Download Standalone Google Chrome – Latest Version

Unable to install Google chrome online installer due to slow internet connection. Learn how to download Google chrome offline installer for Windows, Apple MAC & Linux - standalone setup file latest and full version.


Google Chrome Offline Installer Guide – We are very much aware that Google Chrome is one of the best and fastest web browser developed by Google Inc. Chrome is a freeware internet web browser that originated from an open source software project by Google called Chromium and Chromium OS.

Google chrome internet browser is available for multiple platforms including Windows Computers, Android Mobile Phones, etc. Well, many people having the issue with its online installer that performs to download and install the chrome browser simultaneously, so in this article, I am sharing some official links to download Google Chrome Offline Installer for your devices – A standalone setup installer file.


Google Chrome has many exciting features including high security that attract more users to explore the world through chrome like Sign in feature to synchronize your personal stuff with all your devices.  You can sign into Google Chrome to get your browsing history, bookmarks, apps, extensions, settings, themes, auto-fill data, saved passwords, etc on all your devices.

Whatever you update on one device, it will be automatically updated on other devices. It’s a cool feature to keep your chrome stuff safe in case anything happened to your machine.

Well, today I will show you how to download Google Chrome Offline Installer (full version) directly on your PC so that you can install it anytime on any computer.

Google Chrome Offline Installer Download

Why should you go for Google chrome offline installer? It could be any reason like you have a slow speed internet connection or any other reason that you know very well that’s why you are here on this article to download Google chrome standalone setup file.

You can easily download this Google chrome offline installer from anywhere like an internet cafe, your neighbor’s house or your friend’s house who have a high-speed internet connection. Later on, you can install it on your computer. These are latest and full version official download links for Chrome, so you will be able to download Google Chrome full version right on your hard drive.

Google Chrome Standalone Installer for Windows

Use following links to download Google chrome offline installer full version for Windows computer

1. Download Chrome Offline Installer for Single User.

2. Download Chrome Offline Installer for All Users on your PC.

Single user Google chrome offline installer will only work on which user account chrome is installed. However, the second installer is for all users or multi-users on your machine.

Google Chrome Standalone Installer for Linux

If you are using a Linux operating system, you can download chrome standalone setup for Linux.

Download Chrome Offline Installer for Linux machine. This is a full chrome installer for offline installs

Google Chrome Standalone Installer for MAC

For Apple MAC computers, use below link to download chrome directly from Google.

Download Chrome Offline Installer for Apple MAC systems.

Just click on above download links to download chrome full version and install it later on any machine without using internet connection. Just click on download button, it will start downloading the Google chrome offline installer on your computer.

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