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Cool Android Apps for Your Smart Devices

Android market is growing very fast and hundred of essential apps for android launching every day. So lets see best apps for your android smart devices.



Android market is growing very fast and almost everyone wants to have the latest android loaded smart device, either a smartphone or tablet. This is not just because it owned by Google Inc, but because of its best android apps that give a better user experience.

Apps on any smart device make that more interesting and full of features. So download some cool android apps that are available for free and paid for pro version.

There are hundreds of best android apps launches every day. For every app category, there are plenty of choices to pick, however installing all of them is not possible because more and more android apps may slow down your device. It will start hanging or overheating due to lack of RAM, CPU & Memory.

Best Android Apps You Must Have

Well, here we gathered a list of some best android apps you must install. These cool android apps are categorized into security, backup, browser, tool, communication, entertainment. So look for some top selection of best android apps for smartphones and tablets.

Lookout App – Security and Antivirus

Lookout logo

Lookout is the app, where it doesn’t just provide security, it gives the solution to lose, theft of files from your Android phone. It is one of the best essential apps for android.

Lookout promises peace of mind to the android phone. You can avail automatic backup and restore functions from this free app. Premium version has some additional features like the backup for call history, pictures, and safe browsing.

BONUS If you have lost your device, you can use Android Device Manager to find the approximate location on Google Maps, when it was last used. You can also ring, lock and wipe out your device.

Best Android apps

Locating my device using Android Device Manager.

You can use Android Device Manager online, through Android Device Manager app and via android wear device.

Go Backup App – GO Backup & Restore Pro

GoBackup logo

Go Backup and restore is an all-in-one application that can backup and restores your data including phone contacts, call logs, messages, installed apps data, as well as data to your SD Card.

The app has numbers of good feature like schedule backup automatically and manual backup and restore. It is also capable of backup data to cloud services.

UC Browser App – Fast Download & Browsing

UC browser logo

UC Browser is one of the most popular internet browser mostly used in mobile phones. It is the fastest web browser I have ever seen. The app supports multi-touch and capable to recognize and navigate using voice commands via supporting via Google Voice Control.

Sunrise Calendar App – Exchange & iCloud


Sunrise is a smart way to access both Facebook and Google Calendar data in one app on your smartphone. It can do the most useful things like you can get the weather reports for each day, able to send a birthday note to your friend, and gives the directions to an event based on the location updates.

LastPass Password Manager App


LastPass keeps your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. The app helps in managing passwords and it also helps to create secure and strong passwords.

LastPass password manager stores logins and passwords securely. It has the feature autofill web browser and app logins, and generate new. Just you need to remember only one password and rest LastPass will do for you.

ES File Explorer Manager App

ES file explorer

ES file explorer has free and full featured file manager for android. The one best thing about the file manager app is it doesn’t integrate with annoying pop-up ads.

ES file explorer app has all basic features that everyone expects to look in a file manager like copy, past, app backup, phone analyzer for harmful apps. The app comes with the feature of Root Explorer, means when you grant ES file explorer root permissions, you can get to access apps core files at the system level.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus App

CM security logo

CM Security is all in one application that offers various good features like antivirus security, app lock, speed booster, temp & junk file cleaner, and more.

  • CM security app has some top features that generally provide a paid android app. Have a look at the points-
  • Fingerprint lock support on latest android devices.
  • AppLock Intruder Selfie. Takes photo who try to unlock your device with the wrong password.
  • Hide notifications from private chats messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram.
  • It has Private Browser that protects your browsing under incognito mode.
  • Call blocking feature that autoblocks spam calls.

The app is one of my favorite application I am using for many years.

TimeTune App – Schedule Daily Routine


TimeTune is the best app for all punctual people who want to do more with their time. Download and install TimeTune Schedule Planner app to increase your productivity. It can help you in improving your daily routine.

Also see: Turn Your Android Clock Time Into a Secret Pin Lock Code.

Make good habits and do everything at the scheduled time. There are numbers of great features provided by this app like time management, create routines on daily, weekly basis, Reminders. You can backup and restore your schedule table to locally and cloud.

Giphy App – All the GIFs

Giphy logo

Install Giphy today, it has the largest library of animated GIF pictures. Giphy for android is simplest and fastest way to search and share GIFs across all your favorite social networks.

Compatible with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Tweet, in an Email. Find the perfect image according to the situation and mood and share that with your dear and near ones while chatting.

Creating a list of best android apps was not an easy task because there are so many opinions on what makes an application is great and useful. I know this list of best android apps is not complete. If you think there is an app that should be listed on this best android apps list, you can let us know via comments below.

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