Reset Mozilla Firefox Master Password

firefox password manager

Have you forgotten your Mozilla Firefox master password? Want to recover master password in Firefox without using any third-party Firefox password manager software or add-on? See this tutorial to learn how to reset Firefox password in Mozilla Firefox easily and quickly.

Earlier I have shared how to reveal asterisk password in any web browser using JavaScript injection and today I am sharing how to recover Firefox password using the Firefox official XUL script or chrome URL. This is an easiest way to reset Firefox password.

Master password is another layer of security protection to Firefox browser. It restricts unauthorized users to view credential information (saved logins) on your Firefox internet browser such as usernames, passwords, cookies, etc that you use to access online accounts.

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Firefox saves these credentials on browser’s setting. Firefox browser offers to remember password in a pop up while login to any site and if you use remember login feature, then we recommend you to use master password to protect such information from any other person who use your computer.

firefox master password
Firefox popup offering to remember password logins.

How to Reset Firefox Master Password

Using a Master Password, you can protect stored logins and passwords that you use to access online services – banking, emails, social media, etc. If you’ve set a password, you’ll be prompt to enter it once Firefox needs to access your stored passwords.

But anyhow if you need to remove this password completely from the browser (in-case you lost it), then follow below steps to easily reset the saved password in Firefox:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Copy below URL and paste it into the Firefox address bar and hit enter.
  • As soon as you hit enter after entering the above URL, the Reset Master Password page will be appear.

firefox password

  • Now read all the information carefully provided in the password manager page and if you’re agree click the Reset button to reset Mozilla Firefox core password.

Firefox main password will be removed. You can now choose any other password to protect your saved logins.

Note: Resetting Firefox master password will remove all your saved usernames and passwords. So it’s my advice to take a backup of your Firefox Profile – this is a default profile folder where Firefox stores your installed extensions, bookmarks, browsing history, login passwords and other user data.

To view Firefox profile folder. Press Win+R (to launch RUN) => Copy-paste the following shortcut URL in the RUN and hit enter.


Hope this tutorial is helping you in resetting your Firefox password. If you need some more help on it, do comments below. We will try to update this guide with more information.

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