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How to Add All Friend List in Facebook Group at Once

Want to add all friend list in facebook group automatically? Well, now you can use browser console feature to add all friends in facebook group in a single click.



Facebook group is a great online place, where you can share your important things & thoughts with the people who love to follow you or your group.

There are plenty of advantages of a Facebook group; you can chat with every group member simultaneously, you can share things with all members of the group at once, you can also poll the group and much more useful group features.

Well, if you are planning to create a Facebook group, you will also need to add members to your group. So instead of adding member one by one, you can follow this guide to add all friends list to the Facebook group at once.


Below I’m going to show you how you can use an inbuilt feature of Firefox or Chrome browser (console) to add all friends to a Facebook group with a single click.

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The trick to adding friend list in Facebook group works with the help of a simple coding. Just you need to use this tricky code in the browser console window and it will start adding your FB friends to your FB group.

This Facebook trick is extremely useful for those who are having a bunch of friends. It saves your valuable time and adds all friends in the group in a few seconds.

How to Add All Friends List to Your Facebook Group Automatically

Go through the below step by step process to add friends to a Facebook group at once. Let’s get started –

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and select that particular group, in which you want to add all friends.
  2. Launch browser console window. Both Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox users can use Ctrl+Shift+J to launch browser console tool.
  3. Now click here to download and copy the code.
  4. Simply paste the copied code into the console window and hit enter.
  5. Wait for a couple of seconds until it shows that the process is completed.

Now press F5 to refresh the current web page and see your all friends has been added to your Facebook group.

Alternatively, you can also try the Facebook Friends To Groups Adder plugin by Khalil Shreateh. This plugin is available on chrome web store and only compatible with Google Chrome browser.

Note: This is a third-party coding & plugin to add all friends to the Facebook group at once. This is not an official method of Facebook, however, this trick is working fine. If you find any issue with this trick, please do comments below so that we can update this post. Only give it a try at your own risk.

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