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McAfee Antivirus Plus Free Download for 6 Months

McAfee Antivirus Plus has everything to keep your computer save from internet virus and malware attacks. Here is a guide to free download McAfee antivirus plus 2015 full version with 6 months license key.



Looking for a free virus protection software? Want to try McAfee antivirus plus 2017 before purchasing the paid version or just wish go with only trials every-time? Well, reasons could be anything, but here you can get the original McAfee antivirus plus full version with 6 month license key.

You can free download McAfee antivirus plus with license key directly from McAfee official site. This is not a cracked setup or does not contain any patch/crack or trick that mostly used to activate the free versions.

This is an exclusive offer by Facebook for 6-month complimentary subscription of McAfee Antivirus Plus.

This is an original McAfee antivirus program for 180 days. So secure your computer today from online threats including virus, spyware and malware attacks. The antivirus software has all major features that generally included in paid antivirus such as Firewall, data and online transaction protection, protection from hackers and much more.

McAfee antivirus software free download as it’s a limited time offer and can stop anytime. McAfee antivirus plus is only available for McAfee Facebook fan page likes, but you can also download it for your computer by directly using the Facebook affiliate link for McAfee promotion.

Well before downloading the McAfee antivirus plus on your PC, have a look at some McAfee antivirus features.

Key Features of McAfee Antivirus Plus

Virus and Spyware Protection: The virus and spyware protection includes real-time scanning that protects your computer from real-time threats. In this feature, you can perform a quick, full or custom scan to eliminate viruses, spyware and other infected threats on your PC.

Web and Email Protection: This protection includes Firewall and SiteAdvisor. McAfee Firewall protects your PC from hackers who can hijack or steal personal data from your PC. However, McAfee SiteAdvisor provides website rating feature that shows the spam/infection marks. This feature tells you that the site you are visiting is safe or not.

Data Protection: This feature includes McAfee Shredder that let you permanently remove the files that may contain sensitive information so that no one can recover them in future.

McAfee Updates: Using this feature, you can set the permission on how often the program should check for updates.

PC and Home Network Tools: The PC and home network tools include the most required features – My Home Network, Quick Clean, and Vulnerability Scanner.

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McAfee My Home Network allows you to see what devices and PCs are using your network and lets you fix security issues related to suspicious devices. McAfee QuickClean allows you to clean up your computer’s temp, unnecessary and obsolete files that increase the system performance. McAfee Vulnerability Scanner scans and displays the outdated files and updates and lets you install the latest software updates for your programs and Windows that keep your PC up to date.

Free Download McAfee Antivirus Plus 2017 With License Key

McAfee antivirus free download for Windows 7, Win 8.1, Win 10 and even for outdated Windows XP. If you really like this virus protection software, you can free download McAfee antivirus plus.

Just walk through the following step by step instructions to install McAfee antivirus plus. This free virus protection software contains everything to stay safe in the world of internet. So let’s see how to free download McAfee antivirus plus 2017 full version with a 6-month license that worth a $19.99 value.

McAfee antivirus plus 2017 free download by using this – Facebook affiliate link. When the page has been loaded completely, you will see something like below screenshot:

mcafee antivirus plus

The customised screenshot was taken while availing this offer on McAfee official site.

Simply choose the 6 months subscription plan and click on Download Now. Once you click on download button, it will redirect you to the McAfee login page.

Now you need to register a free account on McAfee official website. As soon as your McAfee account is created, you will get your McAfee antivirus software. Simply download McAfee free antivirus setup and install it on your machine.

Account Verification: Sign into your email account that you have registered in McAfee registration and activate your McAfee account by simply click on the activation link. The activation link is sent by McAfee in the confirmation email.

NOTE The free McAfee antivirus plus is available for new users only. If you are an existing user of McAfee, we suggest you create a new account on McAfee (use email ID that had never used on McAfee).

Luckily I have got this free 6 month trial of McAfee antivirus plus for my computer and hope you’re also getting it without any hassle. Please keep me updated via comment below, whether this is working for you or not.

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