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Add Source Link (Copyright Credit) Automatically to the Copied Text from your Website



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Content plagiarism has become a major problem for every webmaster & blogger. They try to rank and earn money with the copied text or complete post.

Content writers and authors work day & night to generate quality content for their website readers, blog subscribers. And of course, also for the Google Panda algorithm for a good user experience.

But some people try to take the shortcuts and want to become a successful blogger without doing any hard work.

They steal others copyrighted materials and publish that on their own sites, books, and magazines without giving any credit and backlink to the original author or/and page source.

Well, to fighting content theft, here I am going to show you that how to automatically append Attribution Link of source page or add Copyright Notice just below the copied text whenever somebody copies text from your websites or blogs.

Copied text and other materials from a website don’t help the plagiarism in gaining PageRank, visitors & readers, however, on the other hand, their sites might be penalized by Google algorithm updates for content theft and content duplicacy.

Technically, when someone uses copyrighted text, images, etc from any site, they should provide credit links to the source website.

However most of the people just ignore this and they get punished for deliberate plagiarism act by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

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You can’t stop anyone from copying content from your websites. I know it really feels bad ūüôĀ

But you can use a professional content protector plugin like Smart Content Protector.

Pro WP Copy Protection by Envato Market sites.

About Smart Content Protector Plugin

Smart content protector is the WordPress plugin to protect your copyright contents – text and images. To avoid plagiarism, make sure the text and picture are not copying by anyone from your website.

Smart Content Protector

This is one of the best WordPress plugins to fight with content thefts and has numbers of key features like it disables keyboard shortcuts for Copy (Ctrl+C), Cut (Ctrl+X), Paste (Ctrl+V), Select All (Ctrl+A), Save as (Ctrl+S), Print Screen shortcut keys & Mouse Right Click.

Smart Content protector also disables image dragging and dropping, hence it protects link contains image extension. It supports popular operating systems – Windows, Linux, MAC OS X and internet browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer.

Some other features of this WP plugin.

  • Automatic Image Watermark and append Copyright disclaimer to the copied text.
  • Advanced Image Protection via Responsive Lightbox.
  • Content protection based on User Level (Guests & Members) and Site Level.
  • Warning alert message options for the print screen (PrtSc, Alt+PrtScn & CTRL+PrtScn) and mouse right click.

Smart content protector plugin is the all-in-one solution for fighting Plagiarism. And it’s strongly recommended by many SEO experts and webmasters.

If you can’t afford the above premium plugin to protect your posts and pages from being the copy by someone, you can try free WordPress plugin such as WP-Copy Protect & WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click.

Well, let’s come back to the topic of how to add attribution link or copyright notice to the copied text.

Above I have shared the best plugin to protect your text and images on your WordPress websites.

How to Append Source Link & Add Copyright Notice to the Copied Text?

While working on your online projects, you might have noticed that whenever you need to copy some of a headline or sentence from a website, a link of the source page gets automatically generated and copied to the clipboard.

And, when you paste the copied text, the original source link also gets paste along with the copied content.

There are many premium WordPress themes available that supports this feature.

However, if you’re website theme doesn’t have this feature, you probably want to know how to add a source link to the copied text automatically when someone copies text from your website and blog.

Here is how to add attribution link with a copyright symbol and copyright custom message using a JavaScript code. Let’s see how does this JavaScript works to append attribution link or/and add custom copyright message to the copied text.

I don’t know who is the developer of this JavaScript code.

However, I have copied this awesome script from

But seems, the script is the work of author: c.bavota and this JS is also mentioned in a post on StackOverflow.

<script type="text/javascript">
function addLink() {
    var body_element = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];
    var selection;
    selection = window.getSelection();
    var pagelink = "<br /><br /> Read more at: <a href='"+document.location.href+"'>"+document.location.href+"</a><br />Copyright &copy; c.bavota"; // change this if you want
    var copytext = selection + pagelink;
    var newdiv = document.createElement('div');'absolute';'-99999px';
    newdiv.innerHTML = copytext;
    window.setTimeout(function() {
document.oncopy = addLink;

The above JavaScript code works well in most internet browsers.

However, we are sorry for Internet Explorer users having IE below version 9. But works for IE 9 & above and Microsoft Edge.

How to Add JavaScript to WordPress or HTML Website?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Just copy the above code and make appropriate changes according to your needs.

And, once you modified the code, just paste it into the footer template of your WordPress site.

Login to your WP Dashboard => Go to Appearance => Editor. Select the theme to edit => Click on Theme Footer (footer.php) and paste the copied JavaScript code just before the </body> and hit Update File.

If your WordPress theme has Theme Panel Options, you can also add this code to the custom code section. But only when this option is available in your theme.

For other platforms like HTML websites, edit the footer page via login through your FTP details.

For more information on how to add Copyright Notice to copied text, get in touch with your web designer or website designing company.

The best benefits of this JavaScript is; it helps bloggers to generate free high PR backlinks.

Whenever a content scraper copies your posts, this script will create source page backlink below the copied text.

But beware of such low-quality backlinks from new blogs.

Hope this tutorial to automatically append source link or add a copyright notice to the copied text is helping you.

If you’re facing any technical issue while implementing this JavaScript code on your website, you can ask us via comments.

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