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Top 28 Best Guest Posting Websites that Really Get Paid

Check out the list of top 28 best guest posting websites and blogs for blogger outreach and earn decent money online. Get paid for writing articles online as a freelancer or blogger.



best guest blogging sites

Updated [2018-10-05]: Want to start making money online by sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experience with the people? You can achieve your goal by publishing articles on some free guest posting websites as well as top best guest blogging sites that truly get paid and helps in blogger outreach.

Guest blogging is not just about getting free dofollow backlinks. However, it a golden chance to reach to the target new audience, increase social media subscribers, website traffic, and building quality emailing subscribers by guest blogging opportunities. Further, the guest posting techniques also help in building relationships with the other niche influencers.

Well, the post was first published in November 2013 and now completely revamped and updated this post with some best guest blogging sites in 2018.

We all know that the guest posting services only work when we do it wisely. Because back in 2016, a lot of backlink techniques and article marketing websites were failing after the Google penguin 4.0 algorithm. And, guest blogging sites are one of the top approaches to build quality backlinks. The best part of getting backlinks through submitting articles on the best guest posting websites is they are of high-quality. And, such high-quality backlinks help your site increase domain authority and rank higher in the search engines.

There are a few precautions you need to withdraw while publishing posts on the guest blogging websites. In the past years, Google had penalized lots of guest posting websites and blog networks that were involved in Link schemes. The link schemes involve text advertisements that pass PageRank, low-quality directory & bookmark sites, and selling & buying do-follow backlinks.

And, if you are a genuine blogger and writes the high-quality guest posts on the blog in your niche, Google will never penalize your website.

What are the Benefits of Publishing Articles on the Best Guest Blogging Sites?

Today, the guest blogging is very effective and can sky-rocket your site when you do it in the right way.

Here’re a couple of guest posting benefits –

  • Guest posting services help in building the relationship with other bloggers and webmasters.
  • It helps to increase PageRank, sales and drive more targeted traffic.
  • Guest blogging helps in building high quality and niche backlinks from high authority sites.
  • It also increases the website domain authority (DA) and Google rankings.
  • People also do guest blogging to make money online, blogger outreach services and branding purposes.

Most of the bloggers do submit guest blog post to get the benefits of guest blogging SEO that somehow increase blog income.

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities in 2018?

So, here is how to find guest post opportunities. Not every website on the internet accept guest post, only a few of them do.

Every blogger wants to publish content on the top guest blogging sites, but very few of them get successful.

To find the best guest blogging sites, you can pay a visit to They provide the most up to date list of websites accepting guest posts. You can submit guest posts to the top sites, and the software will let you track all your submissions.

Remember to note that this is not a free guest posting website. They charge around $99 to purchase their guest post tracker software. However, is is the one time fee and valid for the lifetime membership.

Best Guest Blogging Sites for Blogger Outreach and to Earn Money Online

Here is the list of popular blogs that accept guest posts and give you an opportunity to make a decent income by writing content.

Being an author I can understand that how difficult it is when writing an article on something we don’t have enough knowledge, but here, you can submit guest blog posts related to the latest technology news, culture, entertainment, network marketing, reviews, how-to, and business (as per the respective blog policies).

For writing the guest post or blog articles, you don’t’ need to be a journalist. But, if you are, that great.

Simply write a blog post and submit that piece of content to the blog owner or editor via sending them an email or submitting online through login to a contributor account. It’s the best way to earn money online & get paid for writing blogs or guest post as a freelancer.

The list of best guest blogging sites and blogs start here.

Below is the list of top guest blogging websites that pay blogger and author for content writing and guest blog post.


guest posting opportunities HubPages

HubPages is a public community platform that allows people to share their knowledge with the mass audience from all over the world.

They let the passionate people create articles and earn all sorts of rewards, from accolades to ad revenue. The HubPages attracts over 44,000,000 website visitors every month.

You can use the HubPages writing platform to earn a decent income every month. It is among the most popular guest post website on the list of top guest blogging sites.

Submit your content or guest post after login to your account and start making money. As soon as you post an article and it gets published, some ads and affiliate links will start appearing around your content. If any of the visitors click through those advertisements, you will get paid.

All advertisement will be from Google Adsense, Affiliate & HubPages Ad programs and others advertising networks. All the earning made through your guest blog posts will be paid via PayPal. The minimum threshold for payment is $100 for Adsense revenue and $50 for HubPages Ad Program.


guest blogging site helium

Helium is also one of the best guest blogging sites that offer authors to write articles for their clients under their client’s assignment basis. If you are writing for their client, it will be paid based on the article cost. Go through their network’s freelancer page.

Most of the website owners need contents for their website and products. Here, Helium plays the role. They sell the articles to the publishers/brands. And, they pay to Helium for the contents.

The company also offers to earn money via their Ad Revenue Sharing Program. Helium pays you based on the amount of earning, made by your contents.

3. Audio Tuts+

guest blogging site Envato Tuts

Audio Tuts+ is one of the blogs of Envator blog network. They also provide people with Guest Posting Opportunities.

Write a quick tip for the Audio Tuts+ and easily make $50.

According to the Audio Tuts+, the quick tip can be a mini-tutorial of around 500 words or a screencast of under 5 minutes in length. And, it would only cover a single main point and technique. Here is another chance to generate some bucks from your short articles.

4. Make a Living Writing

Guest Posts Make A Living Writing

The make money writing website is also among the best in our best guest blogging sites list. You can pitch them an idea about the business and craft of freelance writing.

According to the Make a Living Writing, If a blog makes money for its owner, guest posters should also be compensated.

Currently, they are paying $75-$150 for each guest posts (bit a high rate for longer contents, ghost writing and in-depth content writing on assignment only).

You can provide them contents on a few popular topics such as Blogging, Breaking in (Press release), Copywriting, Editor Q&As, Ghostwriting, Juggling, Marketing, Make Money Online, Productivity, and Social Media marketing stories.

You can also join this guest posting website for blogger outreach services and to earn good money from the internet.

5. (our site)

guest blogging site elkeesmedia

Elkees Media offers you to become a contributor and earn a smart income by writing content for this site. You can write guest posts on the hottest tech news, gadget reviews, tips & tricks, how-to tutorials, gaming, computer software, Windows OS & FOSS, Apple Mac & Google Android, mobiles, lifestyle & health and other entertaining news related to the latest movies & TV shows and more.

If you’re interested and want to start contributing articles, drop them an email on [email protected] or contact here with your updated resume. Don’t forget to mention a few samples of your previous work and how your articles can be useful for the site subscribers in the email.

If the team like what they see, they will create a contributor account on and provide you the further details like login credentials, payment methods etc.

Hence, you can work anywhere from the world. Write quality articles and start making money online. But, the most important is that your content must follow their contributors’ terms and conditions.

The list ends here of 5 best guest blogging sites and blogs for blogger outreach and to make money online.

List of 23 Blogs that allow guest posting

The main purpose of the above list of top 5 guest blogging sites is to earn money from home, but below we are including top 23 niche sites that accept guest blog posts.

Moreover, the following list includes different industry websites. A great option for online article submission.

So, let’s get started –

Digital Marketing Blogs (High Domain Authority Sites)

A list of high domain authority websites for posting guest posts. Check them out.

1. Mashable | Topics: Social media, technology, entertainment and business | DA 92

2. GetResponse | Topics: Marketing, productivity, automation, and platform | DA 81

3. Social Media Today | Topics: Business, digital marketing, and social networks | DA 80

4. Creative Blog | Topics: Blogging and web design | DA 74

5. Benchmark | Topics: Marketing, social media and SEO | DA 72

6. Thesitegirls | Topics: Blogging and social media | DA 69

7. ShoutMeLoud | Topics: SEO, Blogging and social media | DA 68

8. Inc42 | Topics: Blogging and marketing | DA 63

9. The Blog Herald | Topics: Blogging and internet marketing | DA 62

10. SEO Hacker | Topics: Marketing and search engine optimization | DA57

Finance Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging

If you’re from a field of finance and investment, you should check the following Finance websites.

1. Inc Magazine | Topics: Finance and investment | DA 91

2. BiggerPockets | Topics: Investing, Finance | DA 78

3. Money Crashers | Topics: Finance | DA 73

4. Money Saving Mom | Topics: Finance, money investment | DA 73

5. Incomediary | Topics: Make money online | DA 60

Law & Government Blogs Sites for Guest Posting

Are you a legal lawyer or a legal advisor? Having an interest in the politics? If so, you can do guest blogging on the following websites.

1. Politico Magazine | Topics: Politics | DA 92

2. Open Democracy | Topics: Political news | DA 79

3. Above the Law | Topics: Law and legal advise | DA75

Technical Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Technical writers can check out the following websites for guest posting service.

1. Readwrite | Topics: Technology news and gadget reviews | DA 75

2. iAmWire | Topics: Digital technology | DA 56

3. TechWyse | Topics: Tech stories and reviews | DA 54

4. Venture Beat | Topics: Tech and gadgets | DA 91

5. Hongkiat | Topics: Web development and technology | DA 83

Before you start writing blog posts for online publication, make sure you read their terms for guest blogging.

Hope the guest blogging sites above will be proven helpful for everyone. Give them a try for blogger outreach and guest posting service so that you can make a good income from home.

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