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How to Enjoy Safe And Secure Online Shopping – Security Tips



In the today’s techy generation, the world-wide-web became a most useful utility tool of our life. With the great online services and facilities, the internet also a dangerous place where many people attack by online phishing scams every day. Peoples who are not much aware of the internet security and hackers scams, they easily stuck to online frauds. Well, to help these people, below I am sharing some important security tips to fight with online phishers while you do online shopping – top safety points for a safe and secure online shop.

Online shopping sites have made our lives much easier. Online shop not only save your valuable time, but it also helps users to get the best deals right at their doorsteps.

By offering some couples of great online shopping discount coupons, freebies, speedy delivery, selections, and especially bargains are led more consumers to opt for online shopping in USA, India, UK & other countries.

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Many people still wary of online shopping due to online risk as they are not much aware of online securities. They still having concern for online transactions.

Cases of online phishing increasing day-by-day, however, it does not mean that it cannot be present. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while you do online shopping to ensure that your online transactions always being safe and secure.


Never think to pay your bills on public places or internet cafe.

Security Tips For a Safe And Secure Online Shopping Experience

  • HTTP / HTTPS: While you do online shopping, you should always check whether the URL of the payment page starts with https:// or not. http:// is not secure for online security, however https:// is secure. Always use the web page that begins with https:// as the “S” in the https:// indicate that the webpage is safe for online data transmission.

online shopping httpsAlways ensure that the site has loaded with the https and Secure socket layout (SSL) digital certificate.

  • Secure Socket Layout (SSL): Always use the website that has valid Secure Socket Layout (SSL) digital certificate. SSL digital certificate always points that the website is secure and authorize. To know more information about the certificate, click on the green Lock icon that shows before the https:// text in the URL.
  • Virus & Spyware: Always use a good antivirus and anti-spyware software on your PC with latest virus definition update and an updated internet browser as it prevents unauthorized access to your computer.
  • COD: Always try to refer the online shopping store that offers Cash on Delivery (COD) features.
  • Credit Card: Always use a low credit limit credit card for online shopping as it saves you from a big loss.
  • Cross Check Bank Statement: Periodically check your bank’s credit cards, debit cards or bank statement for unknown transactions. In case you found any unknown activity, immediately contact the concerned authorities.
  • Look Around: Before buying a product, it’s always a best practice that you prefer to cross-check the reviews and feedback comments of any online shopping store with whom you want to shop with.
  • Strong Password: Always remember to create a strong password while registering an account on shopping sites. A strong passcode always has Upper & lower letters, special characters & numbers.
  • Cookies Handling: Never select for remember my password” at the time of login and registration. Do not forget to delete browsing history, cookies and caches from the browser.
  • Track Details: Always keep records of all online order such as order number, transaction number, confirmation number, etc. If possible take the printout of the made transaction for online shopping that contains company’s name, address, phone number and other important information.
  • Phishing Website: Beware of phishing websites and online shopping stores. Never respond to any unknown emails asking for your personal information, even if that email link to your bank account (never share bank credential over the email).

Well, these online security tips will surely help you to enjoy online shopping without any hassle. Remember the above points and enjoy a delightful online experience. Like the post? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives.

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