Open Links On a Webpage Without Clicking – No Mouse


Frustrated using your defective or dead mouse? Well, leave your worries now because here I am sharing a utility tip that will help you to open links on the webpages without using a mouse.

You can simply open URLs on any webpage by just typing the hyperlink text with help of chrome extension or by just using “/” slash symbol in Firefox browser. Below I’m sharing We will share both of the method to open webpage links.

For Google chrome users; there is an extension that helps to open links on any webpage by typing some of the characters shown on the hyperlink (display text of the links).

However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox, browser doesn’t require any add-ons to open webpage links and for the Internet Explorer browser you can try to open link by pressing Tab key from your keyboard.

Open Links in Google Chrome

As I said, chrome needs an extension, called DeadMouse (available on Chrome Web store) to open links on webpages by just using the keyboard.

Once you finished installing the DeadMouse extension on your chrome browser, the browser app will be ready to use instantly. No need to restart the web browser.

You just need to type some characters of the links that you want to open and the matching links on that particular webpage will start to wiggle. Now simply hit the enter button or press Shift followed by enter (Shift+Enter) to open desire webpage in a new tab.

open links
Img Credit: Labnol

If you find more than one hyperlinks on the same webpage that shows up your searched text, then you can go to your destination link by just pressing Tab button (you may use Shift followed by Tab key to move in reverse direction). To cancel the search mode, just press Esc key that is available in top left corner of the keyboard.

Open Links in Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox, you do not need to add any add-on on your Firefox browser to open webpage links.

Simply press slash key that shows “/” symbol, then type the hyperlink text. The matching link will be highlighted. To open that highlighted link, just hit the Enter button to open that particular link in new tab.

Open Links in Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, just press Tab key until your desire link highlights. Once your link highlight, you can hit Enter to open that link.

Well, this post can be little handy for you to open links by typing, if your computer mouse goes dead and you have to do some urgent work online.

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