How to Display Fake CPU Configuration on System Properties


Are you a big fan of computer modification or love to apply the latest computer tricks and tips in your tech life? Well if so, let’s take a fresh next step toward a new computer trick. A guide to alter or change your CPU configuration details like processor’s Model Number & Frequency.

You might be interested in changing the CPU hardware details that look little funny and interesting.

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This is also a good idea to show your friends and relatives about a high-end processor installed on your machine. Surprise your friends by showing them a fake processor in your system.

Well, below you will see how to change CPU configuration details on any Intel-based processor that runs on a Windows operating system. You can add anything in CPU configuration details with the help of Windows registry editor.

It’s a 100% safe and secure way to alter the processor hardware details without any software or application.

Edit the CPU configuration details easily and write anything you want to like your name, slogan, etc.

You can make your processor high costly like Intel core i7 4th generation CPU or too cheaper like Intel Celeron 433 MHz. This trick is just for fun or to prank someone.

How to Alter CPU Configuration Details – Change Model Name & Frequency Trick

The changes made into your CPU hardware will not be permanent. As soon as you reboot your machine, it will revert back to the default processor configuration settings.

As per users feedback; the changes made in processor configuration details in Windows 7 will not be rolled back.

Well, follow below steps to modify CPU configuration info.

  • Go to Start => Run or press Win+R to launch RUN box and type “regedit” without quotes in the run command to open Windows Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the following registry key location.
  • Here you will see “ProcessorNameString“, simply double-click on it.

change cpu configuration details

  • In the Value Data, you will see your default CPU configuration details like shown in the above screenshot. Simply change the default CPU configuration details with the one you want to write.
  • That’s all you need to do. Now just press OK button and check your new CPU configuration details.

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To check machine details like the processor, ram, operating system, etc., you will need to open system properties.

To open computer properties, just press Win key + Pause Break button or right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Here you will see the default or changed CPU configuration details.

Isn’t an interesting trick? Yes, it is. Change your CPU configuration details today and prank your friends by showing them a high-end processor you have installed on your computer. Have fun guys and don’t forget to leave your views about how to display fake Cpu configuration on system properties via comment below.


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