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Block Facebook Games & Apps Invites from Friends

Do you hate getting games and apps invites from friends requesting you to install? Learn how to block Facebook application requests permanently.



Are you looking for a simple solution to permanently block Facebook application requests? You may frustrate when some of your friends invite you to install Facebook apps and games which you are not interested in.

If you’ve tired seeing all those annoying Facebook application requests from your friends and want to restrict such games invites and apps request, then below guide will help you to get rid of Facebook application requests forever without any hack and trick.

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Installing such unknown Facebook apps may danger for your Facebook account. Sometimes these Facebook applications post messages on your wall without your permission. So never give access to any third-party Facebook apps to your account.

If you prefer to use the Facebook social network for just purpose to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues and having no interest in FB apps, then you can think to permanently opt-out the Facebook apps platform.


Via disabling the Facebook apps platform, you can make your Facebook profile more secure and safe. Thereafter, you will not receive any Facebook game and app invitation in future from any person on Facebook.

How to Block Facebook Application Requests & Game Invites from Your friends

To disable the Facebook application invites, simply log into your Facebook Account, then click on Privacy Settings under the Account tab and under Application and Website section, click on “Edit your settings”. Here you will get an option to turn off all Facebook application platform.

Note: Turning off the Facebook Application platform, will also disable the other social plugins that help users to “Like” stories on other web portals.

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Click here to see all past app invitations sent by your Facebook friends. You can also decide to choose the apps you may like on this page.

Of course, you change your mind in the future and can turn on the Facebook Application Platform back.

Hope your Facebook application requests concern has been resolved. Now you’ll not receive any spammy app invitation from your Facebook friends. Thanks to Mr. Amit Agarwal to share such a nice tutorial at labnol.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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