Test Antivirus Whether It’s Working Fine or Not

Did you ever think how to test the antivirus application functionality whether the protection software is active or not? Well, here we have a small trick to check antivirus if it is working fine or not.


Having doubt with the efficiency of your antivirus application? Just get a free check up today for your antivirus software without visiting any lab. Well, here you will learn how to check antivirus functionality whether your virus protection software is detecting virus, malware, spyware or not.

Most of the time we just install latest antivirus or anti malware software and thinks that it will work properly, however after sometime we realize that our antivirus software is not functioning properly. Sometimes it also shows inactive or disabled.


PC security is the biggest concern these days for all computer users. Users install best anti malware program on their systems to keep their computer virus free, but actually they don’t know if their antivirus is protecting their computer or not.

To clear this doubt, below we are sharing a cool virus trick that will help you to check antivirus; if the antivirus you have installed is active or not.

Check Antivirus Working or Not – EICAR Test

This test is called EICAR test (European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research). It simply creates a artificial virus on your computer and detects by your antivirus software that help you to identify whether your antivirus is working fine or not.

Fear to Use the Test? The EICAR test file is completely safe for all types of PC, the file just creates a command for the computer to check antivirus working or not. Still dare to use? Read more about EICAR Test on Wikipedia.

Many people, companies as well as antivirus programmers also use this trick to check the proper functioning of a Antivirus & Anti malware software. You should also try this antivirus trick to check antivirus status.

1. Open a notepad from start menu and copy the following code exactly into it without any changes.

You can also download an EICAR test file directly from the EICAR website.


2. Save the notepad with the name myfile.com

3. Now right click on myfile.com & scan with your antivirus.

This will insure that if the real-time protection mode of your antivirus is functioning properly or not.

It must generate a warning alert and will immediately delete the file upon scanning. Otherwise you should think to buy antivirus software for PC because your antivirus is either disabled or compromised somehow.

Earlier I have shared free McAfee antivirus plus for 6 months, you can also try this free antivirus software for PC.

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