dropbox two step verification

Dropbox two step verification is much secured as compared to other security options like security question, email ID, secret key, etc. 2-step verification is an optional feature, however it is highly recommended for security reasons that adds an extra layer of protection to your dropbox account. The two step verification security feature of dropbox is something like Google 2 step verification.

Two step verification – an extra strong layer of security. It protects your account with both your password and phone number.

The dropbox two step verification is little different from Google because it doesn’t support voice call to receive authentication code or one time password (OTP). If you are using any smart phone like Android, iOS, Windows phone or BlackBerry, you can download the Authenticator app & generate authentication codes locally on your phones or choose to receive the 6 digit security code on your cell phone by a text SMS.

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Dropbox two factor authentication system also provides emergency backup code so that you can get back into your account, in-case you lost your phone. At the time of enabling two step verification feature, you receive a special 16 digits emergency backup code. It is important to write this 16 digits backup code and keep it somewhere safe.

Enable Dropbox Two Step Verification

After enabling two step verification, each time you use a new device to access dropbox website or your account, you will be needed to enter your password and 6 digit code that you’ll receive on your register phone number.

Follow below steps to enable two factor verification on your dropbox account:

  • Sign in to your Dropbox Account from any web browser.
  • Click on your name from the top-right corner of the webpage to open your account menu.
  • Click Settings from the account menu => Security tab => Now Enable this feature next to the Status for Two-step verification => Click on Get Started.
two step verification
Enabling two step verification on Dropbox
  1. Next you’ll need to enter your dropbox account password for account security. After entering the password, you will be asked to pick a method for receiving authentication code in the future.
  2. Here you’ll need to choose an appropriate option between receiving codes via phone SMS or using an authenticator app. For text messages option, just add an mobile phone number and you’re all set. If you plan to generate codes via mobile app, follow these steps:
  • Scan the dropbox bar code with your authenticator app. Dropbox support Google Authenticator app (available for Android, iPhone & BlackBerry), Authenticator (Windows Phone 7), Amazon AWS MFA (Android) and Duo Mobile (Android, iPhone).
  • Type the six digit secret code received from SMS or authenicator app into the box and click next.
  • Enter a backup mobile number. It’s optional but important in case lose access to your primary security code source.

You will receive a 16-digit code that can be used in-case you lose your device. Keep regenerated emergency backup code on a safe place and never share this with anyone. Now click on Enable two-step verification and all done.

Well, no one can ensure 100% safety, but taking an extra step towards security can be somehow better.

Hope you have successfully enabled the drop two step verification feature on your account. You can share your views via comment below and stay tuned with us for more tech updates and tips.

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