Earlier I have posted on how to mass delete twitter tweets using TweetEraser and Twitlan web apps and today I am posting how to stop unknown people from following you on twitter. We know that any Twitter user can easily follow someone on twitter without any permission from the respective account owner.

There are thousands of odd users available on the internet like spammers, stalkers, and strangers, they may begin receiving your twitter tweets anytime without your permission. If you think spam followers are the bigger concern for you, then take a serious step today and make your twitter profile private and tweets confidential.

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Below you will learn how to prevent strangers from following you on twitter without any third-party access. This is an inbuilt privacy feature under twitter settings. Just have a look below for enabling tweet privacy.

Stop People to Follow Your Twitter Tweets

Follow below instructions to stop spammers and strangers from following your twitter tweets.

1. On your twitter main page, click the Settings from the top right corner (gear icon) or click here to directly go to twitter Security and privacy settings page.

2. Click on Security and privacy tab from the left-side panel.


3. To stop strangers from following you, just tick or check the dialog box that says “Protect my Tweets” under “Privacy” settings.

4. In the meantime, you can also have a look at other privacy settings and when all done simply click on Save Changes button and its done.

Now your tweets are protected from strangers. Using the above twitter privacy settings, you can stop spammers to follow your twitter tweets.

Remember: This setting will make your profile completely private. Your future tweets will not be available publicly to any stranger or unknown twitter user. Only those you approve will receive your twitter tweets.

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