Make Unlimited Free International Calls to Mobiles/Landlines

Want to make unlimited free international calling? Install free international calling apps on your Android and iOS smartphones and start making unlimited free international calls directly from your mobile.


There are so many online services, tools, and Android / iOS apps available on the market which claim to unlimited free international calls offers or/and conference calling in any country, however, most of them are fake or costs so high. And, if there is any genuine service available for making free international calls on mobile or/and landline, they only provide free calls for 60 to 120 minutes only. Once the free calling time limit finished, the company asks to purchase some credit or upgrade to PRO to become paid members via subscribing their calling plans to make unlimited international calling either through a mobile or desktop.

To make unlimited free international calls directly on phones, only possible under some promotional campaigns or smartphone apps that generally earn revenue via embedding advertisement in apps using Adsense or other advertising agencies.

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Earlier making free international calls were only possible by a computer, these international calling services providers don’t have the smartphone apps that can allow making free international calls right from a hand-held device. Earlier, a headphone with mic feature was always required to make & receive a call from PC.

However, the time has changed. Now today is the generation of smartphones and everyone love to carry one.

Well, here I am introducing you with some extremely useful mobile phone apps that can help you to make free international calls from mobile to landline or phones – directly from your Android and iPhone devices. These apps give you the freedom to make free international calls without any limits & restrictions.

How to Make Free International Calls Using Crowd Call App

Learn how to install and use the Crowd Call App on your smart phone. Just follow the given instructions.

1. Search Crowd Call APK latest version on Google Play Store (Android app) or Crowd Call iOS app on App Store (iPhone app).

2. Run the CrowdCall app and enter the details, ex: your contact number.

3. Now enter the caller contact number (whom you want to make free international calls anywhere in the world) and press the green calling button.

4. Within a couple of seconds, you will get a call back from an international number. Simply pick up the call and press 1 and wait for few seconds. Within 10-20 seconds CROWDCALL will connect your call with the person you want to talk with.

This trick is 100% working to make unlimited free international calls in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and rest of the world – Crowd call app allows to make free calls in over 40 countries.

Note: CrowdCall only allows to make 1 call last for 1 hour, hence you can just call 10 times after a small period of 1-hour interval. You can connect 2 people for instant group calling or international conference calls. No International Calling Cards Required. No Dial-in or Pins Required. No Paid Memberships.

Make Free International Calls Using VoIP Service Providers

Here are some most popular VoIP service providers that offer free international calling service using their mobile phone apps.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that transmits voice communications and multimedia data over Internet Protocol (IP). It sometimes also called broadband phone service, internet telephony, and IP telephony service.

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Well, look at some popular mobile apps to make free international calls and these applications are capable to work with your 3G / 4G or WiFi network.

Google Talk – Google launched Google Talk for video and voice chat on an Android device. This is a free VoIP telephony service by Google and allows video and voice chat on smartphones.

You can chat with your family, friends, co-workers and especially with your lover – Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Yeah, it’s real, I am not kidding you, buddy. Google Talk works great on Mobile phones and even on your computer. To make free international calls, make sure the contacts are in your Google contact list and they are available on chat.

Skype – You can talk on a mobile, tablet or computer/laptop by using Skype app. It’s another free service of VoIP telephony offering by Microsoft. Skype supports voice calls, video, and instant messaging chats.

The person you wish to make free calls must be registered on Skype and available online. The call quality is awesome on WiFi / 4G and 3G networks. Just download Skype for free and start making free international calls anywhere. This is a most popular software and widely used in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Gulf Countries.

Viber – This is also an Android app and supports free phone calls and text, however it doesn’t support video calling. Viber has some tremendous features like free text, calls, and photo & locations sharing service in any country in the world.

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The app is free and there are no subscription charges. However, you may need to pay data charges as per your telecom operator or broadband service provider. Again the person you want to contact with must be using Viber. Viber automatically syncs all your saved contact and quickly show you who is on Viber from your phone book.

WhatsApp – If you are using WhatsApp, then it may be a good news for you as WhatsApp mobile app has introduced the free voice calling and Video calling feature in November 2016.

Important: To make free international video calling, your phone must have a secondary or front camera or webcam on your machine.

Not using any smartphone? No worries, you can use Android Apps right on your Windows computer using App Player – BlueStacks Android Emulator, but a headphone with inbuilt mic will be needed to listen & speak.

These are a time as well as money-saving apps, so give it a try. Are you using any other web app or tool to make free international calls to phone/landline or directly desktop to desktop? Share the details with us and about the experience you had from free calls service via comments.

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