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How to Turn On or Off & Clear Google Location Reporting Service

Google can track your location and show you on Google Maps and Google Earth, so see how to remove/delete and disable Google location history forever.



Whenever you use a Google service, Google records your location automatically. It doesn’t matter from which location you use that service. Google tracks your GPS location (if you’re on GPS enabled device) & IP location every time when you come online and this can be a problem somewhere. Well, to protect your privacy I wrote this post that can help you to delete and disable Google location history service.

Earlier I have shared how to remove google web history and in this post, you will learn how to clear & enable/disable Google Location History permanently.

In my case, I had never disabled the Google location history and when I had a look at my Google maps location history page, I found this feature very interesting and useful. My location timeline has shown me all location of over the past few weeks. I preferred to keep enabling the Google location history service because it can help me to track my past locations in the future if needed.

But in your case choose is your, you can keep it enabled or you can also turn it off forever. You can also delete the entire Google location history or a limited portion.

Check Google Location History Service

Let’s see whether your Google location history service is enabled or paused (it enabled by default).

google location history

The screenshot is taken from the author’s Location timeline.

To check & clear or disable Google location history, visit Google Maps Location history page. In the bottom of the timeline, you’ll see a box describing that Location History is on or off.

In the left bottom, you can see the most visited places and all the places you’ve been based on your location history. Similarly, you can find Home and Work locations on the right side.

How to Remove & Disable Google Location History?

If you want to remove all location history and prevent storing locations in the future, click on gear icon (right side of the timeline) and choose an appropriate option from Pause Location History (to disable the service), Delete all location history (will clear all saved location history), Manage your personal places (to see and delete Home & Work locations), and Download a copy of all your data.

To directly disable location services, just click on PAUSE LOCATION HISTORY from the timeline. If you’re going to trash all location history, it is recommended to download a copy of all your data.

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By just disabling the Google location history, will not remove your old history. Simply head back to the Google location history page, if you wish to erase the location history for past days.

You have also an option to delete a specific location from your location history. Double click on any of the point shown on the map and a pop-up window will appear showing the details of visited places, now click Trash Bin icon to erase it.

In the confirmation pop-up “This information will be deleted from Google and you will not be able to retrieve it.“, Click on DELETE DAY.

Find for a particular day: Search for the year, month, date in the timeline to get the details of saved places on that particular day. You will see the red dots on the map for where you have been. Just click the red dot to find more details or to delete that location.

How to Turn Google Location History On or Off on Apple iOS?

If you are using an Apple iOS device and want to disable Google location services, simply follow the below steps:

  • Open the Google+ App.
  • Go to the Menu => Locations => Settings.
  • Click on Location Reporting & History.

To disable the service, touch Location Reporting => Do not report and to enable the location service, touch Location Reporting => Report from this device.

How to Enable or Disable Google Location Reporting on Android?

If you are an android user and want to prevent Google from tracking your location, follow these instructions:

  • Touch Apps or Menu.
  • Open Google Settings or Settings.
  • Go to Location => Google Location History (select the google account for which you want to change).

Here you can turn location history on or off for your selected Google account or devices.

To disable location history for all devices associated with your Google account, touch the top switch button. And to disable service for a device only, touch the switch button next to a listed device.

To remove all locations, touch the button DELETE LOCATION HISTORY.

Turn Location History On or Off Online (Computer)

If you’re on the web now or using a computer, go to Activity Controls section of your account.

Sign in to the Google account you want to manage location. After login look for “Places you go“, under the option switch on or off to enable or disable location history. It will be disabled for your all devices and entire Google account associated with that account.

Go to the option MANAGE ACTIVITY to remove all saved locations or any particular place.

Having a query regarding this guide or want to share something important related to Google location history services? You can share your views via comment below.

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