Tools That Make Learning Faster

The beginning of a semester or term in school is characterized by the heavy textbooks, people queuing up in coffee stalls, and the unusual sleep cycles. However, with the emergence of tablets and smartphones, learning has slowly become easier. Through various applications, students carry out activities such as visiting a proofreading and editing service while doing school projects, revising for examinations through learning resources, and monitoring their sleeping hours. Those are just some of the merits of using such applications.

Having this in mind, below is our review of some of the best applications (apps) that every student should use.

1Evernote (Free, Apple Watch, iOS, Windows, Android)

Recent reviews show that Evernote is a rather often used note-taking application. It has a clean and easy to understand interface, a feature that makes it quite easy for students to take notes, set reminders, and even attach files. Further research shows that you can also create a list of tasks to be completed, create a variety of agendas, and get access to your resources while using any digital electronic device. Evernote lacks a storage interface.

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However, free subscribers are given a monthly uploading limit of 60 MB. Also, when the application is not running, you’re required to switch on the push notifications for proper synchronization of your notes. Lastly, it has a camera feature which is very useful. It helps you to save photos, post-it notes, business cards, and documents.

2Dropbox Mobile (Free, iOS, Windows, Android)

Students save, send, and also lose a huge number of files. You may mostly find these files in your inbox. However, Dropbox is a free Mobile application that allows you to share and store a lot of documents. These may include photos, videos, and other important files. Just the other day, the application came into a fruitful partnership with Microsoft. As such, users get to enjoy editing services through Microsoft Office directly. Furthermore, it also allows students to save the files in their Dropbox accounts.

3Wolfram Alpha (2.99 Dollars On iOS, Android, Windows)

The application goes at a price of 2.99 dollars and it has more than ten trillion pieces of information and data and fifty thousand equations. It’s maybe for this reason that many people now refer to it as the ‘Star Trek computer’. The application uses the fifty thousand equations and its ten trillion data pieces to generate and answer reports on various topics. The tasks here may be astronomy, trigonometry, mythology, and genealogy. It further provides students with detailed explanations, graphs, and formulas.

4Easybib (Free, iOS, Android)

For those students who may be struggling with how to compose a proper bibliography, here is the solution. EasyBib gets rid of this by helping you format your reference links in over seven thousand styles of citation. Interestingly, we never even knew that seven thousand of such styles even existed. Remember that these citation styles include even those of the latest MLA and APA formats. The process is very simple. The application only requires that you type in the book name and it goes on to give you a list of several items to pick from and then it creates an appropriate citation.

5My Study Life (Free, iOS, Android, Windows)

The application takes care of workload across different devices and platforms, replacing the use of paper planners. Its functions include:

  • Helps students manage their daily and weekly class timetables
  • Assists learners in keeping track of exams and other tasks all in the cloud
  • Receives notifications
  • Helps students to remember classes and exam schedules.

6Microsoft Office Mobile (Free, iOS, Android, Windows)

We personally feel that this application is the true gift of the ‘gods of the Internet’ to students everywhere and here is the reason why. Through Microsoft Office Mobile, a learner is able to access, share, and edit Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files on their iOS or Android device. Let’s say you have to do some homework but you don’t have a laptop. In such case, you can create a new Excel or Word document only using your phone. Fascinating right?

7Mint (Free, iOS, Android)

Another challenge that students face is constant loss of funds because of poor budgeting. Such poor planning of financial resources cannot really be blamed on the learner. With the growing number of extracurricular activities, and working through the night, we can say that spending too much is unavoidable. However, there’s a great helper. Through Mint, you can now manage your cash by creating a budget and tracking your rate of spending. Besides, you can also go on to identify your credit score.

8Wunderlist (Free, iOS, Android, Windows)

The application enables students to create a to-do list. Research shows that it has features that suit most people. For example:

  • It helps you to come up with different lists
  • Interact with other Wunderlist subscribers, involved in a variety of projects
  • Lastly, it also helps you in the making of important reminders.

9Duolingo (Free, iOS, Android)

Duolingo helps students to understand and speak new languages. It takes away the boredom from the learning process by creating a gaming environment. It’s totally free and hence, as a student, you may learn languages such as German, Spanish, French, and Italian among many others.

10iTunes U (Free, iOS)

The application is essential in the learning process and here is why. It is a digital assignment system for classrooms and a fantastic way of gaining resources from some of the leading schools in the world. It provides a free access to courses, such as Statistics 101 from Yale University.


It’s true that learning is not an easy process. A majority of people find it tiresome and mind-consuming. However, with the rise of the Internet and information technology, there’s a reason to be happy. The above mobile applications now enable students to tackle a wide range of tasks much easily, ensuring success and satisfaction in their eventual exam results.

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