A quick guide to decide the best domain names for a website – How to buy and Register the right domain names – Expert Tips for Beginners.

When the thing comes to establish a company or a brand, the very first thing arise in our mind that what should be the name of the company like I choose Elkees Media as my brand name.

And, the company name should be available as an online business.

The online business means having a right domain name and website on company’s name.

Well, choosing the best domain name is equivalent to choosing a company name; both things require too much consideration and thoughts.

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So here we will help you to register the best domain names for your business – domain name registration tips. There are huge tools available online which you can use to find a domain name for your new start-up.

But still, there are some important things a beginner needs to consider while choosing the best domain names.

A matching domain name to your business helps in building a good reputation.

A company name with a non-matching domain name and website may be a disaster for your business.

So think deeply before buying a domain name.

best domain names
Free domain name suggestion tool to get best domain names.

How to find the best domain names for a business?

Actually, most of the popular and common words are already taken on .com, org, .net and other top level domain names extensions by website hosting companies and domain registrars.

But using a creative mind, anyone can easily pick the best domain names with top-level domain extension and other domain extensions like .co, .us, .asia, etc.

Choose the Best Domain Names for a Business Website

Look at some important tips that can help you to get the best domain names for your company.

A domain name is the identity of your business on the web.

Always remember to register a domain name which totally fits your business type and also make sure that the website domain name you are selecting is easy to remember, find and promote.

Need help to choose best domain names that are still available, go through below tips to book some best domain names.

1Tip #1 Easy to Type & Remember

The very first rule for choosing the best domain names is – it should be easy to type and easy to remember.

Try the words that are easy to pronoun and type but they don’t create confusion by typing the spelling.

If possible try to add full name of your company like following examples –

Google.com, firstpost.com, elkeesmedia.com and so on.

Also, avoid using non-dictionary words like asdf.com because it is difficult to remember.


Avoid using slang into the domain name. If you use slang like u instead of you, other words with multiple spellings like express vs. xpress, it may be hard for customers to find your website.

Don’t use hyphens in the website domain names because hyphens seem little odd and it is not easy to type domain address quickly.

Similarly, the number creates confusion.

Suppose your domain name has a number 10 and customer is typing (ten) – see how misunderstood it can be. Example – top10blogs.com or toptenblogs.com.

3Tip #3 Domain Name Keywords for SEO

Always remember to use the niche keywords that represent your business or/and the services you offer.

It’s pretty important.

For an example, if you’re in a computer repair service business, you may want to register pcrepair.net or computerrepair.com.

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Never select domain name with long and complex keywords because Google has limited characters in the URL slug for SEO.

Choosing the best domain names without the niche keywords is not a good idea.

So while thinking for a name, don’t forget about the SEO keywords.

SEO keywords in the domain name may help improve page rank in search engines including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo (help to increases traffic).

4Tip #4 Do Research for the Best Domain Names

Got an idea for a domain name?

Just Wait and look for other formalities like domain name availability check.

If the domain name is available, still you are required to do some research on it.

You must look for its trademark, copyrighted or being used by some other entity.

Many organizations book domain name as soon as they register a brand name trademark.

Doing these research, you can protect yourself from the huge legal mess in the future.

5Tip #5 Choose the Right Domain Names Extension

Domain extensions are suffixes – ex: .com, .org, .in at the end of website address.

Dot com, dot org, and dot net are top-level domain extensions and are most popular and easy to remember extensions.

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However, selecting the right according to your business type is really important. So it is always recommended to get a short and relevant extension name for your company.


Every extension has a meaning, here are some example –

  • .com – for a commercial company and community.
  • .biz – similar to commercial or business.
  • .net – for internet networking infrastructure and technical portals.
  • .org – for non-profits and non-commercial organizations
  • .info – for informational websites.
  • .me – for personal sites and blogs
  • .in & .co.in – for Indian sites
  • .us – for United States (USA) sites
  • .uk – for United States (UK) sites.
  • .asia – sites for Asian regions.
  • .tv – for digital media (video) sites.

Best domain names are not always great when targeting only top-level domains.

So choose the extension that works best for your business or country.

6Tip #6 Avoid Copyright Infringement

Having best domain names is a good idea.

However also keep in mind that while choosing a domain name you are not infringing any existing brand’s copyright policies.

Microsoft is a trademark brand, hence you cannot use Microsoft within any domain name.

If you do so, prepare yourself to face legal mess by respective companies that owned the copyright license.

Case Study: A few weeks ago, Flipkart has sent a cease and desist letter alleging copyright infringement and cybersquatting to blogger – Amit Bhawani. Because Amit has illegally used Flipkart’s trademark, domain name, and artistic work on amazonvsflipkart.com – via TOI.

Prevention is better than cure.

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So before buying a domain name, you must cross-check these things.

You can also check domain name suggestion tool on GoDaddy to buy the best domain names for your business.

GoDaddy has a great tool. For every bloggers and webmaster.

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