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Unlock Any 4G Data Cards and USB Dongles for All Sim Networks



unlock 4g dongles

A quick guide on how to Unlock 3G & 4G Dongles for All Sim Networks. There are plenty of Net Setter, 3G/4G Data Cards and USB Dongles available in the market from various brands to access the internet On-The-Go.

The USB internet dongles work instantly to access internet on the desktop, laptop as well as on tablet using the telecom network’s data services via Sim Card.

Well, I am writing this post for a procedure to unlock 4G data cards & USB internet dongles & modems for enabling all sim networks.

When you buy 4G data card from a telecom brand like Vodafone, AirTel, Reliance, MTNL, BSNL, MTS, Beetel, Tata Docomo, Tata Photon, they sales data cards with pre-locked for their network sim so that no one can use other company’s data services.

You can not use any other company’s sim card.

And if you want to use any other network’s sim, you’ll be needed to unlock 4G Data Cards.

Other popular internet dongle manufacturers like Huawei, Micromax, D-link, iBall, Intex, Zebronics and more lets you access the internet from any sim card. These types of data cards also known as Multi Sim modem.

However, if you purchase other network provider data card, you can only access the internet with their own network.

Hence, you can’t install any other sim.

Many telecom network service providers offer data cards at cheap rates to get benefits from the subscribers. However, they bound customer within their own network.

But don’t worry the following are some of the best methods that will help you to unlock 4G dongles, data cards, and internet modems.

How to Unlock 4G Dongles & Data Cards With DC Unlocker?

Before introducing you to DC-Unlocker software, I would like to clarify that this is a paid service.

Hence you will need to buy credits to unlock 4G data cards & USB internet dongles.

DC Unlocker

DC Unlocker 2 Client is the most popular and first universal data card unlocking tool.

It is extremely fast as it takes less than 1 minute to unlock any data card. Let’s have a look at some key features of DC-Unlocker.

  • The tool is specialized for data card unlocking.
  • All-in-one USB dongle software worldwide.
  • Very fast, takes 5 – 60 seconds to unlock any internet dongle.
  • User-friendly interface – easy to use for everyone.
  • In the new update release, it automatically adds new data card models.
  • Auto detects COM ports & models, no need to select manually.

This unlocking tool supports almost all USB dongles like Vodafone 4G Data Cards, Reliance 4G Dongles,  AirTel 4G USB Internet Dongles, Idea Data Cards, MTS 4G Dongles, MTNL 4G Dongles, BSNL USB Dongles, Beetel Modems, Tata Docomo 4G Dongle, Huawei modems for these models – E 1731, E173, E1732, E 153, E175, 303HW / GL10P, E303F, etc.

Check the complete list of supported models.

How to Use DC-Unlocker to Unlock USB Dongles & Data Cards?

Following are the step-by-step instructions to unlock 4G dongles, data cards, and modems.

  1. Data Card Unlocker Software free download from DC-Unlocker Website.
  2. Install dongle unlocker tool on your computer.
  3. After the installation of the software, connect your USB Data Card to the USB port of your computer.
  4. Run the DC-Unlocker software and select the modem manufacture brand and its model. In the model selection option, it is suggested to choose Auto detect (recommended).
  5. Now click the small lens button to scan your device and once scanning finished, go to Unlocking tab and click Unlock.

As I mentioned above that the tool is extremely fast, so please wait for a few seconds and that’s done.

Another Way to Unlock 4G Dongles & Huawei Data Cards

This is another trick to unlock 4G dongles and data cards.

If the above method doesn’t work for you, you can give it a try.

Universal Master Code

  1. Free download Universal MasterCode generator from
  2. The Universal Master Code tool doesn’t need installation. Just save it on your PC and it’s ready to use.
  3. Launch the code calculator tool.
  4. Switch to the tab supporting your modem manufacturer and model.
  5. Enter the IMEI number of your data card and hit the Calculate button. More likely, the IMEI number sometimes printed behind the dongle.
  6. Within a couple of seconds, it will reveal the Unlock Code and Flash Code.

Now insert an unsupported sim card in the dongle and connect the data card to the USB port of your system.

When the system asks to enter the passcode, you can use the above Unlock or/and Flash code to unlock your dongle.

Is it failed to unlock your device? There is a possibility that the system wouldn’t show the unlock option because your modem might have a locked firmware

Some of the companies sell the dongle with under their brand label with modified dongle firmware so that no one can use other network’s services or sim card.

In this situation, you will need to upgrade USB dongle firmware manually.

If you’ll ask your telecom company to unlock your data card, they will deny the solution.

Hence, they don’t want anyone to use another company’s sim card.

But the following is the solution on how to update dongle firmware manually?

How to Upgrade Dongle Firmware?

Every data card, modem & USB dongle has a different firmware image, so you’ll need to download the right firmware to upgrade your dongle’s software.

Following are the steps to free download and upgrade Huawei dongle firmware.

  • Go to and search for your Huawei dongle model’s firmware.
  • Download and install the firmware update with the firmware updating tool (available in the downloaded file).
  • Now download and install the Huawei Mobile Partner or Huawei Dashboard. Huawei Mobile Partner free download from software informer.
  • Launch the mobile partner software and go to Settings => Settings Preferences => Profile Management.
  • Simply add a new profile, by entering APN and Access name details of your new telecom operator. If you don’t know the Dial-up details, just call to your sim provider’s customer care on 198.

Unable to find the firmware for a particular dongle model? Search it on Google with the keywords – your dongle brand + model number firmware free download. Ex: Huawei E1875 firmware free download.

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And that’s it! As soon as you upgrade your Huawei dongle’s firmware software, it will automatically replace the new firmware with old one.

As a result, your USB data card will be unlocked for all sim cards.


Since the above tutorial is using third-party software to unlock the devices, hence, we don’t guarantee any fault occurs while unlocking the dongles.

Although, according to many reviews and users comments, the dongle unlocker software & code calculator works fine and really helping people to unlock their data cards.

Well, in our case the above methods to unlock 4G dongles is working great.

Hope it is also helping you to unlock your dongles.

If you’re facing any problem while unlocking your USB modems, just contact your local dealer.

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Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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Boost Your Android App Performance in Phone and Tablet



android app performance

Is your android device not performing well as it used to? Is your smart device extremely running slow or impacting with overheating? Here we have some tips and best optimizing apps that can help you to boost your android app performance on smartphone and tablet.

Just like a computer, your Android devices also required optimization regularly.

When you run a PC for a very long time, it automatically stores some temporary & cache files. Similarly, it happens with a mobile operating system, you need to periodically free up memory and remove temporary & junk files.

The Android OS is supposed to be lighter, faster and should have extra memory to keep up android performance.

Generally, an android device runs slower when there is a shortage of memory and tons of apps runs in the background continuously.

Well, here we have some most effective tips to boost android app performance in smartphones and tablets.

Expert Tips to Boost Android App Performance

If you’ve eventually noticed that your Android device performance is decreasing very fast, you can try following tweaks to increase android speed and Android app performance.

Let’s have a look at below effective tips and best apps to improve Android performance.

Look for Device Hardware Configuration

This is the first and important point to have a look at your Android device hardware configuration.

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Because it’ll give you an idea about the capabilities and drawbacks of your device; either a smartphone or tablet.

If your phone has limited memory and device storage, never overburden your device with resource-hungry apps, hence it would degrade your phone’s performance.

Consider to Remove Unwanted Apps

Every time you download and install an app on your android device, it takes some storage space and start running background process and increase usage of RAM memory.

So look for downloaded applications under Apps => Settings => Application Manager (path may be different on your device) & uninstall all unused apps. But, I would strongly recommend you to keep a copy of the apps’ backup before you uninstall an app.

This will surely free up some device storage space and memory that leads to boost your android app performance.

Make a Habit of Closing the Applications

Android runs slower when there are plenty of apps run in the background.

When you finished using an app, simply close or exit the app instead of pressing the home button.

When you just hit the home button, the app keeps processing in the background and keeps consuming the memory.

In android smart devices, there is a button to close recently used apps to exit the active application.

Always make a habit to clear all recent apps. This will also clear RAM usage so that you can run other applications smoothly.

Disable Unnecessary Applications

Navigate to the apps manager under Apps => Settings => Application Manager and look for the All Apps.

Here is the list of default apps that keep runs in the background. These are the apps that preinstalled by the device manufacturer and uninstalling these apps is not so easy.

It can be only possible with android rooting.

Instead of uninstalling preinstalled apps, you can disable these unnecessary apps that are not in use.

Disabling an app will not completely remove or delete it.

The disabled apps will not be shown on the home screen or in the app widgets.

This is temporary, you can re-enable them whenever you need to reuse the apps.

This step is extremely helpful in increasing android app performance.

NOTE: Disabling the core apps that help to run the Android operating system, may stop working your device. So do it carefully at your own risk.

Turn Off GPS & Maps

Switching off the GPS location service and the map will improve the battery life and Android app performance.

Whenever you go online or access the internet, location service starts processing in the background that leads to a low-performance device.

When your device battery starts dying, the location service is the first thing you should turn off.

It’s better to keep turn off GPS location, whenever it is not in use.

Avoid Installing Heavy Apps & Games

Before you install android apps, it is better to look at the size of the application because heavy space taken-apps occupies a big device storage space.

Every application has a different size, determine if it is really worth downloading.

The apps you install on your Android device, they occupy space of the phone or tablet internal memory and can’t be transferred to an external SD card.

Stop Activating Live Wallpapers

Everyone wants to give a cool look to their smartphone or tablet.

Yes, here I am talking about the live wallpapers. The live wallpapers really look so beautiful and entertaining.

However, the live wallpapers may slow down your Android device performance because it needs more CPU cycles to run.

And, it also drains the battery faster.

Live screen always runs in the background even when you are using any other app. It’s my advice to keep stay with the normal HD wallpapers.

It’ll not only saves the battery life but also boost the android app performance in mobile and tab.

Update Android OS & Applications

It’s always important to keep all software up to date with the latest software and firmware.

Well, I would strongly recommend you to keep update your Android phone and tablet with the latest firmware. A new Android version always brings some great improvements and stability.

Google brings new features and bug fixes to each new release of the Android operating system.

Every new release of Android version includes updates that ensure stability and higher performance speed along with some other cool features.

Like downloading and installing android updates are important, updating installed apps is also important. You should update the installed apps on your android device regularly from Google Play Store.

New updates fix bugs and add extra features in every new release of app version.

Updating your applications increase the android apps performance and lower chances to crash or hang your phone or tablet.

Use Cleaner Master & Android Manager

There are some most popular and recommended apps available on Play Store that claim to keep your Android device always clean and virus free.

These android cleaner or app manager can be a better option to boost your android app performance.

For my personal Android device, I use Clean Master for Android Optimizer, Speed Booster, and Battery Saver.

And my most trusted android security app is CM Security AppLock Antivirus for its outstanding features like App Locker, Hide Private Chats, Private Browsing, App Antivirus, App & System Scanner, and Phone Finder (anti-theft).

Also see: Listen to Someone Phone Conversation Secretly.

Android app performance is not a big challenge.

Just you need to follow these tweaks and make some changes in your android device.

It will definitely increase your mobile or/and tablet speed and will also boost your android app performance.

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Top 5 Free Windows XP Utility Tools for Self PC Maintenance



windows xp utility tools

Windows XP was one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world before it died on April 8, 2018, as Microsoft support for Windows XP has ended. The support for Windows XP ended and will no longer provide security updates or technical support to this operating systems family – Windows NT. After the Windows ME, the Win XP was released with improved hardware support, increased performance and stability.

As of August 2018, the Windows XP is still among the best and popular in many countries. Currently, around 3.06% of computers run Windows XP operating system.

Now, Windows XP installer pack is no more available in the market. However, there are thousands of searches still trending in the Google such as Windows XP 2018, Windows XP recovery, Windows XP update, Windows XP service pack 3, Windows XP download iso, etc.

So, if your one of them who still love Win XP OS, this post is just for you. Here, we are sharing top 5 best and free Windows XP utility tools for self PC maintenance at your home.

Five Best and Free Computer Diagnostic Tools for Windows XP

The Windows XP has a couple of inbuilt free utility tools that can help users to optimize Windows and maintain OS performance easily.

Whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows XP, it doesn’t matter. But computer maintenance and software optimization are always needed time-to-time. Periodically, PC maintenance helps operating system with high-performance computing and increase the processing of Windows.

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Operating system maintenance prevents the system from being crash.

Above all, if you are not familiar with the technical part and having a bit of technical knowledge, you may consider taking support from a computer technician.

So, following are top 5 best Windows XP utility tools to get Windows XP repaired at your home.

#1 Disk Cleanup Utility

The disk cleanup software helps to clean up your system’s hard drive. Use the disk cleanup tool to free up some disk space that is occupied by the temp files, internet cache files, and other unusable programs. It deletes unnecessary files from your Windows computer.

To run Disk Cleanup utility in Win XP, from the Start menu, choose All Program => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Cleanup.

#2 Disk Defragmenter Tool

It is used to restructure the default files on your computer hard disk. Disk Defragmenter consolidates the fragmented files and folders so that every files and folder occupies single, contiguous space on the drive’s volume.

Just like the disk cleanup, it also frees up the volume space. To use disk defragment, you need the administrator access.

Go to Start menu, choose All Program => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Defragmenter.

#3 System Restore Utility

The system restore software is used to rollback the previous changes in the operating system. Whenever the system creates an issue, you can use the System Restore to restate the change on your computer.

The best part of the system restore tool is that it doesn’t affect any personal data in your system. Means, it restores the system without any data loss. You can also roll back the new installed software & application on your Windows XP machine.

To use system restore tool, navigate to Start menu => All Program => Accessories => System Tools => System Restore.

If your machine is not getting started (restart automatically after some time), there are chances for Windows XP corrupt. In this case, you can try to restore Windows previous state.

Follow the steps to Restore Windows –

1. Restart your machine and continuously press the F8 key from the keyboard during the initial startup.

2. Once the Windows Advanced Options menu shows, select the Safe Mode to start the computer in Safe Mode.

3. Select the operating on which you’re facing the problem.

4. On the Windows logon screen, log in with an administrator account (an account that has administrator access).

5. Launch the (CMD) command prompt and run the following command to open the System Restore.


6. Finally, choose a restore point to repair your operating system.

Most of the time, system restoration fix the computer problems by removing any system changes made since the last time you created a restore point.

#4 Windows XP Backup Utility

Regular backups are an essential part of computer maintenance. The backup tool in Windows XP helps you to create a copy of your files, folders and other information stored on your PC hard drive. If your data delete, accidentally, you can use the backup software to restore your damaged and lost data.

The backup tool is not available in the Windows XP Home Edition. However, Windows XP Professional has already installed on it.

To launch the system backup utitliy, go to Start menu => All Program => Accessories => System Tools => Backup.

It will open the Backup or Restore Wizard, use it for backup your files and settings.

#5 Remote Assistance

The Remote Assistance mainly allows sending a request to another system for technical support. Remote assistance software commonly used in the companies and organizations that allow system admin to provide help to other employees through the remote control or desktop sharing.

To enable remote assistance in Windows XP, right-click on My Computer and click Properties. Once the System Properties is open, go to the Remote tab and check the box saying allow remote assistance invitations to be sent from this computer. Finally, click on the Advanced button on the same tab and adjust the settings according to your needs.

It is just like TeamViewer software that helps people to connect systems remotely and shares the desktop screen. To use remote assistance tool, you should have an active internet or/and local network connection.

Hope the list of five best and free Utility tools in Windows XP will be helpful for you for PC maintenance at home. If you like the post, please do comments and share it on social media.

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How to Troubleshoot and Repair your Own Computer at Home

With the help of tech communities and some basic technical knowledge, you can fix a computer yourself at home. Check out this beginner guide for self PC service your desktop and laptop.



computer repair pc service tips

Computers are machines made of electronic parts. It runs with the combination of both software and hardware. If you don’t properly maintain and service your system timely, it may fail to operate. As a result, you may face data loss and other critical errors. If you don’t want to get into the trouble, you should buy AMC (annual computer contract plan) from any of your local computer repair company for periodical maintenance of your machine and operating system optimization. But, in case, you actually want to repair your own computer yourself, here we a few PC service tips for computer repair at home.

There may be a time when you were very frustrated because your computer started troubling you all of a sudden. I also suffered many times with these kinds of PC problems.

However, I always try to fix my computer’s issue myself. If it seems very critical for me to fix, I always call an onsite computer repair technician to troubleshot and solve my computer problems.

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Similarly, with the help of some self-maintenance tips and tweaks, you can also repair PC at your home.

No matters either it is a desktop or laptop, you can perform a self-diagnose for both. Following are some best computer repair tips for a non-technical person.

Useful PC Troubleshooting Tips for PC Service at Home

Below, you’ll see how to troubleshoot and attempt PC service yourself with some common solutions.

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While troubleshooting and repairing a machine, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps wisely. It may be a disaster if you don’t follow the right steps.

How to Fix Windows Errors Messages?

If you are getting any error message continuously, it may happen due to corrupted software or files.

Most of the time, the causes of these errors are virus or malware. If your computer has infected via virus/spyware/malware, you may get the Windows errors and unusual activities in your PC.

The most virus infections are easy to identify as specially designed to access authorized files and folders. Sometimes, the viruses create shortcut in pendrive, hijack the internet browsers, hack a computer, create folder automatically, reveals saved passwords and other computer infections like Adware display fake ads, popup advertising banners, etc.

There can be some other reasons too for those errors like Windows files, corrupted registry keys, temporary internet files, broken applications, and corrupted software files due to an application that was not installed properly.

Solution: First of all, install a genuine and effective antivirus program. Perform a full virus scan. It will move any infective files to the quarantine. Try to fix the issue with the help of technical communities like Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer.

Suppose you are getting any specific error while using the internet or any other application, write the error on a paper and try to find the solution of that error on tech communities.

Online technical communities are quite useful for self-diagnosis and PC service. You may almost find the right solutions there.

How to Fix Software or/and Application Errors?

Getting application errors or not able to use a specific application? There are chances that your computer starts not responding or hangs while you use any particular software.

Extra: Check out an easy way to display custom notice or message on logon screen in Windows.

There can be many possible reasons for application errors like Windows update, error while updating software & Windows OS. The installed software on your computer doesn’t meet the hardware requirements, apps not installed properly, the operating system is infected with the virus, etc.

Solution: Try to troubleshoot the problems by searching the solutions on tech communities – Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer. There may be another possible reason for software issues such as using the pirated software and applications.

In this PC service tips, we always recommend you to use the genuine software only.

Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions

Well, for the computer hardware problems we will not suggest you try any self PC service tip. Never touch any internal computer components or/and parts because it may cause short circuits and other serious incidents.

If you think that any of your hardware component or part is not working properly, leave it. Take support from your local computer repair company. Only an expert can fix hardware related issues.

Solutions: Call the local PC service expert or take your PC to the nearby computer repairing shop. I’m also having lots of technical knowledge, but still, I prefer to take help from a computer repair engineer to the issues related to the computer hardware.

If you are also an IT expert and holding a certified degree in card-level and chip-level repairing, you can try to repair computer hardware yourself.

A Few Best Computer Repair and Maintenace Tips

We all know that prevention is better than cure. So, in order to keep your system up, you should optimize your machine once in 3 months.

Here are some additional PC service tips, you can check out below.

Protect your PC from cyber-threats

The internet world has full of threats like spyware, trojans, viruses, worms, boot sector virus, browser hijacker, ransomware (your personal files are encrypted), etc.

They can steal your personal information and affect the PC performance.

In order to keep a virus free system, always get the latest Windows update, software updates and use a good antivirus program.

Regularly do Disk Defragmentation

It is the process of reducing defragmentation in the system’s files. Whenever you install an application, it stores multiple app files in the computer’s hard drive that doesn’t completely remove even when you uninstall software from your computer.

Defragmentation reduces the amount of fragmentation that makes your system easier work properly.

Remove Unwanted Temporary Files and Software

Open Program and Features and remove all the unused software permanently from your computer. Now type %temp% in the Run dialog box (Windows key+R to open it) and delete the temporary files.

The temporary files and unnecessary application occupy space in your hard drive and slow down the PC.

Further, you can also download the CCleaner to clean and speed up your computer. It is the most popular computer utility app to speed up and optimize your system.

Update Computer Drivers, Software and Operating System

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Windows computer or a computer. You should always keep your operating system and other software updated.

The latest security updates bring bug fixes and protect your computer against vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers and viruses. Install latest security patches to security holes.

That’s all.

Hope our PC services tips for beginners will be proven helpful in preparing a computer machine at home.

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