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Self PC Service at Home – Computer Repair Tips

With the help of tech communities and general technical knowledge, you can fix your computer at home. Check out self PC service tips for laptop/desktop.



Computer repair at home without any technical knowledge sounds very ridiculous, but my friend it’s not a joke. You can repair your PC at your home by trying some self-maintenance tips and tweaks. In this post, I am sharing some useful self PC service tips that can fix your computer at home.

Here are some best computer repair tips for a non-technical person. No matters, either it is a desktop or laptop, you can perform a self-diagnose for both.

You may frustrate when your computer starts troubling you all of a sudden. I can’t express that frustration. But I know how disgusting that is. I also suffer many times with these kinds of PC problems. Although I try to fix the issue myself. If it seems to be very critical, I always prefer to call an onsite computer repair technician to fix the computer issues.

Self PC Service – Useful PC Troubleshooting Tips

Here you will see some common solutions for home PC service. Just you need to be little smarter and it can help you to save some of your few bucks.

How to Fix Windows Errors Messages?

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If you are getting any error message continuously, it may happen due to corrupted software or files. Basically, the main causes of these errors are virus or malware. If your computer is infected via virus/spyware/malware, you may get the Windows errors without any prior information.

There can be some other reasons for such errors like Windows files, corrupted registry keys, corrupted software files due to an application that was not installed properly, temporary internet files and other broken applications.

Solution: Install a genuine and effective antivirus program and fix the issue with the help of technical communities like Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer.

Suppose you are getting any specific error while using the internet or any other application, write the error on a paper and try to find the solution of that error on tech communities. Online technical communities are very extremely useful for self PC service at home. You will almost find the right solutions there.

How to Fix Software / Application Errors?

Getting application errors or not able to use a certain application? Whenever you run the software, it may start not responding or hangs the operating system.

There can be many possible reasons for application errors like Windows update, error while updating software or Windows OS, the software did not meet the hardware requirements, apps not installed properly, the operating system is infected with the virus, etc.

Also see: Free Tools to Manage Windows Files Easily & Quickly.

Solution: Try to troubleshoot the problems by searching the solutions on tech communities – Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer. There may be another possible reason for software issues if you are using any pirated or not genuine software. PC service tips always recommend you to use the only genuine software.

Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions

Well, for the computer hardware problems I will not suggest you try any self PC service tips on the internet. Never touch any internal computer components or/and parts because it may cause short circuits and other serious incidents.

If you are thinking that any of your hardware component or part is not working properly, just leave it and take support from your local computer repair company or shops. Only an expert can fix hardware related issues. If you are also an IT expert and holding a certified degree, you can follow the self PC service tips yourself.

pc service for hardware problems

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Solutions: Call the local PC service expert or take your PC to the computer repair shop. However I am having lots of technical knowledge but still, I prefer to choose a computer repair engineer to fix the computer hardware issues.

Great! Now you become a half computer engineer. Well, I wish my self PC service tips are helping you to repair your computer without taking your PC to any computer repair shop.

Lalit Sharma is a professional blogger at Elkees Media and writes blogs related to latest technology, culture, trends, etc. He is also founder & chairman of Elkees Technologies &

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