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Five Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Be prepared for the top 5 most important and common job interview questions and answers. Practice job interview questions and answers for inbound & outbound customer care executive for call centers.



When you apply for a job, first thing may arise in your mind that what types of job interview questions will employer ask. Wouldn’t it be great if you know the questions your hiring manager will ask you? Well, now it’s the time to practice job interview questions for the job you are looking. Below are five most important and common job interview questions that can be expected to be asked from the hiring manager.

So get prepare yourself for the top common job interview questions and answers so that you can pass out the great impression on the interviewer’s mind. The fact is that interviewers always try to confuse candidates so that they could glean the most amount of information from them in the least possible time.


Well, our guide can help you for the successful interview rounds. Preparation is the key to a successful career and it’s important to practice job interview questions before face the interview.

Here you will learn how to answer the most common job interview questions to make an interview successful. This is just a follow-up guide about how you can prepare yourself for some standard job interview questions that interviewers love to ask.

Five Important Job Interview Questions

Here are the top five common job interview questions and answers that you may practice. These types of job interview questions and answers could be a great deal.

We don’t recommend you to give canned response for every question. It’s important to listen to the question carefully, consider about it and then speak proactively.

Tell me something about yourself.

This is of the most common job interview questions, almost every interviewer love to ask. Here you have to explain about yourself and definitely, it’s not an easy job. Think deeply before speak, it is just about you.

It is very important to note that you don’t need to waste your time and words telling about your educational qualification. Just mention it in one sentence and move on. In this question interviewer just asked about yourself, not about other. People usually start telling about their family and friends that are not actually part of this question. Tell them about your qualities such as honest, hard-working, positive points, etc. Say things like, “I expect you want great input from me, and I am sure I won’t disappoint you (blah blah blah).

This is a very general question in the list of most common job interview questions – well prepare for it.

Why did you leave your last job/company?

If you are having experience of your earlier employment, then you can expect this question to be asked by the hiring manager.

The interviewer may want to know why you left your last company. Never say like “I had a fight with the boss or something like that might degrade you”. Let them know how you always wanted for a new challenge and also wanted to work for a better company like the current one you’re applying.

Definitely, keeps words positive and speak confidently. Always show the HR (human resources) that you’re eager to accept the challenges.

Why do you want to join our company or what do you know about our company?

Many people don’t have the information about the company they are applying for. Most candidates don’t know what a company does, it can break down your interview. So always do your homework for the better job interview questions. Always research about the company for which you are applying.

Go to their website and look up what products and services they deal in. In the interview, if you can relate to a certain product or service and suggest an improvement, you will gain instant favor in the interviewer’s eyes.

How did you know about the vacancy/job?

Most interviewers ask the candidate that how you got to know about the job or vacancy. It looks like a straight-forward question, but it is much more complicated on the side.

It’s always a better option to go for answers such as “Read your vacancy listing on your website” or something similar, which makes them feel important.

If you got any reference from your friend or relative, simply let the hiring manager know about it.

What is your expectation or How much salary would you expect?

Most interviewers ask this question and most interviewees feel it awkward. Just tell them what salary you expect. The trick here is to find the right value for you. If you said them about over-expectation, most likely all do, you would not be hired. And the problem is that if you under-price yourself, you would be giving away your qualities cheaply. Research on this, and find out what average salary a person of your qualification has in an industry you are applying to.

Well, here was the list of top five most common job interview questions. If you think there is a question should be in the list above, please be kind to comments below. All the best for a successful interview.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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