Find out What WordPress Theme & Plugins a Site is Using

Which WordPress theme is being used by a blog/website? Check out some web-apps and tweaks to find out the developer company or/and author of WordPress themes and plugins.


If you ever hit on a WordPress website and wondered about the designs, layout, color schemes and plugins of that WordPress theme, proactively a question might put up on your mind that what WordPress theme is that? Which WordPress theme is being used by this blog?

Well here I am sharing some tricks and web-based tools that may help you to know about the author and developer of any WordPress theme and plugin.


I can understand that how it’s difficult to select the right theme for your blog, with plenty of features; it is pretty hard to choose the best one for you. If you will do Google to find the best WordPress themes for your blog, you will get confused with number of recommendations and your search for the perfect WordPress theme will never stop.

Well, if you like someone’s blog theme and want to purchase that WordPress theme for your blog, but don’t have the author or developer details, don’t worry below are the ways to find out which WordPress theme is being used by a site.

WordPress is being used by more than 60 million websites – WikiPedia

WordPress is an open-source software based on PHP Scripts & MySql database and it is 100% free to use. Without any restrictions (except author credit/source), anyone can customize its designs and plugins. Even you can use WordPress for your personal as well as professional purposes. That’s why WordPress recommends by most of the bloggers.

For the newbie bloggers; it’s extremely hard to know whether a website is using WordPress or any other CMS platform, if there is no theme credit in the site footer. Well, here are the various ways to find out which WordPress theme is being used. Let’s have a look.

Find Which WordPress Theme a Blog is Using – Web-Based Tools

WhatWPThemeIsThat and WPThemeDetector are the third party web-apps that help peoples to lookout the details of any WordPress theme and plugins. By using this tool, you can easily find out the basic details of WordPress template like Theme Name, Theme Homepage, Author Name, License, Plugins, etc.

Just you need to type the website’s URL in the box and click on search button. The system will automatically detect the details of WordPress theme and will display below the search bar.

Fact: This tool collects WordPress’s theme information from template’s stylesheet (CSS) file and also hunts out the plugin details in the same manner. If someone has customized their theme or using pre-customized WordPress template, then this tool will not help you to identify the theme.

Find WordPress Theme of a Website Using the Source Code

This is an alternative method to find out the details of a WP theme used by a website or blog. Just you need to head over source code of the website.

1. Right click on the website and View page source or press Ctrl + U to open source codes.

2. Press Ctrl + F and find the word themes.

3. Here you will see many search results, look the link that look like:


In the above screenshot, you are seeing “ElkeesMedia” as a theme name because this is a customized theme I am using. To search the more details about the found theme, just you need to perform a search in Google.

You can also look into the theme .css file, WordPress theme developers add author and template details in the beginning of stylesheet.

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Sometimes blog owner removes the credit details or/and change the information from the CSS file that made it hard to determine a theme. It’s may be a hard luck for you.

Note: To find the WordPress plugins using source code, follow the same procedure shown above just search plugins in the search instead of themes.

Not a WordPress? Find out What CMS a Site is Using – Chrome Extension

Hmm! this can also happens when you expect that the blog may be using a WordPress theme, but unfortunately you found that is not a WordPress site. It is using any other CMS blogging software.

Well, in this case Appspector can be extremely useful for you. It’s a chrome extension and able to detect more than 100 popular CMS and JavaScript libraries.

Download and install this extension in your chrome browser and find out which CMS a blog or website is using.

I think I have covered almost best possible methods that can help you to find out which WordPress theme and plugins is being used by a website or blog. If you think you have a better idea, you can comments below.

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