Free Tools to Manage Windows Files Easily & Quickly

Check out some best free tools to manage the Windows files and folders on your PC. Easily manage entire systems files using file management software, etc.


You may think that managing files and folders on a Windows PC is an easy task but my friend it’s not in actuality. If you don’t handle it properly, it may create lots of mess with your Windows files or folders. It’s very tough job to manage Windows files and folders and keep your stuff safe. But you can make it easy to manage such PC files using the free tools that work like a Windows file manager software.

Microsoft has plenty of inbuilt free utilities that are very useful for managing disks and system files similar to Windows file manager app, but just in-case if you’re looking for the best third-party alternatives.

Image Credit: Indiatimes
Image Credit: Indiatimes

Well, below I’m going to let you know about some best tools to manage Windows files easily and quickly. Just download these tools for free and use it without any cost.

Windows File Manager – Free Tools to Manage PC Files & Folders

Here are the free apps that work better than a Windows file manager software. Let’s have a look.

Everything – Instant Search

Install Everything Search Engine on your PC, it indexes the entire contents on your computer’s hard drive and makes a better search for your Windows files and folders instantly. To search, simply type the name of the file you want to search, and the software will search the items super fast – a good Windows file manager tool.

Copy Changed Files – Smart Backup

The Copy Changed Files routinely backup your Windows files to an external hard drive. This tool allows you manage Windows files in future, in-case windows crash. You can restore the entire data from the backed up files quickly.

CCleaner – PC Optimization & Cleaning

Sometimes you have duplicate folders and files on your hard drive, and it occupies too much space, so to handle this you can free download CCleaner and install it on your PC. It has a pretty good feature of file finder that searches for duplicate files.

CCleaner has many other features like temp, history, cookies cleaner, fix registry issues, Drive Wiper, Startup utility, System Restore, etc. This is my best Windows file manager software that helps me to make a faster computer.

Recuva – Recover Deleted Data

Have you deleted a file mistakenly? Unfortunately, there’s no Undo button for that. But Recuva can help you to recover deleted files from hard drive easily.

EncryptOnClick – Secure Files

Everyone has the personal data on their system and it is most important thing to keep your data protected from greedy eyes. The EncryptOnClick helps you to secure data on your machine. Simply start the program and select the file or the folder that you want to protect, key in a password and you’re done. Now no one can access the data without the password.

TeraCopy – Better File Copy

The default copy system in Windows is seriously gruesome – it’s pretty slow for copying the large files. But you can download TeraCopy software that has a faster copying system with lots more another feature including pause, resume, stop. It’s fast, reliable and it shows you the complete process while copying files.

In case of data error, TeraCopy skips the data causing error and copies the rest of the files. You just have to install this software and it will automatically replace the Windows default copy tool. This is another extremely useful Windows file manager app for copy data.

Here I have shared my best-known utility tools for Windows PC to manage Windows files more easily. Well! what is your favorite Windows file manager software? Let us know via comment below.

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