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Unable to login to your disabled Facebook account? Is someone managed to hack Facebook account? Forgot or lost Facebook log in details like username & password? No longer access to your account due to all security details have been changed? Well your account may compromised. To help you out in recovering your account, here we are sharing 5 different ways to recover Facebook account login username and password.

We can’t guarantee you’ll get your account back. However you can give it a try to recover an old Facebook account or hacked account. And even also if you had deactivated your Facebook account earlier and now want to get it back.

How to Recover Facebook Account?

There are few effective ways to get your FB account back. To recover Facebook account, walk through the below process depending on the situation with your account.

Have you tried the default facebook account recovery option? Most of the time the default recovery option works well for many users.

Try the Default Facebook Account Recovery Option

recover facebook account

If you have forgot your password or your username or even if someone managed to hack your Facebook account and changed the password, still there are several options to regain access to your hacked Facebook account.

Follow these steps to recover Facebook account using default Facebook account recovery process.

Go to facebook.com/recover and identify your account using your register email address or phone number or your username or your full name.

Once you successfully identity your account, Facebook will show you reset of the process to recover Facebook account. See above screenshot.

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Before choosing an option to reset Facebook password, carefully check the Facebook account recovery details like your emails IDs & phone number. Facebook account recovery email address(es) and phone number listed on that particular account should belong to you because Facebook will send a six digits confirmation code on these registered mobile number or email address to confirm your identity.

If you found the details correct, then choose a desire option to recover Facebook account and click on Continue button.

Now sign in to your register email address and look for a new Facebook email or look into the text message box of your phone because you will receive a six digit secret code.

Once you receive the code, enter that six-digits confirmation code in the box, then click Continue button. Finally choose a new strong password and click on Continue.

Important If you suspect that your Facebook account was hacked, immediately update your contact details and choose a strong password. Remove all unknown email address (es) and phone number (s).

No Longer Have Access to Saved Contact Details or Security Options Has Been Changed? Try This Recovery Process.

recover facebook account password

Few days ago, I have received an email from one of our reader asking this question?

How can I recover my Facebook account password if no email ID or mobile phone number is associated with my account?

Well, you might have successfully identify your account in the above procedure, but your email address(es) and phone number(s) could have been changed by hackers and you may no longer have access to these. In that case, simply click on No longer have access to these? link and provide a new email address or phone number that will help Facebook to contact you about recovering your account.

After entering the new email or phone number, click on Continue button. Next it will ask you a security question related to your account. If provided answer by you match with your account, you will be prompt to choose a new password.

Try this Option to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

If you believe that your account has been hacked and your connections or friends are getting spam or adult messages from your account, then you should report Facebook that your account has been compromised.

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If you’ll Google for online Facebook hacking tools, you will find so many software, apps and web articles about how to hack Facebook account password. However these kinds of tricks to hack Facebook password specially made to hack your own account. So never think to hack someones Facebook account.

Follow below instructions to recover Facebook account password.

  • Go to facebook.com/hacked to recover Facebook account and click on My Account Is Compromised button.
  • Search your Facebook account with your email address(s), phone number(s), username or your full name.
  • Now the next window will ask you to Enter a Current or Old Password, just enter your old or current password and click on Continue button. Next click on reset password button to recover Facebook account.
  • Finally create an unique and strong password for your account and click on Continue.

It’s done now. Hope you’ve successfully recovered your account 🙂

How to Enable or Reactivate a Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook Account Disabled? Don’t worry, you can try below procedure to recover a disabled Facebook account.

If your account was disabled by Facebook, you will not be able to log in to your account and a message will be shown like this –

Account Disabled: You account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concern, you can visit our FAQ page here.

If you did not see the above message, it means something else went wrong with your account. And if you see that “Your Account Has Been Permanently Disable“, it means that now you’ll never get back your account 🙁

Only for an temporarily disable account, you can try this to recover the account.

Why Facebook Disables Accounts?

Generally when a user violates Facebook terms & rules or someone reports against your profile, this type of action has to take by the company. Read out the complete guidelines and conditions of Facebook, go through the terms & policies of Facebook.

Read the Facebook terms? Be loyal. Here are the steps to recover disabled account.

If you think your account was disabled by mistake, submit an appeal to reactivate your account. Click here to submit the appeal form and fill out the below information:

  • Registered Login email address or mobile number.
  • Your full name that you were used on your account.
  • Your birthday as listed on your account.
  • Your ID (identity) in JPEG format.
  • Additional info about your account.

Yes these things are mandatory to recover a disabled account but Additional info box is optional.

In ID(s), you’re required to provide an identity to confirm that the account you’re recovering belongs to you. You can provide any government approved ID like PAN Card, Driving licence, Voter ID card, Aadhar card, etc. JPEG formatted picture is recommended, if possible.

Once you filled the above information, click on Send. This will send the appeal to Facebook. Have patience and wait for few days.

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