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Alternatives to The Popular Web Services

Substitutes for the world’s most popular web services. Find alternatives to the Internet’s sites like GMail, Google, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube.



Why people look for the alternative sites instead of using originals? Because sometimes original increase the terms and policies or doesn’t work as per expectations and also it went off due to high web traffic.

There is a time when the parent just blocked the most used websites on their computer so that their children couldn’t use that particular sites.


Well, here I’m going to introduce you with some best alternative of internet’s most popular websites.

Top 5 Alternative To The Internet’s Most Popular Sites

Below are the top 5 best alternatives to the world’s most popular web services which replace the popular websites that are ranking very high. These sites are offering such a great services better than other websites.

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OUTLOOK.COM – Alternative of ~

  • Unlimited storage and Undelete: We never thought Gmail’s gigabytes of inbox storage would seem insufficient, but that’s a problem with a lot of people these days. Outlook promises that the inbox capacity automatically increases when you need more space.
  • Email aliases: Outlook lets you create email ‘aliases’, such as [email protected], which can be really handy when signing up for a new website. Since your alias can be auto-sorted into its own folder, unsolicited emails won’t mess up your inbox. Additionally, you can choose to delete this alias at any time.
  • Social Networking: Outlook has tight integration with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can chat with Facebook friends with the built-in messenger app.

Best alternative and another medium for emails. – Alternative of  Flickr ~

  • Sell your work: Much like an artist sells his painting, you should be able to sell your photographs. And 500px makes this a lot easier by letting anyone buy an image on the site. The user earns $40 for every canvas print and $2 for a direct download of an HD image.
  • Design & Discoverability: Photography is a visual art, and it should be displayed in a pleasing interface. Flickr has long fallen short of that, but 500px makes up with photographers through daily selections. And then there’s the ‘Flow’ section of the portfolio, which automatically arranges a user’s images by their aesthetic value rather than the upload date.
  • Community: Flickr used to be an amazing community for photo enthusiasts and professionals in the early days, but those glory days are long past. However, 500px is where several professionals are heading after quitting Flickr, so the community is quite robust.

Best alternative and another medium to store images online. – Alternative of ~

  • Zero-Click Info: Search for any item and DuckDuckGo will give you a quick summary by collating information from different sources. So if you were searching for a movie, it will grab information from IMDB, Wikipedia and maybe even a booking site to give you relevant results.
  • !bang: A feature that DuckDuckGo users swear by, !bang is a shortcut to let you search within your intended site. For example, if you want to search for the word ‘Coalgate’ on Facebook, just type! Facebook Coalgate in the search box and you’ll directly be taken to Facebook’s search result for the term.
  • Privacy: Google is seen as the big bad villain when it comes to mining for your personal information on the internet. DuckDuckGo goes the other way by not collecting any data about you, as well as not sending your private data to the sites yo click on.

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Another best alternative and medium of the search engine.

~ Google+ [PLUS.GOOGLE.COM] – Alternative of Facebook ~

  • Hangouts: Perhaps the killer feature of Google+ is Hangouts, the real-time group video chat platform. Whether you’re on the phone or using a computer, you can quickly set up a Hangout with up to 10 friends. ‘Live Hangout Stream’ lets you broadcast a live event to the whole world.
  • Explore: Facebook puts you in touch with your own friends, but it doesn’t really let you discover people beyond that. Google + comes with an Explore section that collates the top post that you may be interested in, based on an analysis of your profile. Not only does this feature let you find new interesting people, but it also keeps you abreast of the latest happenings in news through the trending the trending topics.
  • Event & Photos: If you are hosting a party or function, you can make an Event page for it. The cool part, though, is that anyone attending it can upload their photos to the Event page in real-time, or at a later date. You get one page with pictures from everyone who clicked them at the event, and Google+ can even create a fun little slideshow video out of them.

Great alternative and best medium to get connected with friends and colleagues.

VIMEO.COM – Alternative of ~

  • Finding Quality: Finding an interesting video on YouTube is the proverbial needle in a haystack. Vimeo makes this much easier with the several ‘channels’ it has – started by users themselves – which curate coo videos from other users.
  • Unlimited Runtime: In the free account, YouTube restricts the user to a maximum runtime of 15 minutes per video. So if you have anything longer, you need to split it before uploading.
  • Download it: When you come across a cool video, Vimeo allows you to simply download it for future consumption. There’s no need to fire up some fancy third-party downloader like with YouTube.

Well, these are best alternative websites and extremely useful social service providers. Give it a try to the best internet’s alternatives and share your views via comment below.

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