Illusion of Messages Can Be Quashed In Whatsapp by the Trendy Feature


Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media in which the people are communicating each other through online. Delivery of messages from the sender to a receiver can be achieved by the process of encryption. The conversation between the users should be too efficient, and it has some advanced features to achieve certain process such as revoke Whatsapp message permanently.

While communicating with the other people, there is a possibility to send a wrong message to the particular opponent user. Nowadays, there is a solution to neglect the messages which are wrongly sent. This is called as testing feature in the Whatsapp social media app and will be available soon in the future updates.

The beta version of Whatsapp is efficiently used to have a secure conversation through online. The new Whatsapp updates have been added up with the testing feature for the secure conversation and revoking Whatsapp messages. Lets we have a detailed information about the process.

Platform for Whatsapp

In Android version of 7.1 and the iOS version of 10.2 is a perfect platform to activate the performance of Whatsapp. World’s number one messaging app is called as Whatsapp and it has an editing and deleting feature in the same platform. Initially, it is established in the beta version of iPhone which can be accessed as a handheld device.

In the Whatsapp, there is a space to store the messages which are passed through the online. There are some hassles are occurring when we are directly deleting the messages from the conversation. Hence, using the testing feature of Whatsapp, we can edit or delete the texts, GIF, videos and audios too.

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The limit of media sharing is increased in the new and trendy Whatsapp update. For the purpose of downloading this new version, we should have a data of 91.2 MB in a file size. To achieve this, we should have a sufficient charged battery and interrupt free WI-FI signal in the mobile network. The testing feature of Whatsapp is available in the recent version of iOS 7.

Purpose of Testing Feature

In the Whatsapp conversation, unfortunately, we can send a wrong message to the right person and right message to the wrong person. To prevent this issue we can use this testing service. If we are using this feature instantly we can edit or delete the message which we have sent. This is possible in the storage section of a mobile system too.

The significance of the Whatsapp is efficiently revoking the text which we have sent by mistake. It will motivate the iPhone users to communicate through these messaging apps with specific features. Very soon, we can edit or delete Whatsapp message if not read what we have sent to the opponent user.

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It is possible to delete the text by testing feature only when the opponent user not seen that message. It performs enabling and disabling characteristics with the delivery of text messages through Whatsapp. In this social media of communication, we can send the information even we don’t have the network connection.

There are certain restrictions which is indispensable to follow while accessing the Whatsapp application. If we are following those correctly, we can have an efficient conversation. As a human being, we can make some mistakes and at the same time, there is a chance to delete Whatsapp message without reading and permanently which we have sent already.

Not only in Whatsapp, in most of the social media has these revoking features to protect the conversation and illusion of messages. In the Facebook social media, we can have an option to edit or delete the comments in the posts. The sites are responsible for maintaining these features for the process of testing in the conversation. Since the online chatting application was introduced, revoking of messages also achieved in the same platform and conversation when we need. It has some trusted outsources to recall the conversation between the users.

Is this Possible to Achieve?

To compensate the features of Whatsapp, the Facebook has to buy that in $19 billion. In fact, there are social media like hike, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp etc. among these messaging apps, 70 percent of people are accessing the messaging app of Whatsapp. As per the current scenario, the Whatsapp beta version has the software products to maintain the conversation between the users.

If we are an internet user, we can have a number of facilities to access the data, implementing the features and updating the information through online. There is an option to access anything through online where we can communicate each other. In the platform of a website, we can access various different mobile applications with respect to our need.  Even though we have a number of desired apps, always we prefer the new app what is introduced recently in the application world.

How to Revoke WhatsApp Message Permanently

Initially to recall and delete WhatsApps message sent to wrong person, we should block the person to whom we have sent a message by mistake. We have to know that the internet provider of Whatsapp will contain the message for only 30 days. After this duration, the message won’t be in the server section and we can unblock the contact after that particular period. The main thing is that after blocking the particular person we should install and uninstall the application of Whatsapp.

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While installing the application again, we should not select an option for past recovery of messages. By this way, we can delete and edit again Whatsapp message after one tick check mark is visible.

The application will update every action as a notification. Whatever the technology is growing up, pulling the particular text from the conversation is somewhat difficult to achieve.


Nowadays every person is using the social media of Whatsapp which has advanced and different features with it. Making mistake is a human error and here we can avoid those problems in the conversation by using the efficient features. Not only the testing feature, the Whatsapp has snap chat communication and location tracking etc.

There are some editing tools like software components also available in this messaging application. We can make video call through it by using an internet connection with the mobile network. Most of the youngsters are accessing this service of communication to be in a contact with other people. Every process is possibly achieved with some corresponding notifications. We should make use of it with the proper knowledge and we can prevent the unwanted issues.

Eventually, to secure the conversation, most of the advanced techniques are applied in the Whatsapp. This technique will be more useful in the forthcoming generation when the world is completely surrounded by the internet. Every process in the Whatsapp is achieved in the real-time strategy which does not lose the data.

This is mandatory to maintain the gadgets with some featured applications to entertain us and making us to be in a tension free life. For this purpose, the people are looking towards the advanced applications. In the Whatsapp app, we have a special featured specification of revoking the messages which we have sent by mistake.

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