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Check Pen Drive/Memory Card is Original or Fake

Now you can check if your pen drive is fake or original. You can also check a memory card to avoid purchasing a fake or duplicate data storage devices.



Nowadays, the data storage media such as pen drive, memory card, hard drive became the most useful thing to carry our digital data from one place to another. The removable drives are also much useful in backing up or/and transferring the data from either desktop to laptop or any electronic device.

There are plenty of online shops (eCommerce businesses) on the market sells cheap accessories and peripherals like flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc. But what about the guarantee of quality of that product? Are these USB devices are original?

Well, when the demands are high, there are chances to delivered a fake or duplicate product. There are so many markets in Delhi, India where sellers sell fake pen drives like in Chor Bazaar at Old Lal Quila, Palika market at Connaught Place, Gaffar market at Karol Bagh.

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So it’s extremely important to identify a pen drive or memory card whether it’s original or duplicate/fake. About 70% of USB removal disks are duplicate which sold in local markets.

We are advising you to not buy any product from unauthorized shops or a person. Always ask the seller to provide the original invoice with the TIN (sales tax identification number) number.

Check If a Pen Drive, Memory Card or USB Hard Drive is Fake or Original

Well, below I’m going to let you know that how you can check or recognize a fake or duplicate flash drive using a small utility app.


Follow the step by step process to quickly test a pen drive or memory card.

  1. Download file and extract or unpack the file to your desired location or desktop, you will get a file – H2testw.exe
  2. Run the file by double click on H2testw to start the application.
  3. Select the English language, and then click on the select target. Now choose memory card or pen drive. Make sure that your pen drive is formatted before checking via H2testw.
  4. Remember to select – Data Volume “all available space“.
  5. Now simply click on Write + Verify and wait until the process completion. It may take some time as per your pen drive or memory card size.

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When it finished verifying, it will show messages “complete without any errors”. It means H2testw was unable to find any error and the pen drive or memory card is genuine. If H2testw find any error, then your pen drive/memory card is duplicate or fake or it has some issue.

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