Easy Way to Check Username Availability in Bulk

Now you can check username availability in bulk over hundreds of websites online for a unique username and domain name availability for domain registration.


Looking for a unique username for your online accounts or a domain name registration? Go through some most popular web apps to check username availability automatically. The NameChk & Knowem are best online tools that help people to check username availability in bulk over hundreds of websites.

You can check your brand user-id or name availability over 500 websites such as Blogger, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eBay, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.

If you are a new internet player and want to use your one username on multiple websites, then these username and domain name checking tools will surely help you to get the one for you.

When it comes to making a long-term online business, a brand or a social media campaign, we not only check domain name availability but also look for brand name availability on social media sites.

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We all know that it’s pretty hard to search all website for that particular username one by one, however below useful online apps can help to find out the username availability on a single web page.

Well, while researching on a project, I found these two web-based online apps to check username availability. After checking its services, I found it very useful and decided to share the utilities with our readers.

So give it a try by which you can easily check username availability at once. You don’t need to register yourself to use the service, until and unless the free limitations.

Check Username Availability in Bulk – NameChk

Just visit on NameChk web-app to check username availability and type your desired username that you want to search and click on chk button.

As soon as you click on search button, the namechk app will start searching your username on over 157 websites and will also show you the available domain names related to your username. Once it’s finished searching your username, you will get all results like shown in below picture.

check username availabilityThe NameChk instantly shows the available username on popular sites including available domains. By default the system just shows limited results of available usernames, however, you can click on “Show All (157)” link right below the search field to view the complete list of available usernames.

Like the services? NameChk is also available for iOS users, Free download NameChk app from App Store.

Automatically Check Username Availability – Knowem

Knowem is another web-based tool that offers users to look over 575 popular social media networks. You are probably not interested in all 575 sites, but whatever you’re interested in like blogging, business, photo, video, news, tech, community, information, etc – you can quickly search your desired username.

So have a look at Knowem services and secure your brand username across the social web.

check-username-availability-knowemIf you’are serious about your online presence on social media and want to claim your username on popular social networks, either you can create an account on each social site one by one or you can buy the KnowEm premium plan for social media branding and profile creation services.

If you think you can register the social accounts yourself, just click on “Available” link just after the social logo/icon in the search result. It will directly take you to the signup page of that particular social site.

The best feature of Knowem is that you can check username availability on the category basis. Suppose you’re a blogger and just want to sign up for blogging related Web2.0 properties and social networks, you can check username availability in Blogging category in a single click.

Similarly, if you want to check domain name availability, just look under the Domains category.

Isn’t an extremely useful tool to check if the username is available to take? Hope you like the above methods to check username availability quickly and easily. Share your experience about these username lookup tools via comments below and don’t forget to share it on your social profiles.

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