Are you being frustrated from unknown numbers you usually get calls? Want to learn how to trace mobile number to find unknown number details? Well, in this post, I will show you how to trace a phone number including its personal details like phone number owner name, phone location, address and owner profile picture.

Phone numbers are similar like the fingerprints. With some efforts & legal support, they can easily reveal a lot about the actual person, for an example their real name or/and where they live or calling from.

If you have a missed call or someone is calling you again & again from an unknown phone number and you may want to identify that telephone number details, you can use the few great online tools to trace a cell phone number with ease. However, there are more chances that a telemarketer agent wants to connect you but again you can’t decide it without looking into the landline & mobile number directory through using telecom operator websites (if they allow).

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There are thousands of telemarketing companies available in the market and everyday they try to sale their services / products / life insurance policy / postpaid number plans / credit cards & even some of them also try to fraud or scam with you. So its become required to search and find mobile number details, so that you can get a real caller information.

Phone number trace is not a major problem now as there are several free online tools to reverse lookup and identify phone number owner in India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Norway, Kuwait, Singapore, UK, Australia, US, Canada, China, Malaysia, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, North America, Austria, Romania, Greece, Russian Federation, Italy, Thailand as well as in rest of of world.

Trace Mobile Number & Identify Phone Number Owner

How to get address from mobile number? This question may be moving around your mind. Well, after going through this post, you will be happy and will proactively say; yes! I got it.

Off course, the web-apps will be completely free of cost, hence you wouldn’t need to pay any charge to trace mobile number current location with city, phone operator, real person name and phone number owner photo.

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Generally, people search on Google for recognize mobile number details with name & address software free download but such mobile apps & software to track number don’t work sometimes. However free online mobile number extractor & tools proven helpful.

To help our readers, I have compiled a list of free services for reverse phone number search free and procedures on how to trace mobile number with name and other details of an unknown caller.

#1 Trace Owner Name of Mobile Number in India – Trace Phone Number with TrueCaller Online & App

With the reference of WikiPedia, Indian has the world’s second largest telecommunication system by the number of telephone users (both fixed and mobile phone). Country has 1.053 billion subscribers as on August 31, 2016.

Mobile tracker India / phone number directory / mobile number location on Google map / live mobile location tracker, these are some of the most trending searches on Google from last few years.

So to help our Indian subscribers, I am going to describe how to trace mobile number in India free on the very beginning.

Trace Mobile Number Owner Name & Location

I know how much you are eager to know the how to find unknown mobile number details and name. Here are the steps to trace mobile number. Let’s have a look.

truecaller online
A phone number is identified using truecaller online.
  1. Visit on Truecaller website.
  2. Select INDIA as your country (country phone code) and enter the phone number you wish to trace.
  3. Hit on the search button. If asked to login, choose either Google or Microsoft account for signing in.
  4. Once you logged in, you will identify the phone number. The truecaller online will reveal user’s details like owner name, current location, email address, website and address (some information is limited. If the owner registered such information on true caller, the website will show you.).

Earlier, I have shared a complete guide on how to find unknown mobile number details with truecaller, you can also head on this post on truecaller number tracker and steps on how to unlist number from truecaller.

#2 Identify Phone Number Owner Name with IndiaOnAPage

Go to IndiaOnAPage website to trace mobile number with name. Inda on a page provides very awesome service to identify mobile number owner name, location & telecom operator.

IndiaOnAPage is an informative protal for India like business in India, education in India, events in India, classified in India, fooding & lodging in India and much more information. Visit this site to trace any mobile and phone number in all over India. They offer free services for search mobile location, locate phone owner and other useful tools like Voter ID information, Track IP Address, STD Code Finder, Pin Code Locater and much more.

#3 Find Mobile Number Owner Details with Phone Number Based Messengers like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, Skype & Other Apps

Now-a-days, there are many phone number based messengers available like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hike, Skype, ChatSecure, Gliph & others. These smartphone apps only work when you registered your contact number with them. That’s made it quite easy to find mobile number owner details.

How to Trace Mobile Number using Messaging Apps?

Here the job starts, just you need to add that particular number to your mobile contact list and it’s done.

Now simply launch any of your messaging apps and try to look over for this newly saved contact. If that person is a registered member and using that app, you can see his/her name with profile photo.

You can try this trick on each chatting apps one-by-one. This trick to find owner name really works well on most popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Hike, Cubie, etc.

Trace Mobile Number from Facebook & Twitter

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site and it’s being used by millions of peoples across the world for making friends and business promotions. Generally, while creating a facebook account, we need to provide original name, email ID, phone number, etc. And, these personal details also used for facebook searches.

phone number trace facebook
Found an unknow number’s owner details using facebook website.

Means, If you are using facebook, then I can search for your account using your personal details into the Facebook search column – “Find Friends” (but only if you’re not restricting someone using Facebook Privacy settings from looking you up via email address & phone number).

Following this method, there are huge chances to get most of the details of a telephone number.

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Twitter is the second widely used social media site after the facebook. Twitter also allow users to find people by phone number, but again if user doesn’t setup the restrictions in his/her account.

#4 Trace Mobile Number using WhoCallsMe – Worldwide Tool

WhoCallsMe is one of the best free reverse phone lookup service provider for worldwide users. If you suspect that a telemarketer trying to contact you, you should try WhoCallsMe? to trace mobile number.

Visit the site and enter the number you want to search in the search field and hit the “search button”. WhoCallsMe? is a directory that is being used to report or complaint for a fraud telemarketer. If you don’t find anything, it means no one has had registered complaints about it yet.

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If you have been receiving unsolicited calls from surveyors, telemarketers, charities or any other organizations, help others avoid these people by entering their telephone number and details into the WhoCallsMe’s database.

#5 Trace Mobile Number in America

Looking for a service that allow users to trace mobile number in United States? Hmm, it looks like you got a call on your phone but can’t recognize that particular. Here are some best online tools that can help you to trace mobile number in America. is best to search American phone numbers. The service is available for American landline & phone numbers. Mobile numbers in US and entire North America follow the North American numbering plan or NANP and these unique subscriber numbers can be easily identified on America Trace. is another cellphone registry that offers reverse cellular number searches. The national registry of cellular number (NRCN) is a leading provider of online phone searches. Using the tool, you can find landline, mobile and unlisted phone numbers from multiple databases. It lets you trace mobile number with owner information, address history, carrier & location details.

#6 Trace Mobile Number in Canada – Trace phone number owner details with, a Canada’s local search engine. 411 is a Canadian company that helps small business owners by connecting local businesses with online shoppers. You can use the service to locate local businesses contact details including address, name, more contact numbers, etc. – Canada411 provides free people search, reverse phone lookup and business telephone directory. Find any persons across Canada on Canada 411. Get maps, direction search, area or postal codes or even perform a reverse search with a phone number and address.

Trace Mobile Number in Germany

#7 Trace Mobile Number in Germany – a free phone reverse search site for Germany numbers. If you don’t know which caller is bothering you in Germany, you can trace mobile number with name and address from a large phone directory in Germany.

To find phone number owner name and address, just enter the fixed, mobile or special call number with prefix into the telephone number search mask and hit the search button to identify an unknown caller.

Das Örtliche – It’s an another local telephone directory in Germany to perform phone number trace with telephone information on map. Das Örtliche allow users to perform a quick and free search for numbers and addresses.

#8 Unable to Trace Mobile Number & Getting Bother Too Much from Unwanted Calls?

If none of the service worked for you and you were unable to trace a cell number, then you should take it seriously. Now it’s time to go to Police or cyber cell and register a complaint against that number from which you are getting too much calls you don’t know anything about that person.

And also, if someone is trying to follow your wife, children, girlfriend or anyone you know by calling from unknown numbers, you should take a legal action. The legal authorities will investigate and take an strict action against them.

But before taking any legal action, you should again consider for this step because that unknown person can be your old Girl Friend or Boy Friend or any someone very special in your life who wants to contact you after a long time 😉

Well, these was the third-party webapps and tools to trace mobile number or to identify unknown caller details. If you found the post useful, share it with your friends and colleagues on social sites. Also, If you know any other website to trace mobile number owner name, address and location, let us know via comment below.

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