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Android market is growing very fast and almost everyone wants to have the latest android loaded smart device, either a smartphone or tablet. This is not just because it owned by Google Inc, but because of its best android apps that give a better user experience.

Apps on any smart device make that more interesting and full of features. So download some cool android apps that are available for free and paid for pro version.

There are hundreds of best android apps launches every day. For every app category, there are plenty of choices to pick, however installing all of them is not possible because more and more android apps may slow down your device. It will start hanging or overheating due to lack of RAM, CPU & Memory.

Best Android Apps You Must Have

Well, here we gathered a list of some best android apps you must install. These cool android apps are categorized into security, backup, browser, tool, communication, entertainment. So look for some top selection of best android apps for smartphones and tablets.

1Lookout App – Security and Antivirus

Lookout is the app, where it doesn’t just provide security, it gives the solution to loss, theft of files from your Android phone. It is one of the best essential apps for android.

Lookout promises peace of mind to the android phone. You can avail automatic backup and restore functions from this free app. Premium version has some additional features like backup for call history, pictures and safe browsing.

BONUS If you have lost your device, you can use Android Device Manager to find approximate location on Google Maps, when it was last used. You can also ring, lock and wipe out your device.

Best Android apps
Locating my device using Android Device Manager.

You can use Android Device Manager online, through Android Device Manager app and via android wear device.


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