Ever wondered about colorful rose meanings before gifting roses to someone? Willing to know color roses meanings and their names?

Roses come in different colors & shades and each rose color has a particular meaning that helps people to convey their emotions and thoughts. Everyday people want to express their thoughts through color roses flower, however, they actually don’t know which color of rose represent what.

Colorful roses represent many thoughts without saying even a single word. Today we’ll let you know about rose color meanings.

Red rose is the significance of love and it’s the best choice to express your love, whereas other colors of roses present different thoughts and emotions. Different colors of rose express friendship, romance, love, joy, bereavement, get well and it is also a great way to congratulate someone.

The different roses color express what you want to say to your beloved. It is good to know the symbolic meanings associated with roses.

Colorful Rose Meanings And Their Names

If you don’t know what rose you should choose or gift, then no worries because here we’re going to introduce you to different types of colorful roses and rose meanings. Let’s have a look at below list.


Red Rose – Love & Romance

Red roses meaning ♥ – red color roses say I Love You. There is nothing secret about the red color rose. Red roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love & enduring passion.

Couple of red roses to propose

Everyone look for the red rose on Valentine’s Day to express or propose to their love. A bunch or bouquet of red roses is the most popular all the times which conveys “Be Mine” & “I love you” 😉


Yellow Rose – Friendship, Joy & Caring

Yellow roses meaning – is best recognized for friendship roses flower. Yellow roses proclaim friendship and freedom. Never send a yellow rose, if your intentions are romantic. Yellow roses are also appropriate for sending congratulations to newly-weds, graduates, joy, welcome back, friendship & caring and new mothers.


Pale Pink Rose – Gratitude & Appreciation

Pink rose meanings – symbolize gratitude and appreciation. Pale pink rose color also conveys gentle emotions (admiration, joy & gratitude), and appreciation. People generally use light pink roses to say thanks.


Lilac & Purple Rose – Enchantment & Desire

Lilac & Purple roses meanings – Lilac roses indicate that the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted. A great valentine flower to desire something special. 😉


White Rose – Innocence, Purity & Sympathy

White roses meaning – Pure white rose color means symbolizing truth, purity, spirituality, and innocence. White color rose flower also known as bridal roses and traditional in weddings. It also sends messages “I miss you” & “You’re heavenly”.


Peach Rose –  Elegance and Beauty

Peach rose meanings – Peach color roses speak of appreciation, elegance, beauty, and gratitude. When you seek to express the affection, send some pale peach roses to your beloved.


Orange Rose – Desire, Enthusiasm & Passion

Orange roses meaning – Orange rose color means enthusiasm, passion, and desire on the part of the sender. Orange roses can also be used to express intense desire, pride, and fervor. It also conveys a sense of fascination. If you wish to express admiration and attraction, send a bouquet filled with fiery blooms.


Dead Rose – Breakup, Sadness & End of Relationship

Dead rose meanings – regardless of the original color, dead roses say “It’s over” loud and clear. Giving someone a dead rose means everything is over. Now it’s time to end the relationship and love breakup.

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.

Express your fantasy through the different color of roses. Hope now you got the exact rose meanings. Enjoy and don’t forget to comments below for your loved ones.

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