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Making money online is no longer a difficult proposition if you know where and how to work. A little query in the search engine will get you to a lot of online platforms where you can make real money. Most of these platforms are fast, versatile and authentic. Due to authenticity, no risk of money theft or partial payments is involved. You can make money online or save real money by spending the time and effort while working online. As such, you can earn a decent amount of money while working online from home.

So, where are we supposed to turn to earn money the legitimate way online? It’s not just about generating passive income, however this is also about finding great ways create an active income through the most convenient and affordable way to us by using internet.

10 Proven Ideas to Make Money Online

Here is more on how to make money online by working on internet in Pakistan, India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan as well as from rest of the world. Check below 10 effective and easy ways to make money online in 2017.

Blogs for Money

Creating blogs is a popular way for earning money online these days. Not all are written for money. However, blogs are getting increasingly popular by the day. They are read and get Ad revenue like Google Adsense & Paid Reviews if the content is compelling and attracts traffic. Companies are always on a hunt for blogs that receive a lot of traffic.

The quantity of traffic decides how much money you can make; more traffic means more chances that it will attract businesses. The fact is that businesses take the opportunity to market products and services on your blog. The driving force behind is that your blog readers will, at some stage, click on the featured ads and will look into the service. Pay Per Click (PPC) is another way that your blog can earn you a decent sum of money. Here, each click means a small amount of money to be paid to the blog owner.


A few years ago, people didn’t know what freelancing was and how to make money online through it. This is not the case anymore. In fact, you’ll find thousands making real money by freelancing these days. So, how is it done? It is rather simple, as you have online portals and service providers that get work from entrepreneurs and allocate any work to members.

Each freelancing community has different categories. These may include the following:

  • Content and academic writing
  • Web designing and coding
  • Website development
  • Marketing
  • Graphics designing
  • SEO development

The above are commonly found groups on freelance sites. To make money online through freelancing, you need to sign up and become a regular member. Though most freelancing sites provide membership for free, some sites offer both free and paid memberships for people looking to earn money. Some free freelancing sites are,,, and

Social Media

You thought social media is just for fun right? Not quite. Today, social media is fast emerging as a versatile and easy to use marketing and business promotion tool around the world. Just write a blog in any niche you feel comfortable and think people will like. Niches like entertainment, music, showbiz, sports will give your page a lot of likes and shares.

Hence, the more traffic your page attracts the more chances of earning big money. You can use tools like Viral9 or Mylikes to market your page. If not, you can simply sell the traffic to any of the marketplaces that allow you to sell traffic for PKR. 500 minimum.


It is an emerging way of selling and making huge money online. The e-Commerce has become a huge industry with hundreds of online sellers selling items ranging from hand towels to TV.

To become an e-commerce seller, you need a nicely developed e-commerce site and access, a warehouse to keep all types of products, and links to retailers and wholesalers in your area. If you are willing to ship products by mail, get in touch with a fast courier service. In due time, your e-commerce business will fetch you enough sales to make a name for yourself in the industry. Keep in mind that these activities take time so be patient and keep selling. Alternatively a good platform to make money online these days.

Make Money Online via Vlogging

Yes, you read it right. Unlike blogging, the vlogging is all about sharing a video and earn money online through it. Make sure your video is copyrighted under your name and anyone else, or you’ll end up with the mess of copyright infringement. Make your videos, copyright them under your name and share them on any video site to earn a decent amount of money online.

App Development

Of you are familiar with programming and app development, you can make plenty of money by making apps and selling them to online app portals. Some of the popular app portals are:


Apart from these three, you can also find many others on the Google search engine that’ll buy it from you at a good price. Just to a little search and sell your apps at your preferred price. This idea is also effective to make money online.


If you believe that you are a real gamer who knows the insights of game development, you can make a lot of money by playing games online. Gaming websites will come to you and ask you to test their games and give your feedback on them. They value the feedback and will improve the game as per your recommendations. Some favorite websites that pay for testing games are:


Watch Ads

There is no stopping the internet these days, as users can even make money online by watching ads online. Don’t believe it? Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, companies are willing to pay you for watching their ads. Companies like, and will pay you online for watching ads.

Sell Domain Names

If you own a large metric domain, and a premium domain name, you can sell it at a good price. Just go to an online platform like or and tell them about your domain names, they’ll buy it from you.

Micro Jobs

If you find all the above trying to do, just sell anything that you can do well. If you know how to type, just sell your service as a typist and so on. You’ll land a job sooner or later and will pay you decent money.

Hope this guide on how to make money online from home will be found great for you. Try any of these methods and earn money online by sitting at your place. If you have any other awesome method to earn money through internet, share the guide with us via comment section.


  1. Advertising on your blog and affiliate marketing are two best ways to make money online in my opinion. Building niche blogs and sites and then promote affiliate products.

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