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How to Search Google Images by Exact Size

Google image search engines allow users to search pictures in many ways like by exact size, color, etc. Learn how to find photos by exact size (dimensions).



Google search tools allow users to search images in different ways like exact size, color, type, time, usage rights & more. So let’s see how to find pictures and photos in exact dimensions (resolution) using Google search tools. You can find high definition images, pictures, wallpapers, photos on Google in any size* (subject to availability).

Many internet users don’t know that they can also search images by exact size (example: width x height format {1024×768}).

Well, today I am going to show you how you can use Google search tools to search images by exact dimension. Even you can filter the search results by small, medium, large and extra large sizes.


This method to search images by size is extremely useful for many purposes like preparing a project, writing a blog post, designing a website, etc.

Search Images by Exact Size on Google

To search images by exact size, simply add imagesize:widthxheight right after the search title. Below are the instructions to find photos by exact size.

Go to Google Image Search.

Type the name of the image you want to find following imagesize:widthxheight after a single space (ex- mountains imagesize:1024×768) and hit enter (see the above screenshot).

Once you hit Enter, the system will remove the shortcode from the searched query and will show only the matched size.

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You will get the entire search result of pictures in desired resolution. Try it yourself.

Remember: Don’t forget to add space between search text and imagesize:widthxheight. And, “imagesize” should be written in small letters or else it would not work.

Check the Image Size of Searched Results

Used the above method to search the image by exact size, but still, want to verify the resolution? Go through the following steps to check the sizes of searched pictures.

  1. Go to Google Images.
  2. Search any image you want (ex: elkees media).
  3. Now click the Search tools.
  4. Once you click on Search tools, you will get the different “image searching” options like search image by Size, Color, Type, Time, Usage Rights & More tools.
  5. In the More tools option, click on show sizes.
  6. Now you will see all searched images with their exact dimensions.

Isn’t a useful way to search images by exact size on Google? If you’re aware of any other advanced feature of Google images search like “search by size”, you know what to do!!! Just Comment.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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