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Planning to Buy a Computer Machine? Top Things to Consider

Planning to buy a new computer for your home or office? Let’s see how to choose a best computer system that meets your needs from a desktop or a laptop.



Want to buy a new computer for your office or home and getting confused to choose the best computer system that meets your requirements? Well in this post, you will see the guide that will help you to buy a right system according to your needs.

One of our readers has requested us to write on this topic because many people don’t know how to choose the best computer for them.

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When you plan to buy a new machine, it is common to become confused by considering about technical specifications. There might be so many issues at the time of choosing the best computer components or parts for your PC like Ram, Hard Drive, Graphics Card, Operating System, etc.

It completely depends on you whether you want to buy a cheap computer or a high-cost PC. The cost always depends on a computer’s configuration.

If you are looking forward to purchasing the best computer for your general tasks & usage like browsing the internet, sending emails, running small software like PDF reader, Microsoft Office, etc, you should purchase a low configuration system. However, for the high graphics works and for running heavy software or for gaming purposes, you should buy a high configuration desktop computer.

Which Is Best Computer For You – Desktop Or Laptop?

Take a moment to consider some basic things about the best computer system, whether you want to buy a desktop computer or a laptop PC. The choice between a desktop and a laptop totally depends on you as per your lifestyle and needs.

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Desktop: If you use PC so often and works continuously for long hours, you should choose a desktop PC instead of a laptop or a netbook. A desktop PC is always recommended for your long hour usage. The special thing about a desktop is, you have the option to upgrade your system anytime. However, in a laptop, you have just limited option to upgrade.

Laptop: If you roam too frequently from one place to another, you should buy a laptop PC. Laptops are portable that’s why most of the people prefer laptop instead of a heavy desktop machine. You can easily carry your laptop anywhere because of its small size and portability.

Choosing The Right Computer Hardware

Processor: Processing speed does really matter. A processor is just like the brain of a computer. The processor performs all the task from internet browsing to heavy program. The maximum processor capacity provides maximum processing speeds. If you use PC for general tasks like browsing the internet and using small software like words, excel, you can choose a basic processor. However, a superior processor is always required for heavy programs like send emails, video streams, editing, etc. Think deeply because the best processor is always the best computer.

Ram: Ram is a little bit similar to the processor as it also helps to increase the processing. If you use PC for basic tasks, you don’t need to consider about Ram capacity.

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However, if you use the heavy application like Photoshop, AutoCade, high graphical games, etc, then Ram capacity is a big concern. Choose the maximum Ram capacity that compatible with your system’s hardware like 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB.

Hard Drive: Hard drive is used for storing data on your computer like operating system’s files, photos, videos, music, etc. If you use PC for the general task, then 160 GB hard drive is fine for you. However, if you’re a big fan of entertainment and games, you should choose at least minimum 1TB of hard drive.

Graphics Card: Graphics card increases the memory of your computer’s graphics and gives a better look. It also increases the display resolution. The graphics card is basically used for high graphics games, 3D applications and to view High Definition Videos.

Last and final point for the best computer system is an operating system. Now, this all depends on you whether you want to go with an Apple MAC or Microsoft Windows OS.

The apple computers cost too much as compared to other machines, however, they equally provide the best performance. According to my experience, Windows PC is much powerful and it has plenty of other options to do then a MAC PC.

The best computer system does not depend on an OS in case of MAC & Windows because these both OS are much popular and almost every company design programs that are totally compatible with both of these operating systems.

Apple is also the best computer and it is generally preferred for the artists and musicians. MAC is better than a Windows computer in running the content creation programs much more efficiently.

Well, there was the points that need to be considered when looking for the best computer. If you know anything else that should have to be there on the list, please do comment below and help other readers to get the best computer machine.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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