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Top 10 Internet Based Companies in the World

Get the best internet based business ideas through inspire by the top 10 internet companies in the world. See top 10 most Innovative and successful internet based companies in 2014.



Internet based businesses have completely changed human’s lifestyle. If we talk about the most popular & successful internet based companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc, they are usually providing free services to the users but still these online businesses having a bigger profit stature.

You can’t deny the thing that these online companies are the most powerful stuff in present and it’s changing the human mentality. Now people start thinking about a bigger change as compared earlier.

Now not only students but all-aged person are shaking hand with the world’s best technologies.

Well, friends! If you’re still not aware of these online businesses yet, here we shared the top 10 world’s best internet based companies list.

The data was collected with the help of Forbes and Wikipedia for the largest internet companies by their revenue and market capitalization.

Internet Based Companies in the World

Below you’ll see top ten list of world’s largest internet-based companies by their global ranks and monthly unique visitors in 2015.


AmazonInternetBasedCompaniesAmazon is an e-commerce company, which runs and setup by Amazon. The Amazon headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is being preferred as the best bookseller by most of the profitable companies.

Amazon also deals with these products – merchandisers of games, music, electronics, toys, computers, sports, groceries, books, tools, car accessories, & those all things which you think that it not possible to get that on an online shopping store. It has global Alexa rank of #12. Amazon is world’s #1 website in the top ten internet based companies list in the world.


google internet based businessGoogle Inc is the largest Internet-related services and products provider in the world including Search Engine, Cloud Computing, Online Advertising, etc. Google has #1 Alexa ranking for the last five years on the internet. Most of the Google revenue derived from AdWords.

People use to get the best possible results of their searches and seamless information. It also provides services such as software productivity, editing photos, instant messaging, media and much more. Google is world’s #2 online business on the internet based companies list.


tencent internet based companiesTencent was founded by Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhidong in November 1998. Tencent diverse services include e-commerce, online games, social networks, web portals, mobile phone value-added services, advertising, etc. It is one of the largest web portals in China.

Tencent ( is the fifth largest company in the world after Facebook, Google, Amazon, and eBay. It has #7 global Alexa ranking. Tencent is one of the top internet business in the internet-based companies according to market cap.


facebook internet based businessFacebook (FB) is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world and it defeated Orkut and other social networking sites.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of and it was founded in 2004. Facebook has 1.23 billion active users as of December 2013. It has #2 Alexa ranking. Facebook is holding a key position in the list of top internet based companies in the world.


Baidu_internet_based_companiesBaidu is a Chinese web services company and it is pronounced as BY-doo in English. The company was incorporated in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu. Its headquarter located in Beijing, China. Robin Li is the chairman of Baidu. It is another most popular Chinese search engine for websites, images, and audio files. Baidu having #5 Alexa ranking.


Yahoo internet based companiesYahoo is another online service provider like Google. It offers services like Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Answer, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Chat, Advertising, Social Media, etc. Yahoo is one of the most popular websites in the United States. Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. It has #4 Alexa ranking. Yahoo is also holding a key position in the top 10 internet based companies in the USA.


linkedin internet based businessLinkedIn is another social networking site. It is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn launched in 2003 and founded in 2002. It has #8 global Alexa ranking. It has over 277 million users. It’s headquarters located in Mountain View, California, United States. LinkedIn is world’s #7 social site in top ten internet based companies.


twitter internet based companyTwitter is also an online social networking site that allows users to send and read short messages under 140 characters, called tweets. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams. Its headquarter located in San Francisco, California, United States. It has #11 Alexa ranking.


youtube internet based companiesYouTube is a video-sharing site. Users can upload and share videos anytime from anywhere in the world. YouTube founded in 2005 and later it was undertaken by Google in 2006. Peoples use this site to upload their memories, tutorials, information, etc. in the form of videos. It has #3 Alexa ranking. YouTube is one of the top digital media sharing sites in internet based companies.


wikipedia internet based companyWikipedia is an online free encyclopedia portal. It is the best and most lovable web portal for all types of information in almost all languages. Anyone can edit the articles available on Wikipedia and it is maintained and created via public. Wikipedia launched in January 2001 and it has #6 global Alexa ranking. Wikipedia is holding the 10th position in the list of top internet based companies.

Internet based companies are growing very fast and online business is more successful as compared to other offline businesses in the world. Well, here we have shared top 10 internet-based business in the world. Don’t forget to like, follow & subscribe us on our social pages, we really need your support.

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