Most Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners

Increase your work efficiency with some useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts keys. Here are the list of hot keys for Ubuntu operating system that can help you to work more user-friendly.


Want to improve your work proficiency on Linux or Ubuntu PC. Well, in this post I am going to share 17 most useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts for beginners.

Ubuntu operating system is one of the most popular and widely used Linux distributions in the world; for those users who are not pretty familiar with Linux. Ubuntu (Linux) is an open source operating system, however MS Windows OS is paid, so instead of spending too much amount on Microsoft, people prefer to use Ubuntu OS.

You are free to use Ubuntu operating system in all the ways like make a copy, distribute to your friends, colleagues, etc.

ubuntu keyboard shortcuts

Well here I am sharing some useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts for new users. This list of hot keys may help them in using desktop & application more efficiently, easily and quickly.

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Now here are the list of most useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts for fresh users.

Most Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + Tab : If you are working on more than one explorer windows, this shortcut key can help in Switching between multiple windows.

Alt + F4 : Instead of taking the mouse cursor to the corner of window, just use this hot key to Close the current window quickly.

Alt + F2 : Want to Quickly access command window, this short key can help you.

Alt + ` : Switch between windows from same application.

Ctrl + Win + D : Show desktop or hide all open windows at once. To restore press again.

Win + S : Enable the workspace switch and zoom all workspaces.

Win + W : Activate “Expo” mode. Show all windows from current workspace.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete : Want to log in with another user? Use this hotkey to Log out from current user easily.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Arrow keys : Move the current window to a different workspace.

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow key : This can help you in Switching between workspaces.

Ctrl + Alt + L : Want to take a short break? Use your fingers and press Ctrl+Alt+L to Lock the screen instantly.

Print Screen : This shortcut keys are helpful in taking a screenshot of current appearance.

Ctrl + A : Want to move, copy or delete items? Use this to Select all text or items.

Ctrl + X : Cut selected text or items & place it on the clipboard.

Ctrl + C : Similar like MS windows action, use this keys to Copy selected text or items.

Ctrl + V : There are something on your clip board? Use this to Paste the content.

Ctrl + Z : Did something wrong or taken the wrong decision? Undo the last action.

The above list of 17 Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts are most popular and general used shortcuts keys, these hotkeys are required to perform your work more quickly and easily.

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Look upon below embedded Google doc file of Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts list.

Hope you have found these Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts extremely helpful. If you think there is a important hotkey that I have missed to mention, please share with us via comment.

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