Turn Your Android Clock Time Into a Secret Pin Lock Code – TimePIN App

Now you can turn your android's Clock Time into a secret lock code password using the TimePin app. This android app adds an extra security layer to your android smart phones.


TimePIN app adds an extra security layer to your Android smartphones and protects your Android devices from unauthorized uses. It helps you to set your clock time as your android pin lock code so that no one can get access to your device. Free download TimePIN APK app on your android mobile phone and secure your device from greedy eyes.

There are many other security apps for Android available on the market to secure your android devices with the pattern lock, pin lock, etc. However, there’s still not guarantee that other person cannot guess your secret pin code.

Well, TimePIN is basically a security app that you can install on your Android devices; it will turn your Android’s clock time as your secret pin lock password. Your current time will be your pin lock code. This android security app is 100% secure.

TimePIN App Allows Different Secret Password According to Clock

TimePIN app works according to your Android device’s current time and it has three different options to set your clock time as a Pin lock code that is the Double PIN, Mirror Pin, and Reverse Pin. Without chosen any option, this app will normally work on the current time basis, suppose your android’s current time is 7:06 at that moment, your pin lock code will be 0706 by default. After 4 minutes, the PIN will be 0710. Isn’t an extremely useful app? Of course, it is.


Basically, there are two best advantages of using TimePIN app. First, you don’t need to remember that long complected passwords. Just look into the clock time and get the PIN code from that number. Second, The app automatically updates the PIN, hence you don’t need to worry about if you have shared the password with anyone or someone saw you typing it.

In the very first option, if set it to Double PIN option, then your pin lock code will be 07060706. If you enable the Mirror option, then the code will become 07066070. If you set it as the Reverse option, then it will be 6070. Check out the below demonstrate video to know that how TimePIN actually works.

TimePIN App Download & Setup

1. Free download TimePIN app on your android directly from Google Play store.

2. Give the grant administrator access to the application to work it correctly.

3. After installing the app, open it and enable TimePIN option to start working the application.

You can also enable the DatePIN option to use the date as your Android password. If you want to enable the Double PIN, Mirror Pin and Reverse PIN feature, then look into the modifiers.

Please note that TimePIN only works to lock your Android device because it doesn’t have per app protection feature. For that, AppLock may be a good option for you.

I have tried this app and found it very useful. You can also install TimePIN app on your android devices if security really matters you.

[pull_quote_center]UPDATE: As on 30th‘ Nov 2014, TimePIN App is not available on Playstore, however alternatively you can use SmartPhone Lock app till then.[/pull_quote_center]

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