Download all Tumblr Images in Bulk

Want to learn how to download Tumblr photos and pictures in bulk? Here is a tiny utility tool, which can help you to get your all Tumblr blog images automatically on your computer.



Updated on [2018-10-09]: Tumblr is one of the most popular places to express yourself, discover yourself and bond over the stuff you love. After the Google blogger blog, the Tumblr is also among the best in the blogging platform. Bloggers can post media or textual contents through the Tumblr blog posts. There might be a time when you were needed to get the Tumblr photos to back up your blog, but there is no official feature that let blog owners download all Tumblr images on your preferred device.

Here, in this article, you will learn how to download all images from a Tumblr blog using a small blogging utility tool.

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If you are a big fan of Tumblr and use it for your daily blogging, it’s recommended to have a backup of your entire Tumblr pictures so that you can restore your Tumblr blogs in the future for just in case of account hacked or accidentally account deletion.

Well, the software name is TumblRipper. It is a tool specially designed to backup your Tumblr blog and Instagram images at once.

How to Download all Tumblr Images Automatically?

To download Tumblr photos in bulk, use the TumblRipper app, which helps to download blog photos in bulk directly to your computer. TumblRipper is among the best tools to backup Tumblr images.

The latest version of Tumblr downloader is TumblRipper v3. The version supports updating and will only download new images unless you ask it to get all the pictures.

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The tool supports by all the versions of Windows operating system, but the .Net framework 4.6.1 is the only requirement to run the application. The users can take the benefits of this free application, but it is limited to 3 website entries, which is enough for most of the users.

If any point, you think you need to get support for more blogs in TumblRipper, you can get a lifetime serial number by paying the developer a 15€ cost (approx. 1,273.52 INR) as a donation through your PayPal account.

You will be happy to know that the TumblRipper tool is not just for Tumblr but also support Instagram to download Instagram videos and images.

tumblRipper tumblr images downloader

As of January 2014, the TumblRipper was available in two different packages – portable version and installer package. But in 2018, the developer has discontinued its portable package and currently, the installer version is available to install.

Free download TumblRipper from this link. This Tumblr downloader tool is 100% free and safe.

TumblRipper Features

  • Auto update directly from the application.
  • Photosets support for Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Keep the original dates of the publishing date.
  • No need to provide your blogs login username and password.
  • It automatically downloads all photos and videos from the supported blogs.
  • Instead of downloading the thumbnail, the app always makes sure to retrieve the highest possible resolution.
  • The tool can help you to download pictures directly from the Tumblr blogs, Instagram blogs, and Instagram tags.
  • It never gets the duplicate images. Hence, only the photos you don’t already have yet will be downloaded.
  • TumblRipper v3 uses Squirrel for installing and updates. Squirrel is a set of tools and library, which manage both installation and updation of a Windows desktop applications. Check the doc on GitHub.

The only drawback of this app is that it yet not supported on an Apple Mac operating system and Linux kernel.

Remember: If a Tumblr blog or Instagram account is private, TumblRipper can’t help you in downloading the pictures and videos. The tool can help you to download photos from a public account only.

There are many other Tumblr images downloader software available on the internet such as dhIMG Tumblr, TumblOne, Gettumblrpic and download Tumblr. You can also give them a try if TumblRipper is not working as per your expectations.

The TumblRipper is very simple to use because it does not have many configuration options. Did you like the Tumblr trick to download Tumblr images? Share your views via comments below.

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