How to Remove All Google Web History

Google automatically stores all web history all the time, whatever you do on Google. If you want to delete your web history, see this guide to clear Google search history from your account.


Most of you already aware that Google keeps all the activities whatever a user does activities on Google site. Google is pretty smarter in case of tracking and storing the details and usage history. Google gain access to store the usage history that you perform after log into your Google account. It does not matter which Google service or product you are using, once you sign into your Google account to use the Google services, Google search history will be automatically stored by default.

Well If you think that privacy is the biggest concern for you, you can clean up your past Google search history following the below method.

The Google keeps the records of Google web history for the security reasons and to use this information in the future, in case of need.


The Google web history includes your locations, interest, religious views, age, and other important information. Google search history contains all your personal and sensitive information that can be easily revealed by anyone if your account hacked.

Well, in this post you will learn how to revoke from all the stored history on your Google account, see below how to clear all your Google search history to protect your personal information from an unforeseen eventuality.

How to Clear Google Search History

Before move further, please note that removing the Google search history will delete your data permanently and cannot be restored in the future.

Google search history keeps a lot of useful information about your activities that help you to find what you are looking for faster. It gives you the access to see the web pages you have visited in the past. So think twice before making your decision. This information can be important for you if you are a power user and love to get things done quickly.

If you still wish to erase all your Google search history, you can go ahead. You will also find an option to delete some individual items so that you won’t lose everything.

1. Visit Google History page at or you can click the Gear icon in the top right corner of a search results page, then click on Web History (If you are not logged in, it will redirect you to the login page, simply log in with your existing Google account).

2. Again click on Gear icon, and then go to Settings.

3. Now click on the delete all URL, you will be prompted for a confirmation message, again click on Delete all, and then your entire search history will be gone.


4. You can also Turn off the Google search history to stop Google from storing your search history in future.

Alternatively, you can also surf the web anonymously in the Private Window (Mozilla) or Incognito mode (Chrome). Whatever you view in the Incognito Window, it will not store anything in your browser’s history, cookie store even after you have closed all your incognito tabs.

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