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Want to earn some smart income online by sharing your thoughts with the people? Well, today I am sharing top 5 most popular sites that pay authors for content writing or guest post for their website.

It is not something like authors write for publishing companies and newspaper or magazine; however, you will have to write good quality contents using Standard English Grammar.

Being an author I can understand that how difficult it is when writing an article on something, we have not enough knowledge about that particular topic. But here you can write the guest posts related to the latest technology, culture, trends, network marketing, reviews, how-to tuts, and business, etc. as per the respective blog policies.


For writing the guest post or blog articles, you do need to be an expert in any technical stuff. Simply write a blog and submit that article to the blog owner via sending an email or submit online through login to your account. This is the best way to earn money online & get paid for writing blogs or guest post as a freelancer.

Websites To Get Paid For Guest Post

Below is the list of top 5 sites that pay blogger and author for content writing and guest post.

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Squidoo is a public community platform that offers people to share their thoughts with the world. Here you can share your contents or guest post. Guest post or articles on Squidoo are officially known as ‘pages’ or ‘lenses’. As soon as you will post a lense, some ads that are similar to your lens will start appearing around your lens.

The ads around your lens will be related to your lense matter. If any of the visitors sign up via clicking on that shown ads, 50% will be paid to you out of total earned amount by PayPal. You can also donate your earning to the charity of your choice.

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Helium is also one of the best online public community platforms that offer authors to write articles for their clients under their client’s assignment basis or any topic on which author wish to write. If you are writing for their client, it will be paid based on the article cost.

Actually, most of the website owner need contents for their website and products and Helium sells the articles to the publishers or brands and they pay to Helium for the contents. Helium also offers to earn via their Ad Revenue Sharing Program. Helium pays you based on the amount of earning that is made by your contents.

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HubPages also pays you for content writing like others, and as same as Squidoo, in HubPages, guest post or articles called ‘hubs’. As soon as you post your article at HubPages, ads relevant to your content will start showing nearby your article.

All advertisement will be from Google Adsense, Affiliate & HubPages Ad programs and others. All the earning made by you will be paid via PayPal that should be minimum $100 for Adsense revenue and $50 for HubPages Ad Program.

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Triond is another public content writing community platform. Here you can write articles that will be posted on other popular sites or blogs. Triond also offers you to write a multimedia article that may contain audio, video, and pictures altogether. This media articles will be published on the relevant website based on whatever you have written. Every month you can cash out 50% of the total ads earning.

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