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Benefits of Rooting An Android Phone & Tablet

What are the benefits of rooting android phone or tablet? Learn more about phone root – a guide that will help you to clear all your rooting doubts.



If you are an Android user and keep on looking for more Android tricks and apps than you might have heard about Android Rooting. Android root is just like jailbreaking, means unlocking the operating system.

After rooting an android phone, you can install unapproved apps, replace the firmware, update to the latest Android OS without any restrictions, overclock or underclock the processor and other more things can happen by rooting an Android device.

benefits android rooting

Many mobile hardware manufacturers restrict the Android operating systems from being any core changes. Samsung never allows users to download and install unapproved apps, whereas Motorola or HTC device users don’t want inbuilt virtual keyboards in their devices.

So now you don’t need to compromise with your existing features you’re getting on your android devices. Below are the top reasons your android tablet, or phone.

Benefits of Rooting Android Phone / Tablet

There are lots of benefits of root android phone. Rooting Android device will allow users to get all the following benefits. Below are some most popular reasons that attract people to root their Android devices.

Custom ROMs: Custom ROMs gives access to users to change the interface of their Android phones and tablets completely. However, the default Android interface is not pretty bad. The custom ROMs gives your Android phone or tablets more cool look. Custom ROMs will give users the free-form usability of popular custom ROMs like MIUI or CyanogenMod.

Full Control: Rooting the device allows the user to have full control over the system. Without Android rooting you cannot change anything beyond the limits, however, after rooting the phone you can change or edit the essential system files and other system’s data. You can even edit the core files of the system, install unapproved apps and themes, execute commands, etc.

Unapproved Apps: There are so many cool Android apps available in the market, but these apps can only install on a rooted android device. Many of these Android apps are extremely cool like AdFree. The AdFree app blocks all advertisements that display on your smartphones or tablets and blocking these ads are really important as these ads consume your internet data. There are many more cool apps available for the rooted Android device.

Install Apps on SD Card: Every Android device has some limitation of internal ROM (memory) and when you love apps, you need more and more space to install these apps. An Android device does not allow users to install apps on a memory card, but after rooting your device, you can easily install apps on your SD Card. It also opens the door to increase internal memory.

Virtual Keyboard: If you are not comfortable to use your device’s inbuilt virtual keyboards, then rooting your android can fix this issue. Other virtual keyboards for Android devices are available on the internet. Root Android device today to install other nice virtual keyboards on your phones or tablets.

Better Performance: Root your Android devices for the fastest performance. Many Android devices have some limitation of Ram usage, luckily rooting an Android device breaks this limitation. You can use custom Rom to increase the processing speed for your Android devices that will help you in faster internet browsing, faster apps processing and other sorts of performance.

Long Life Battery: Are you disappointed with the battery performance of your Android phone or tablet? No worry. Root your Android device to increase the battery life of your phone or tablet without any sacrifice with the apps and performance. You can use apps that help you to maximize the battery life.

Just give the full control and freedom to your Android device by rooting. After rooting android phone or tablet, you will allow the device to use the device hardware to its full control and potential. Due to its great features and reasons, android rooting becoming most popular in all over the world. So enjoy android rooting on your smartphones and tablets.

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