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Best Android Rooting Apps to Get Root Access on Android Devices

Rooting an Android device allows us to use our Android smart devices to its full potential. See best Android apps to root your Android phones or tablets



Rooting an android device lets users use the android smart devices; android mobile & android tablet to its full potential. Once you root android phone or/and tablet by using any android rooting software, you can edit the core files of the Android operating system. It’s like jailbreak android phone or its operating system, means after root android device, you can use your device as an administrator. Well in this post, I going to share some best android root apps or android rooting software to get root access with or without a PC.

It’s similar to running a command in Linux with sudo or installing a program as an administrator in Windows operating system. Earlier, I have shared an article about the benefits of rooting android. If you are a fresher in android playing, you can check this post for android rooting advantages.

What is Android Rooting Access?

A rooted android device gives you the access to run and install more cool apps that is actually not possible in normal android smartphones or tablets with default user access permissions & framework. However, after rooting, you can even customize an android operating system to its core values, change android theme & fonts, increase ram & much more. Even also rooting opens the door for custom ROMs which enables your smartphone to use plenty of cool features that are not directly provided by the phone’s hardware manufacturers.

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If you’re a tech-addicted, rooting will allow you all sorts of Android modifications. Most of the people consider rooting their devices when they need to run any custom apps. Android Rooting software free download to try rooting your devices with ease.

Best Android Root Apps for Rooting Android Devices

There plenty of applications available on the Google Play Store to perform the task, but the condition is; these apps can only install and run on the pre-rooted android phones. These types of android root software & programs need root access to work properly.

Following are some most popular and trusted android root apps that can help you to root your android devices – mobile phones or tablets.

Titanium Backup Root This is one of the most popular android rooting app to root your device. The program also helps you to perform a complete backup for your phone or tablet like important apps data, system files, WiFi passwords, etc. The application is loved by over 22 million users and it’s available in 31+ languages.

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One Click Root The Once Click Root app lets users to safely root any android device. This is also a best android root app on the Playstore. With just one click, you can easily root android phone or tablet without having much technical knowledge. It’s a fast, easy, secure rooting software that fully supports thousands of devices.

Kingo Android Root The Kingo Android Root app is provided by CNET to root android with PC. It is one of the most trusted android rooting application that has been checked by millions of users. The app perfectly works on all types of android powered models manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, etc.

Lucky Patcher – This Lucky Patcher rooting app has various cool features like removing the license verification from any paid apps, patch any application to remove those annoying advertisements from it. It has plenty of awesome features, installs and checks it yourself.

Rooting is an experimental way to unlock your devices, similarly like users unlock data cards to use any sim cards.

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Note: Rooting your Android device may void the device’s warranty. Kindly read the user manual you have received with your product. It’s strongly recommended to use the android root apps carefully and always make a habit to take the full backup of the Android phone on the computer without performing any changes. Neither I nor Elkees Media will be responsible for any data loss or fault in your devices occurred during rooting. Try the above-listed android root apps at your own risk. These android root apps belong to third-party developers and may harm your financial and personal data by all mean. Well, this is our duty to provide you all the advantages and disadvantages of any service/product we are mentioning here at

Share your views about the list of android root apps via comment below. I will soon consider for a new post on how to root android phone and tablet. If you know any other great android root apps you think is useful for the users, you can share the APK or about the application using our comment form below.

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