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How to Troubleshoot and Repair your Own Computer at Home

With the help of tech communities and some basic technical knowledge, you can fix a computer yourself at home. Check out this beginner guide for self PC service your desktop and laptop.



computer repair pc service tips

Computers are machines made of electronic parts. It runs with the combination of both software and hardware. If you don’t properly maintain and service your system timely, it may fail to operate. As a result, you may face data loss and other critical errors. If you don’t want to get into the trouble, you should buy AMC (annual computer contract plan) from any of your local computer repair company for periodical maintenance of your machine and operating system optimization. But, in case, you actually want to repair your own computer yourself, here we a few PC service tips for computer repair at home.

There may be a time when you were very frustrated because your computer started troubling you all of a sudden. I also suffered many times with these kinds of PC problems.

However, I always try to fix my computer’s issue myself. If it seems very critical for me to fix, I always call an onsite computer repair technician to troubleshot and solve my computer problems.

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Similarly, with the help of some self-maintenance tips and tweaks, you can also repair PC at your home.

No matters either it is a desktop or laptop, you can perform a self-diagnose for both. Following are some best computer repair tips for a non-technical person.

Useful PC Troubleshooting Tips for PC Service at Home

Below, you’ll see how to troubleshoot and attempt PC service yourself with some common solutions.

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While troubleshooting and repairing a machine, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps wisely. It may be a disaster if you don’t follow the right steps.

How to Fix Windows Errors Messages?

If you are getting any error message continuously, it may happen due to corrupted software or files.

Most of the time, the causes of these errors are virus or malware. If your computer has infected via virus/spyware/malware, you may get the Windows errors and unusual activities in your PC.

The most virus infections are easy to identify as specially designed to access authorized files and folders. Sometimes, the viruses create shortcut in pendrive, hijack the internet browsers, hack a computer, create folder automatically, reveals saved passwords and other computer infections like Adware display fake ads, popup advertising banners, etc.

There can be some other reasons too for those errors like Windows files, corrupted registry keys, temporary internet files, broken applications, and corrupted software files due to an application that was not installed properly.

Solution: First of all, install a genuine and effective antivirus program. Perform a full virus scan. It will move any infective files to the quarantine. Try to fix the issue with the help of technical communities like Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer.

Suppose you are getting any specific error while using the internet or any other application, write the error on a paper and try to find the solution of that error on tech communities.

Online technical communities are quite useful for self-diagnosis and PC service. You may almost find the right solutions there.

How to Fix Software or/and Application Errors?

Getting application errors or not able to use a specific application? There are chances that your computer starts not responding or hangs while you use any particular software.

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There can be many possible reasons for application errors like Windows update, error while updating software & Windows OS. The installed software on your computer doesn’t meet the hardware requirements, apps not installed properly, the operating system is infected with the virus, etc.

Solution: Try to troubleshoot the problems by searching the solutions on tech communities – Microsoft Answer and Yahoo Answer. There may be another possible reason for software issues such as using the pirated software and applications.

In this PC service tips, we always recommend you to use the genuine software only.

Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions

Well, for the computer hardware problems we will not suggest you try any self PC service tip. Never touch any internal computer components or/and parts because it may cause short circuits and other serious incidents.

If you think that any of your hardware component or part is not working properly, leave it. Take support from your local computer repair company. Only an expert can fix hardware related issues.

Solutions: Call the local PC service expert or take your PC to the nearby computer repairing shop. I’m also having lots of technical knowledge, but still, I prefer to take help from a computer repair engineer to the issues related to the computer hardware.

If you are also an IT expert and holding a certified degree in card-level and chip-level repairing, you can try to repair computer hardware yourself.

A Few Best Computer Repair and Maintenace Tips

We all know that prevention is better than cure. So, in order to keep your system up, you should optimize your machine once in 3 months.

Here are some additional PC service tips, you can check out below.

Protect your PC from cyber-threats

The internet world has full of threats like spyware, trojans, viruses, worms, boot sector virus, browser hijacker, ransomware (your personal files are encrypted), etc.

They can steal your personal information and affect the PC performance.

In order to keep a virus free system, always get the latest Windows update, software updates and use a good antivirus program.

Regularly do Disk Defragmentation

It is the process of reducing defragmentation in the system’s files. Whenever you install an application, it stores multiple app files in the computer’s hard drive that doesn’t completely remove even when you uninstall software from your computer.

Defragmentation reduces the amount of fragmentation that makes your system easier work properly.

Remove Unwanted Temporary Files and Software

Open Program and Features and remove all the unused software permanently from your computer. Now type %temp% in the Run dialog box (Windows key+R to open it) and delete the temporary files.

The temporary files and unnecessary application occupy space in your hard drive and slow down the PC.

Further, you can also download the CCleaner to clean and speed up your computer. It is the most popular computer utility app to speed up and optimize your system.

Update Computer Drivers, Software and Operating System

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Windows computer or a computer. You should always keep your operating system and other software updated.

The latest security updates bring bug fixes and protect your computer against vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers and viruses. Install latest security patches to security holes.

That’s all.

Hope our PC services tips for beginners will be proven helpful in preparing a computer machine at home.

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11 Best Windows Themes and Windows 10 Skin Pack to Customize your OS Look

Love to tweak the Windows OS? Here’re 11 best Windows 10 themes to transform the operating system look and its design. Free download the latest Windows theme pack (skin/transformation package).



Windows 10 theme and skins

With the tons of cool features, Windows 10 (Win 10) came with plenty of new skins to transform the OS looks and design. You can free download over hundreds of best Windows themes directly from the Microsoft’s official website. There is a mixture of different best Windows 10 themes such as Arts, Games, Nature, Animals, Halloween, etc. The whole collection of all superb desktop themes are available with unique design, different Windows color, engaging sounds effect, and high-resolution wallpapers.

There are many Windows 10 basic theme packages available on the internet, but we have included a few of best Windows 10 themes and transformation pack in our list.

If we talk about the visual features and theme customization, Win 10 is not generally seen as a super-customizable OS platform like Linux kernel. However, there are still hundreds of best Windows 10 custom themes out in the market that can give you a pretty impressive makeover to your computer.

Best Windows Themes Pack You Should Try

After reading the main title of this web page, you might think that the Windows 10 themes and Windows 10 skin pack are different things. But, both themes and skins are the same words.

Whether you are a Windows user or a smartphone user, the term “theme” always related to its designs. But, when we use any third-party software to customize Windows look, we use the term – Skin or/and Transformation pack.

Moreover, a Windows theme is a collection of some modifications to the interface that changes the ways Windows appears and feels. When we install Windows 10 theme pack, it replaces the default Windows icons, color palette and sound effects in the PC such as mouse cursor, desktop background, animation & graphics, dialog borders, and settings.

Now, let’s start the list of Windows 10 custom themes pack.

1. Windows 95

windows 95 theme

Windows 95 theme for Win 10 is most popular. And, hundreds of searches trend in Google every month.

If you want to go back in the past of Windows history, Windows 95 theme pack can take you there without using any Time Travel Machine or Time Changer. Moreover, this Windows theme will apply gradient title bars, beveled edges and rectangular buttons to the operating system. Use this Windows skin with Windows 95 skin by SillySamPixelArt, which includes icons and sounds effects.

2. Windows XP Theme

windows xp theme

Free download Windows XP theme for Windows 10 to feel the most-loved theme in the OS history. It is just a Windows 10 basic theme, but you will surely enjoy it.

The Windows XP skin will give you the overall experience of Windows XP OS but not the entire features like Windows XP utilities and other default programs.

To get the original Windows XP looks, you first need to get Cassic Shell software that will provide the required Windows 10 customization tools. Once you install the tool, get the Classic Shell XP suite for Windows 10 to transform your existing Windows into Windows XP Pro.

3. Mac OS X EI Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan theme

Here is the way to experience Apple Mac OS on a Windows powered PC. The Mac OS X El Capitan for Windows is one of the most-loving skins in our list of Windows 10 custom themes.

Install it right away to experience the Mac OS X in your Win 10 PC. It completely revamps your desktop design into a Mac desktop. So, try out this Windows 10 theme pack and prank your friends by showing them you’re using a MAC operating system.

4. Ubuntu SkinPack Theme

Ubuntu SkinPack Theme

Ubuntu Light skin pack gives the best experiences of Ubuntu Linux on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Win 10 with all versions – x86 and x64. It is also one of the best Windows themes for Ubuntu lovers and will transform your Win OS to Ubuntu light. Windows XP users can also download Ubuntu SkinPack for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

The Slick Ubuntu theme for Windows 10 is an alternative to Ubuntu SkinPack Light, check here. You can use the Maverick theme to enjoy the Ubuntu operating system in Win 10 computers.

5. Taiwan Culture Sketches

taiwan culture sketches

The Taiwan Culture Sketches is the official theme from Microsoft. The skin pack is most popular among the Chinese Windows users. It is a glorified collection of wallpaper, images with color matching related to the Taiwan culture.

6. Flattastic Theme

flattastic theme best windows 10 themes

The Flattastic theme for Win 10 is also one of the best Windows themes. There are sixteen versions available in this Windows 10 skins pack. First 8 versions are available in Flattastic light theme, whereas other 8 are the Flattastic dark theme versions.

7. Seda Theme

seda theme for win 10

Seda is one more theme development from DeviantArt. It is not quite dark skin but gives you a slightly gray interface. The SEDA theme is only compatible with these versions of Windows update – Anniversary update 1607, Creators update 1703, Fall update 1709 and Redstone 4 v1803.

First of all, before installing the SEDA theme pack, make sure you’re using the compatible version of Windows.

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To check Windows version, go to All Settings => System => About. In the Windows specifications, you will get all the information about the version of Windows you are currently using.

Alternatively, you can search for “WINVER” and run it from the search box in the taskbar.

8. Penumbra 10 Theme

Penumbra 10 Theme

Like Seda, the Penumbra theme also works on Windows ten only. Therefore, the supported versions are Creators update v1703 (Build 15063), Fall creators update 1709 (Build 16299), and Spring creators update v1803 (Build 17134).

It is popular in the best Windows 10 themes. Check the installing instruction on the Windows 10 visual style page.

9. Aero Glass Theme

Aero glass theme for Windows 10

Aero Glass theme for Windows 10 is another beautiful theme, which gives an Aero style glassy transparent interface to your system.

To install the theme pack, free download Aero Glass theme from ZEUSosX and copy all the files and folders (after unzipping the package) to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes (C is the drive on which your OS is running).

The skin pack is among the best in the list of best Windows themes collection.

10. Simplify 10 Theme

simplify 10 best windows themes

The skin pack is available in two different versions – Simplify 10 dark pack and Simplify 10 light pack. You can choose according to your choice of visual style from here.

Further, the UI design with the combination of grey and white color that looks pretty good and impressive.

11. Aero Shine Theme

Aero Shine Theme for Windows 10

It is a Visual style theme for Windows Vista. To use custom visual styles, you need to patch your system by VistaGlazz, TuneUp utilities and files inside the theme pack manually. The Aero Shine will give you a real Windows Vista feel and graphics.

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Best Windows 10 themes list ends here. We have added a top and best Windows themes pack in this list, which can change the overall look of your Windows.

Remember to note that using third-party themes or custom skin pack or transformation pack can be a little risky. So, make sure to back up your PC before installing any theme.

Apart from the best Windows 10 themes mentioned-above, there are hundreds of other themes available. Hence, you can visit Microsoft’s official website to find more cool and best Windows themes. If there is any other skin available you’re using and want us to add in this list, do let us know through the comments below.

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Display Custom Warning Message and Login Statistics on Windows Logon Screen

Create a string value in windows registry to display or show a text notice on login screen at the time of windows start-up in Windows XP, Vista, win 7, win 8



legal notice on Windows login screen

Want to show legal notice before windows login screen (CTRL ALT DEL) to your company employees or system users?

Here you’ll learn how to display a custom warning message on login screen in Windows XP, Win Vista, 7, 8.1 & 10.

We’ll walk you through to the 3 different ways that can help you to show legal warnings to a computer user before they use your computer machine.

With a few simple windows tweaks, you can customize the operating system login screen to add a warning message & login statistics.

If you’re running a company like BPO/KPO (call center) or any business that provides workstations to the employees, then this tutorial can be useful for you. Hence, it will show a legal notice message, system privacy policy, disclaimer or any custom text message to the user.

Using the below method, you can add any legal warning message or can also create a funny message for the user who often uses your machine.

Display Legal Notice Before Login Screen – Windows Registry Tweak

Windows Registry is a core hierarchical database, so it’ll be safe if you can back up your system by creating a Restore Point as well as copying important data to an external hard drive.

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If anything goes wrong, you can restore your system’s data just-in-case.

Follow steps to add custom warning messages using this windows registry tweak.

1. Go to Start Menu => Click Run => type regedit and hit Enter (if unable to find Run, you can launch it directly by pressing Windows key+R).

2. Locate the following location on the Windows registry:


3. In the right-side panel, you will see two different keys. First is legalnoticecaption and second is legalnoticetext. The warning message is divided into two parts – the title and the message text.

4. To give a title to the custom message, double-click on legalnoticecaption value. When the Edit String box appears, simply type the title for your message in the Value data field, then click OK. See below screenshot I have chosen “Welcome to Elkees Media – An Informative Blog“.

display message logon caption

The legalnoticecaption value allows giving a title for your warning message.

You can type anything you want but remember you can only use up to 80 characters for the title (includes spaces and other special marks).

5. To add the custom text message on the login screen, double-click on legalnoticetext value. When the Edit String box appears, type your custom message in the Value data field, then click OK.

display message logon text

The legalnoticetext value allows you to describe your custom message or any legal notice.

I have chosen “Elkees Media is an online information portal that offers a wide range of high-quality contents related to latest technology news, cultures, trends, etc. Visit for latest happening around the world.” for my example.

Here you can add your own custom message or any legal notice you want. Use up to about 16,383 characters for your message.

6. Now close the registry editor and restart your computer.

Upon start-up of your machine, it’ll display your customized message just before the login screen.

Many companies and organizations also use this trick to show legal notice.

How to Enable Login Auditing to Track Login Statistics?

You can configure the Login screen to show login statistics.

So that, you can keep track of logins that were last made on your system.

To track successful or failed Windows login attempts, add a DWORD Value to the registry.

Let’s see how to enable login activity tracking.

logon track value

Right-click anywhere inside the System key at the above registry path and select New => DWORD (32-bit) Value => Rename it to DisplayLastLogonInfo and hit Enter.

Now double-click on DisplayLastLogonInfo and change its value data from 0 to 1 and click OK. It’s done.

Screenshot displaying last login info

Screenshot displaying last login info

How to Show Custom Warning Message on Login Screen – Local Security Policy

Add a message that is displayed on the login screen whenever a user login.

Here is how to do so using local security policy.

Go to Start Menu/All Apps => Windows Administrative Tools => Local Security Policy or press Windows key+R to launch Run and type secpol.msc, then hit enter.

Add a Title for Warning Message on Login Screen

First, you need to give a title for the warning message that will be displayed just before the login window.

Navigate to Security Settings => Local Policy => Security Options and double-click the Interactive logon: Message title for users attempting to log on.

On the Local Security Setting tab, enter a title for your legal message in the box and click OK.

Add a Warning Message on Login Screen

After giving the title for your message, now add a legal warning message.

Double-click the Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on. On the tab, Local Policy Setting, type your legal notice or any custom message in the box and click OK.

Now close the Local Security Policy editor and restart your machine.

It can show a message to any computer user about the usage instructions of your computer or any other important information.

Roll Back If you want to disable the message, simply go back into the Local Security Policy and remove the entire message and title you’ve added to the above steps.

Display Disclaimer, Privacy Policy or Any Text Message on Login Screen in Windows – Software

If you’re not very much familiar with the tech, you can also add legal warning message by using a free tool, called Windows Login Notifier.

Free download it directly from The Windows Club.

It’s a portable utility tool, hence doesn’t require any installation.

Simply download and it’ll be ready to use.

It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to be installed on your computer.

If your machine doesn’t have it, it will prompt you to install .Net Framework v4.0.

Download Free download Microsoft .Net Framework Standalone Installer 4.0 from Microsoft official site and install it on your computer.

It’s a very simple free app that can easily display a custom message on Windows Vista and Windows 7, having x86 or x64 based OS.

But the above manual method works well for all versions of Windows OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Next time whenever a user logs on, they will be shown your message before they log in.

Hope it’s helping you to display legal notice messages on the login screen in Windows OS.

Why do you wanna add custom warning message on your computer? I would like to hear your views through the comment section.

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