How to Block a Website on Your Computer, Phone & Network

Want to block a particular website access? Check out how to block a website like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any porn or adult sites from your children / employees - easy ways to block websites in Windows computers, MAC PCs & mobile phones.


Do you want to block certain websites from your children, employees or any other member of your family? Go through this security guide to learn how to block websites access using Windows hosts file on your desktop or laptop. This doesn’t required any third party app or browser extension.

Earlier we have posted on how to check your antivirus program to ensure that the security software you are using is working correctly or not and today we have again come with a latest computer tutorial that can help you to block websites in Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows versions so that no one in your family or company can access to that particular blocked websites.

Block all unwanted sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube, porn or adults websites, proxy sites, games sites, etc.

This website blocking trick is very helpful for parents and employers to block websites that should not be access by the children as well as workers.

You can block any number of websites without any limitation. The blocked websites access will not be possible from any of the internet browser that has already being installed on your computer such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

To block websites using Windows hosts file, you need to edit Windows hosts file with the IP address (localhost). If anyone try to logon to that blocked website, it will automatically redirect to localhost IP address and webpage will show “Page Can’t Display“.

Block Websites Using Windows Hosts File

Open the Windows hosts file from the operating system’s installation directory and add sites that you want to block following the localhost IP address.

Block Websites hosts file
Block websites related to Pornography, drugs, dating, lingerie, provocative, tobacco, gambling, nudity, weapons, abortion, mature, sexual health, suicide, proxy sites, etc.
  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Locate the drive where Windows has been installed (basically it always C Drive) and go to Windows => System32 => drivers => etc
  3. Here you will get a file named hosts.
  4. Right click on hosts file & open it with notepad.
  5. Go to the last line and use IP: to block websites. Simply add website address after this IP (there must be a space between IP and website link) example:
  6. After adding website addresses in hosts file, simply save the file on the same location or press Ctrl + S.
  7. Now its done 🙂

Another way to locate hosts file folder

1. Open Run box by press Win+R or go to start menu and click on Run.
2. Copy-Paste below code in the Run box and hit Enter. You will see hosts file there.


3. Now follow steps given in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th line above.

This method to block websites was for Windows computers. If you’re using a MAC computer, see below way.

How to Block Websites on a MAC Machine

Now let’s move on a Mac tutorial to block websites access in a Mac system (OS X).

Log in to MAC user that have the administrator access and open the Terminal.

  1. Launch Terminal: Go to Applications => Utilities => Terminal
  2. In the Terminal window type nano /etc/hosts and hit enter to open hosts file in text editor. This command may prompt to enter user (login) password for authorization, just type your password.
  3. In a new line, type the domain name in this format to block this particular website. You can add any number of sites to restrict accessing these webpages. Just start a new line for each website address following the above green highlighted code.
  4.  When you finish adding the sites that you want to block, just press ctrl+x and then Y to save changes into the file.

Now all done. Reboot your machine to completely finishing the task of blocking websites access.

Block Websites on Your Phone or Tablet

Block websites on a Android phone or tablet using the antivirus app.

Trend Micro antivirus for android allows users to block websites that they don’t want to access.

  • Install the app from Google play store and go to Options => Safe Surfing.
  • To disable accessing sites, here you will have to create a free account. Swipe to Parental Controls and click on set up account. After creating the account, you will see an option – Blocked List in the app.
  • Tap blocked list and start adding sites that you wanna restrict.

Via using this feature, you can block all unwanted websites. Then, no one would be able to open these sites on your android smartphone.

Block websites on a Windows phone or tablet

Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to fully restricting a site on Windows mobile, however you can use AVG Family Safety browser as it blocks websites with explicit or malicious content by default.

If you consider to spend some money to purchase an AVG antivirus license, you can customize the list of blocked sites.

Block websites on an Apple iOS device

Apple has come with a pretty useful feature of handy parental control tools by default that allow users to block websites.

  • Go to Settings => General => Restrictions and tab on Enable Restrictions.
  • Now type a password for restricting sites. Make sure you’re choosing a different passcode from the one you use to unlock iOS device.
  • Once you set the passcode, scroll down and tap the Websites. Here you can see some various ways to restrict a site. Just start enabling the features that best suit your needs.

When someone try to access a blocked website, the system shows a message that

You cannot browse this page because it is restricted

To browse that particular blocked site, you need to tap Allow Website and enter key in the Restrictions Passcode.

Block Websites on Your Network

Block websites in network – the best and easiest way of restricting sites is a WiFi router. If you’re using a WiFi network in your home, then it’s pretty cool way to block websites.

  • Reach to your router via entering default router’s IP address in the browser. Many router brands have a different default IP address, but most of the WiFi router companies use as a default IP. To check yours, see the back panel of your router or read the manual guide that came with your router.
  • Log in to the router by entering username and password. Again see router’s user guide or look the back panel of the router to find the login credentials.

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  • Once you logged into the router, just find an option something like Parental Control, Access Restrictions, Access Management, Internet Access Policy. Whatever the word is there in your router, just understand the mean of same sense. Here you can set the sites that you wish to block.
  • After adding the sites, simply click on Save and reboot your router to make sure all websites blocked successfully.

Any device connected to the router will not have access to the blocked sites. This is a best solution for employers as well.

If any of the above solution to block websites seems hard to do for you. Don’t mess it yourself, just think to take help with a professional tech expert.

Hope all the above ways to block websites in computer, network & smart phone is helping you to restrict unwanted webpages. If you need some more support, just do comment below and please if you like it, share it on social sites.

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